So, is it him, or is it me?

Well, lets start from the beginning:
Last New Year's I had slept with my now ex-boyfriend, Cody. He was a wh*re back then, and it was New Year's, we were both drunk and had sex. I'm number one prude, in all other cases. This was the first and only time I ever did something as spontaneous. So after New Year's, we talked for a while, and decided to go out. We broke up and got back together constantly. He was always paranoid about me sleeping around with other guys, because a good percentage of my friends are guys (which Cody has only met one of them when my guy friend was really bad into drugs at the time). He still, to this point thinks I've been sleeping around, no matter what I tell him he doesn't believe me. I told him the one night I was over my gay friends' house and we had a tea party, he didn't believe me after I listed off a dozen different kinds of teas, yet he refuses to ever meet any of them. He even thought my best friend from grade school was a boy! She's a girl, and I even told him that, but he didn't believe me.

Also, Cody never ever wants to ever go or do anything with me, for instance, Velvet Revolver was playing in my area, I had asked him to go with me, he refused, said it was stupid. But then when I went with one of my girlfriend's, he was upset and insisted I was cheating on him, and went with my new boyfriend. I'm also very into Halloween, I worked at a Halloween store three years in a row. Aside from him getting into a fight with me over me working there again (saying only freaks worked there, and it would take time away from him. he works everyday except tuesday, from 4 until 1030), this past Halloween, he refused to go to a HUGE Halloween party with me, that I was invited to. We've been together, on and off for one year, we've only gone out four times, and I wouldn't even call them going out. We went to his grandmother's house to smoke a hookah in the woods, we went to walmart and to a gamestop. All on different days mind you. The only things he ever would want to do was sit in his room thats in his basement, smoke marijuana, play video games and have sex. whenever I would get upset with him, he'd insist that there was nothing else we could do, afterall we only hung out at 11pm, he refused to hangout in the afternoon, and his days off are generally to be spent with the guys. They are more important than I, he told me that. Also, I've only shared a half of a dozen words with his mother, whom he lives with. Oh, and he's seeing a therapist whom Cody says suggested that we move in together. Why? so then I could have absolutely no life, since he hates all of my friends, " because I spend so much time with them" and live with a slob? uh, no.

But recently, I completely refused to sleep with him, got my phone number changed and basically told him I was done with this shi* (After several of my friends called him a p*ssy (because of his threats he never follows through with), because he's a liar (he's insisted all this while he changed for me, even though my bestfriend's boyfriend was his best friend, when Cody and I started going out, and he told me he had girls sleep over his house numerous times, but cody freaks out at me when I bring it up, saying I need a date and time and a name to prove it. ) and because he's just an all around jerk. And dear god is he so hard to talk to, because I am always wrong.

Anyway, when I started this, it was the same time he was kicked out of his house because of an arguement between him and his mother about his stepfather and school (he's going on 21, and he dropped out of school twice, and plans on working at a bar for the rest of his life, and he thinks thats great.) So of course, I refused to be there for him through this. I changed my number and I stopped going online. And When I did talk to him, I told him I wasn't going to be there for him. But he insisted that he needed me, and we had to be together and all that crap.

He was actually being nice to me for once, so then we actually went out. We went to places he had to go to, even though it was 'Karen Day'. Eventhough he promised to do what I wanted to do, we HAD to do what he wanted to do, because if we didn't, he has these fits where I am wrong and my ideas are stupid, or else he won't say a word. Anyway, that was the last time I saw him, and after we had to go see Cloverfield (which I thought was HILARIOUS), he wanted to kiss me, I totally pushed him away, and it was silence up until we got to the garage where my car was getting an oil change. So I get out of the car in silence, because whenever I tried to talk to him before I got out, he refused to say anything, he shouted across the parking lot , Asking me who I was f*cking. Wow. It was a great way to end his day, nevermind the fact that there were a half a dozen people in the parkinglot.

After that I completely ignored him, and he insisted that I was the terrible person because I subjected him to so much degradation. its not like he didn't make fun of me because I had a cutting problem, and associates that with being gothic. ARGH,

So all in all, I think I was handling that entire relationship greatly, and he's just a douche. And I was really only staying because he was awesomely great at sex.

So was I right in leaving him? He never would have changed, right?

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LoL yes you were right for leaving him. That dude will never change and was just mad because he lost a good lay. He did not care for you and you saw for your own eyes how quickly he got over you in the car. Do not worry about this loser anymore and leave it in the past.

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