smoking pot...I need help please please please with sugar on top!!!

is smoking weed harmful to your body? like is it kinda of a sin if you do? people say god put it on earth but I don’t know im confused. is it bad or not? pleasse help!!

Answer #1

Marijuana is a drug that alters mentation (or your state of mind). It is harmful to your lungs, can cause you to lose your inhibitions and you may do things that you normally wouldn’t do it you weren’t “under the influence” (that term does not only apply to alcohol) Pot is a “gateway” or leader drug–as you use marijuana you build a tolerance to the drug and start to need more and more to get a “buzz”–which can lead to trying other drugs in search of a better buzz. Most heroin users will tell you they started everything by smoking weed. Pot is addictive–dont let others tell you otherwise. If it were not addictive, there would be no need for rehab facilities to treat marijuana addiction or for this: Marijuana Anonymous 1-800-766-6779 And although I am now not a religious person–your question about is smoking weed a sin. There is a scripture that says the “body is the temple of the Lord” and basically says you should not put things into it that are harmful or dangerous. you are an independent person, and although people will try to sway you from every angle—u can be the only one to make the decision. But make your decision an “informed” decision—do your homework, find out all you can, then make your choice. Never go into anything, particularly involving drugs, without knowing something about it!
Good luck!! {•:)>

Answer #2

You say you have been together so long, and you don’t want pot to ruin your relationship, this is what annoys me most about teenage relationships! Who cares how long you’s have been together. If it bothers you know, it will be bothering you 6 months, or 6 years down the track. He either has to stop or you should break up with him. I have broken up with many boyfriends because of their drug abuse. One, I really liked, but he verbally abused me when he was high, the fact of the matter was, I have much more self respect to hang around with a drug user just because we had been together for 12 months. I used to smoke marijuana and even I found short term effects after having a weekend of smoking weed with friends. I found myself unable to focus in class, forgetting things I had said 5 minutes ago and extremely restless. I don’t smoke marijuana anymore and I have found a lot more people have grown closer to me, and all the drug users I knew have drifted away. If he wants to ruin his life by doing drugs, don’t let yourself be pulled down with him

Answer #3

What I did 20 years ago and what I do now means that I GREW UP and found other things to get “high” off of. The birth of my daughter and watching her mature into the beautiful young woman she is going to be is way cooler! ; )

Answer #4

Smoking pot is not bad. I do it all the time. It just makes things more fun and you get hella relaxed. Try it with him

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Answer #6

well.. thanks guys. I dont smoke pot, he asks me too.. I dont want him too if its harmful to his body. I care about him a lot and dont want anything to happen to him. but I dont want him to think im tryna controll his life.

Answer #7

You just HUGELY CONTRADICTED yourself.

No I did not , I said its not exactly good for you , and told her what to look out for and also reassured her that she should not worry

Answer #8

the only thing you need to watch out for is if he is getting too paranoid that can lead to mental problems , but honestly you have nothing to worry about.

You just HUGELY CONTRADICTED yourself.

Answer #9

look its not exactly good for ya but its not as bad as tabacco or alcahol the only thing you need to watch out for is if he is getting too paranoid that can lead to mental problems , but honestly you have nothing to worry about.

Answer #10

Here’s the deal, pot was originally a plant, so yea, god (or the universe) put it on Earth.

Yep, he put in on EARTH as a PLANT, he didn’t put in in your hands as something to SMOKE.

Answer #11

of course its bad and yes, you can die from it it also actually shrinks the brain with longterm use it causes and contributes to cancers and other diseases and it affects your fertility as well (in a bad way) just because it comes from a plant doesnt make it safe berries come from plants, and some of them will kill you

Answer #12

Of course it is badd. God said drugs, alcohol, and sexual activities are a sin. I heard it isn’t good for you in the longrun though. I, myself wouldn’t know because I don’t know any effects on me. But your best bet, would be to just stay away from it.

Answer #13

its bad smoking can cuase tar in your lungs and you can lose your teeth,tounge and you will suffer when you get older from the effects of smoking tell him to call a youthline or somthing or if he doesnt listen to you tell him if he loves you he will stop smoking

Answer #14

Youre gonna kill yerr braincells. People who say theres nothing wrong with it are probably drug addicts themselves. So don’t waste your time getting high.

Answer #15

Smoking can in fact harm your body,you can lose you jaw to it and teeth,a lot of folks I know have died because of smoking and chewing it,if you are smoking,have a friend help you stop because once your addicted it WILL be very hard to quit,I know this cause I paid a lot of attention to this section in Health class.

Answer #16

I dont smoke pot.. my boyfriend does and I dont want him to. but he said theres nothin wrong with it and imm like yes there is and I don’t know what to tell him

Answer #17

weed only becomes bad for the body once it is bought from a dealer…the reason being because a dealer mixes all sorts of weed types together and also laces it with either more heavy drugs like accid or they mix it with harmful house cleaning products like doom, ratex, methilated spirits anything they can find that will make you go on a high… have any of you guys commenting even smoked it??? I doubt it.

I have and I did it a lot as well but I never bought it from dealers I grew it so it was all natural. I no longer smoke it because the pahse passes. so not everyone gets addicted.and I am not a drug addict either so dont just jump to false accusations like people smoking weed are drug addicts because the high you get from weed is completely different to the high you get from other drugs.

Answer #18

Here’s the deal, pot was originally a plant, so yea, god (or the universe) put it on Earth. You cannot die from pot. No matter what anybody tells you, you are NOT going to die from smoking pot. What can kill you is pot that is laced with cocain or other harmful and dangerous drugs. Do not drive and smoke pot, lol…bad combo. It does make you fu’cking stupid -like, longterm fu’cking stupid-, it mostly relaxes you. I have heard that it can harm the lungs though. Good luck.

Answer #19

thanks… just I have been with him for over a year now. & he stopped for me. I mean he got drug tested at school and everything so iknow he stopped… but he went to his friends house last week and started doin it again. we brokeup for like a day and he did it when we were broken up then when we got back he asked me if I’d get mad if he did. and I said “I don’t know.. its whatever if you want to screw up your life then whatever” and he ended up doing it. we have been together sooo long, more then a year and I dont want somthin like this to ruin us…

Answer #20

pot is not a sin its just a herb that relaxes the body

Answer #21

yeah I know what you mean..thank u..I just love him soo much.

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