Smoking? is it really that bad?

I want EVERYONES opinion!

Here is mine… I smoke ciggerettes and enjoy smoking.. yes I agree that it damages my lungs.. But did you know :

Fact 1: the #1 cause of death is obesity!- smoking reduses your appatite Fact 2: One car produces more carbonmonoxcide then 2 packs ciggerettes in 5 min Fact 3:Everyone is born with cancerous cells, smoking ONLY incresses the risk Fact 4: YOU ARE GONNA DIE, I AM GONNA DIE, there is no way out of it!!

My grandma smoked for 65 years.. yeah she was short of breath.. but she died of old age.. she even smoked filterless ciggerettes! (she died at the age of 91)

My aunt was one of the biggest anti-smokers I have met.. she wouldnt let anyone smoke within 20 feet of of her.. GUESS WHAT she died of lung cancer! (she died at the age of 43)

I smoke because I like the taste.. It relieves my stress.. and It calms my nerves! Im not suggesting people start smoking by any means! but get off my f*ing back about how bad it is.. I know my risks!! Maybe you should sue Mcdonalds and fast food places for making people fat!

Oh and the TAXES on ciggerettes, are against our constitution! Taxation without Representation! The money taken from “he who smokes”, is not given to “he whom smokes!”

Answer #1

yes it is very bad!!! 400,000 people die a year from smoking

Answer #2

Fact #1: Phillip Morris –the founder of said company died of lung cancer. He was a smoker. His son (the previous owner/president) died of lung cancer. The son now operating PM is also a smoker. Will Marlboro”s take him out as well!?

Fact#2: Smoking does not relieve stress. When you become stressed, nicotine receptors kick and cause cravings because this is why you normally do when stressed. The nicotine receptors are satiated when you smoke thus tricking the body/mind into believing the stress was relieved, when only the nicotine craving was relieved.

Fact#3: when I started smoking, cigarettes were 50 cents/pack and I said I would stop when they reached 1 dollar/pack. Well, almost 30 years and close to 6 dollars/pack more I am still smoking and can not quit??

Stop now when it will be easier for you than waiting this long and progressed to almost 3 packs;/day (pathetic, hug?) Help yourself, while you still can. Please!!

Answer #3

Ok kiddies. Let’s look at this a little closer. Is anything in this world truly a “FACT”? No, everything is relative… Not to sound repetitive or as if I’m against “the system” but well the medical industry does get a lot of money from us each year… especially through flu shots, which by the way is a dead flu virus that is injected into you…and yes people have died because of a flu shot. We are all born with possible cancerous cells, does anyone here actually know what cancer is? Lol, for some I doubt it. But for those who do, look closer, and notice it’s a type of malnourishment, meaning your body isn’t getting enough of something Anyway, to stay on point, I would actually like to see a scientific study done WITHOUT funding from the government, certain medical companies, etc…because well look up all the studies done, and see who funded their research, if you really care that is. Until said proof comes, who really cares what people do. And why are non-smokers so angry about it??? I don’t get it, it’s not like anyone is trying to make you smoke. Sure sure you have a right to “clean air”, puh-lease, our air is so polluted now it’s impossible for anyone to have clean air. Global Warming is a sham, and besides, you produce more carbon monoxide with a car than with cigarettes, and well I doubt any of you people have stopped driving. Also, check this out…what do you do if you consume poison, no joke, eat half a cigarette…so they aren’t so bad after all now are they.

Answer #4

Taxes on cigarettes ARE constitutional. They are either excise taxes (federal government) or sales taxes (state or local governments), both of which are legal taxes.

Not that anyone asked, but in case there are any viewers who would like to quit, below is the method I used after 30 years of smoking:

“How to “quit” smoking?”

You can’t “quit smoking”. You CAN “become a non-smoker”.

There is a big difference in the way your mind and body reacts to the two attempts. In “quitting smoking” your mind and body tell each other that you are trying to deprive it of something it likes and needs, therefore it works hard at preventing you from succeeding.

In “becoming a non-smoker” you successfully attain your goal while not giving your mind and body a chance to perceive that they are being deprived.

Along with the above attitude change, you can help achieve your goal by having on hand some hard candy. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke simply place a piece of candy in your mouth.

Don’t try to refrain from smoking “forever”. Simply refrain for the next couple of hours.

I, personally, know that the above works. I smoked for 30 years and was up to two packs a day. I successfully became a non-smoker 22 years ago. It wasn’t always easy and I still have nightmares that I’ve started smoking again and “blown” my smoke-free record but then I wake up and am thankful it was only a dream.

The candy I used was “Gobstopper” Jaw Breakers. The lasted about 10 minutes each and effectively replaced the craving for a cigarette.

You, too, can become a non-smoker, even if you’re surrounded by people who smoke. It is your choice. When offered a cigarette you don’t say “no thanks, I’m trying to quit” but instead state “no thanks, I don’t smoke”.

Good Luck!

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Answer #5

my lord, you are one selfish, immature, ignorant young woman…

Answer #6

sounds like you have some issues bud using the deaths of your grandparents to make urself feel better about smoking… thats just disrespect I actually cringed when I read that

Answer #7

you can try and rationalize it, but smoking makes the air a lot more dirty… it also tends to trigger asthma… so defend it all you want, but it is harmful to others… as for the taxes on the poor smokers, well smoking isnt a necessity… if you dont like the taxes, quit smoking… would probably save health insurers a ton of money having to pay for all the health problems caused by smoking, and that in turn would reduce health insurance costs for all… please dont delude yourself that smokers are a benefit to anyone…

Answer #8

you wanna know why your g-ma lasted longer than your aunt.. its cause yeah smoking damages your lungs but its worse on people who don’t smoke.. second hand smoking kills more people than people who actually smoke.. so if you dont care about others go right ahead and keep smokin your life away… just wont be able to be very active.. like when you have kids and they want to run around.. you just sit there and smoke.. they will get sick all the time since they dont have very good immune systems.. think about others and not just yourself

Answer #9

well no, I dont agree with what you said as those “facts” being good things because there not good things there still bad things and smoking is bad as well as causing lung cancer and contributing to many other cancers and diseases it lowers your life expectancy f*cks up your health prematurely ages your face and skin and among many other horrible things it can even rob you of your fertility just because one of the ingredients in it is from a plant doesn not make it safe and crigarettes contain thousands of othger dangerouse chemicals one of which is used to strip paint if you want to lead a miserable life in poor health, then smoke if you want to live a longer healthier life, quit now

Answer #10

Yup I agree with you, it is inevitable for everyone to die, SOONER or LATER. And smoking makes a life span shorter, that is a FACT, not just statistics. It can make you GO sooner…

Answer #11

well I must admit to smoking sometimes,, but I dont think too muich about it. I mea were all going to die anyway. but I dont but my own smokes,. I get the from my friends.. my grampa is 54, he has been smokiing since he was about 13 I think, he is pretty healthy, he smokes all the time.

lol and I agree with the mickey d’s (or Rotten Ronnie’s as I call it. lol)

Answer #12

again… your use of statistical anomalies doesnt help you… maybe you’ll be one and maybe you wont… again, at the end of the day this doesnt affect anyone’s life but yours… I dont know why anyone here would care enough to be on your back…

Answer #13

“””hey I got news for ya! The air will NEVER be clean.. How do you supose we get electricity? the number one way is coal.. with factories cars and coal plants.. well unless you live like the ammish.. you are contributing to air polution just as much as I am.. if you walk behind a smoker maybe you should walk allitte faster and pass he or she up.. so you dont have smoke in your face.. but the air in front of them is just as dirty..”””

Actually the air isn’t that dirty as compared to the air around people who smoke…I have never just gotten astma from waking in the city…but I have gotten from someone blowing smoke in my face..

Answer #14

There are no factories where I live…I live in a village of 600 people and our main source of air pollution is wood-burning stoves…however, the smoke from the chimneys goes UP, not directly into my face.

One of the reasons I moved here was because of the pollution in the city - it was making me ill.

Now I live in an area surrounded by natural resources and very little vehicle emissions and it’s great - except when an inconsiderate smoker blows smoke in my face.

Answer #15

Yeah I think smoking ok cus my brother smoke and his teeth is the only thing that a littel messed up

Answer #16

FACT 4: Yes everyone dies, but if you smoke it’ll kill you faster.

Answer #17

Here is why I don’t smoke

I saw my dad in intensive care, spitting up blood,his heart and lungs etc giving in and my mother considering turning off the machines…all cause he was a chronic smoker.. luckily for him he survived but has allready in total have had 10 operations on his legs and knees because of the huge amount of cortizone he got from in the hospital

A family member of mine died in our car…I was there..saw the guy turn blue. He died from eczema - one of the things long term smoking causes.

Also I struggle with astma and a weak immune system and my older brother with sinuses, because we were exposed to second hand smoke as children.

Smoking is bad for you… doesn’t matter what anyone says..and yes you get some people that live long regardless whether they smoke or not..but most isn’t that lucky. Plus why would you want to harm your body on a daily basis?

Another thing is cigarettes cost a lot and I could do so much things with that money I am saving on a pack a day.

Oh yes and I dislike it when people blow smoke in my face…most smokers I know aren’t really considerate people.

Answer #18

dude im 15 and I smoke but only when im at parties or with my friends I don’t do it at home or around my parents

Answer #19

heres a fact for you.. Philip moris died in 1949.. at the age of 56.. the average life span in those days was in your late 30’s!

Answer #20

You’re talking statistics here… Just as statistically obesity is likely to lead to health problems, statistically smoking is likely to lead to health problems… just because you can give examples that show otherwise, so can a lot of people about obesity, alcoholism, or anything harmful really… doesnt mean that smoking doesnt lead to a lot of deaths each year… no matter how you want to rationalize it… so at the end of the day, is smoking bad? yes… can you rationalize it any way you want… absolutely… you want to hurt your body go ahead… it’s not like it hurts anyone else here…

Answer #21

the way I see it is that if you’re gonna smoke then you’re gonna smoke… people know the risks, people know the stories… it’s a personal choice… I smoke every once in a while… I’m not addicted, I smoke because I can… I don’t crave cigarettes, however they do speed up the metabolism and I like that part, lol.. but I like the smell of cigarettes and the taste of some… I know that cigarettes are bad for me, I know that I am frowned upon because I smoke… but I really don’t care… it’s a choice I made and I’m not going to let other people’s opinions make me feel bad about smoking or anything else I do… my life is my life, this is supposed to be a free country… I’m going to do what I’m going to do and if that means being a smoker at 16, then so be it…

Answer #22

Im not justifing smoking by any means.. I just know as a smoker, we are critcised and OVER taxed for smoking.. The system is screwed up! and you may not care if I smoke, but there are hundreds of anti-smokers who do! Thats why we have all the new smoking laws and all the new taxes! Im trying to get across to people that its not as “bad” as a lot of other things.. im not saying it isnt bad. Its just unfair for the goverment to take money from one group! Did you know if every smoker quit the goverment would make 3 billion less a year! do you know what that means?! Health care would prices would shoot threw the roof! We would have to start paying for public school! The econimy would colapse! We would have the biggest depression the world has ever seen! Democrats who get in office and make plans to make the goverment bigger, would be f*ed! so by all means EVERYONE QUIT!! Or grow your own tabacco or somthing.. lets not let the goverment depend on us smokers! We are so far in debt right now.. if we all quit our dollar would be worth as much as a 3rd world country!… I dont wanna quit.. I think instead of adding $4.50 for taxes per pack.. they should tax everyone equally for the money the goverment “needs”. I think they should make fast food have the taxes ciggerettes do.. everyone including my self eats fast food..

Answer #23

I really have no issue if you want to smoke…it’s your body,a fter all.

However, I have a right to breathe clean air without having an inconsiderate smoker blowing smoke in my face if I happen to be walking behind them on the street.

Why should smokers have all the rights?

Answer #24

hey I got news for ya! The air will NEVER be clean.. How do you supose we get electricity? the number one way is coal.. with factories cars and coal plants.. well unless you live like the ammish.. you are contributing to air polution just as much as I am.. if you walk behind a smoker maybe you should walk allitte faster and pass he or she up.. so you dont have smoke in your face.. but the air in front of them is just as dirty..

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