Can you smoke right after getting a lip piercing?

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Considering that you're underage, OF COURSE NOT.

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It's best that you dont. You shouldnt smoke after getting a piercing just like you shouldnt smoke after getting a tooth pulled. If you absolutely have to then I suggest you clean it right after. Considering that youre underage you also shouldnt be smoking, but I dont really have to tell you that.

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Smoking constricts blood vessles so it makes healing time longer, i highly dont recomend it.

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you can BUT der will be a higher risk of it getting infected and it will take longer to heal but if you do clean your piercing right after your done smoking and rinse your mouth with mouthwash.

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no, your not supposed to. not only can smoking kill you with diseases and cancers, as well as prematurely age your skin and face making you look older and uglier than you are, ruining your health and not to mention your still a kid. smoking stops the healing process of a piercing, so either quit for a few months or take out the piercing and continue to ruin your health

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Don't smoke-it's a joke!>=(

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Sorry got that from school.=/

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i did. it didn't get infected or nothing (:

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Can you? I'm sure you "can"....however, it's a deep wound, and I'd be leery about shoving carcinegens thru a mucous membrane where the cells are already damaged. I'd wait till it heals.

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Oh my god.... Yeah dolly you can smoke after, just clean it:)
who cares for age there is no law saying you can't.

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I have a feeling that despite all of the no's you will smoke anyway. I, myself have been a hard headed smoker for 10 years. I understand although I don't advise it (I wish I never started this awful habit)!

If you're going to do it, make sure you carry around some type of mouthwash to rinse your mouth out after each smoke. Biotene worked well. It is alcohol free so it doesn't irritate the tissues of the wound. In addition to rinsing your mouth out, I would advise you to clean your piercing after each smoke as well. I've had 6 oral piercings and have done that each time. No problems with the healing. Although, I did find myself smoking less because the rinsing and cleaning was SO much trouble!

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yes,its fine.
nothing will happen to it.

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haha, THANK YOU <3

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haha it's alright! (:

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lmaoo! i like never smoke i randomly doooo and yesterday was one of those days

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There's no law saying you can't? Wow. I love how the person who's telling her to go for it has "Nicotine" in their username.

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Yup Nicole NICOTINE! don't forgett it:)<3

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ahah she's cute :]

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Why thank you some people just don't know fun:)

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I've had my lip peirced 4 times now. I smoked right after every one of them. I think it may have caused it to take longer to heal, but other than that everything was fine. However, it's best to clean it right after you smoke each time until it is completely healed (about 3 months) to keep it from getting infected.

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I'd say it's probably not a good idea. It might cause it to get infected. That's already a risky place to get a piercing cuz of all the bacteria. I had to be really careful with mine.

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yes, because cancer, stroke and smelling disgusting is definately my idea of a good time

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I'd wait...your lip is more than likely to get an infection.

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yeah, my brother did .

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ur underage so no

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i was talking about my username dolly, not cancer. K?

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Hahaha XD this is funny :3 is that like your scene name? :D epiiiiiic.

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people need to chill outt.

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let her do whatever she wants. even though every1 is saying "no" to the smoking thing..ur prolly jus gunna smoke anyway....just make sure to clean it....also, different ppl have different ways of having othr ppl just hav to deal w/it.

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Yes a scene name:) and me like<3

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sigh. people are annoying. D:<

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Ya technically there isn't an age for smoking ... So it's kinda hard to be under age

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