What are some good slow rap and hip-hop songs?

I dont really know what genre this comes under but I need some like slow rap , hip hop songs...for example
dj ironic - so nice
dollar bills- akon and lil wayne
like male singers singing along to a slow catchy song... ah I love these songs, can anyone think of any similar songs? xxx

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Love in this club -- Usher
Take a bow -- Rhinna (not male though)
In love with a stripper -- TPain
Unpredictable -- Jamie Foxx
Bleeding Love -- Leona Lewis (again not male)

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try Slick Rick-behind bars

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white dawg-right here waiting!!!

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This playlist is ALL slow rap and r&b songs:


Hope it helps!

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Here are a couple of songs that may do the trick:

* the dream- falsetto
* 50 cent- do you think about me?
* jeremiah- birthday sex
* drake ft. trey songs- successful

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Neyo just came out with some new ones.
He has

Be on you
Not anymore
Its you
She want me

Good luck!

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