How old do you have to be to go skydiving?

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i am going to guess, maybe 16 with adult consent

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I think it depends how much courage do u have to do daring things.. i have seen so many ppl getting afraid of high rides in amusement parks but on the other hand kids enjoy more..
I think if u r able to question this then u can do this anytime if u really want to skydive.. :)
Best of luck!

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yup i agree! :)

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im pretty sure you have to be 18 :)

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i no that in the uk u can b any age but if ur inder 16 u have to do it tandum with a qualities divin instructor to do all the work for ya :)

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Out here, it's 18, but you have to skydive attached to someone if it's your first time.

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You have to be 18. As far as I know under that age, not even parental consent can get your skydiving.

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i would assume 18, even with parental consent. since this is something that could potentially kill you, im guessing you need to be old enough to be aware of that and old enough to sign a form yourself that you agree to the risks, should something happen to go wrong

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