How skinny do you have to be to join gymnastics tumbling?

an do you have to have small boobs?

Answer #1

noo, you don’t have to be skinny (or have small boobs!) …. gymnasts just have to be in shape.

Answer #2

An whats IN shape suppose to mean

Answer #3

you dont have to be anything. you can join gymnastics or tumbling no matter how you look or what your figure is, as long as your able to move easily without any troubles.

Answer #4

like, muscular and flexible. but you can train yourself to be flexible.

Answer #5

i am so flexible an i can pretty much move into any postions (not suppouse to sound gross) just im scared il go there an be the only girl with boobs an somewhat a belly

Answer #6

i wouldnt worry about it at all. wear a good sports bra and just be confident. i know a lot of girls in tumbling, cheer, and gymnastics, and none of them have perfect gymnasts bodies, but they work with what they have (:

Answer #7

okaiii thanks so much :)

Answer #8

well im both

Answer #9

Uhm, I dont think anyone is able to say you cant join gymnastics if youre fat and have a big chest. That’s discrimination.

Answer #10


Answer #11

ya you dont have to be skinnyy iwas in gymnastics 6 years and was a level 8 when iquit and there was a few girls who were pretty big or had reallyy big boobs but they were still high up there. imean gym should make you skinny if you get serious bout it but no you dont hav to be skinny to do it.

Answer #12

OKaiii thanks

Answer #13

You dont really have to be “skinny” to be a gymnast. I did gymnastics for 6 years. It’s about your build - being skinny means nothing if you dont have the muscle and flexibility for it. I would say though that if you’re thinking of going into competitive gymnastics, you’re a bit too late…you really have to have started the sport when you were in your developing years (5ish) because gymnastics is all about training your body into the muscle packed, light-weight, flexing machine. It’s incredibly difficult to get into the sport and to compete if you haven’t started at an early age. In fact, most sports are like that.

Answer #14

No i wasnt thinkin bout gopin in competitve

Answer #15

Oh…well then I guess it doesnt matter about your physique lol

I always thought it was a healthy sport and stuff. Totally do it!

Answer #16

Okaii hah thanks i was thinkin of doin trampoline tumbling

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