How can I even out my peeling skin?

Okay, so I’ve only had the sunburn for two days then it instantly went tan. A few days after that. It started peeling. And now it looks sooo nasty cause I’ve got spots of tan where it didn’t peel off still on me, while there are other parts where I’m lighter, so it looks like I’m a freaking cheetah or something!!

How do I it to stop peeling and go back to one color??!?!?

Answer #1

I have the same problem on my face though what you have to do is if you have an aloe tree cut off a branch and open it up. then lather your face up with it thats the secret it should finish the jof for u

Answer #2

sorry but I am having the same problem on my shoulders

Answer #3

As your sunburn peels, you are revealing a layer of new skin which will be of a different color.

One of the best topical solutions you can use on a burn is aloe gel with the lidocaine in it. It soothes the burn as well as softens and moisturizes the skin.

Answer #4

Ahh that happened to me recently. I agree with above - be careful always use sunblock. But now I suggest you keep the skin moisturised with an aftersun or intensive moisturiser (like vaseline), get plently to drink and sleep helps cure anything.

Answer #5

this has happened two times I start peeling the I have white spots all over. I went to the tanning salon and asked them what I could do and they said to put “selson blue shampoo” (any kind) on it, leave it for about 15 minutes then shower and then use face cream lotion.. it worked for me! it took like a month tho.

Answer #6

Its too late now, Use more sublock next time…

Answer #7

Ok I know there has been like no helpful answers here but I think I might have one.My grandma says to use creme 21 or aloe vera because it really helps…I have the same thing and do you want to know how I got it?Well I was in the pool and me and my friend started to feel our skin burning…when we went home we noticed that we had HUGE sunburns on our faces!A few days later (today) I had huge white marks all over my face.I have litterally been crying about my skin and don’t know what to do!!!I gotta go to las vegas soon with my cousins and what will they think of me when they see me like this?

Answer #8

I have the same problem going on with my face right now after a few days in the sun without sunscreen. it was the worst on monday- I tan very easily but this happens to my face at least once every summer. (knock on wood about the rest of my body)- it’s spotting on my forehead and nose. RETIN A creme helps A LOT if you can get your hands on some, I’ve had it prescribed to me in the past by my dermotologist. it’s a miracle face creme anyway. I also bought an “even tone” moisturizer by neutregena to drench on my face morning and night. it’s thursday now, and the problem has seemed to disappeared- definitely less noticeable. and when I wear bronzing powder, you can’t see it at all! -hope this helps. this is a common summer skin problem and you shouldn’t feel that bad about it. it’s a lesson I’ll never learn.

Answer #9

well I have it now and I tried scrubbing it but it didnt work it just turneed red so I my advice is do not scrub do not peel even when its tempting and do not go to a tanning salon to put a tan over cause thats a waste of money because your gonna have to peel and get rid of all those dead skin cells and even thought right now you and I are going to have to look like we have a skin desease well we are gonna have to deal cause it will go away sooner or later just a lesson learned

Answer #10

I used a magnifine glass and burnt myself. it made it even but it kinda hurt.

Answer #11

The skin underneath the peeling skin has never been exposed to UV or sunlight before, so it will naturally be lighter than the tanned areas around it that did not burn as bad (begin to peel).

You need to let the skin completely finish peeling before taking any action to change its color.

To help speed up the process, you can use a dry skin moisturizer or an aloe vera product.

It should completely heal in 2-3 days. Go back out into the sun once the peeling stops completely and apply a moderate amount of sunscreen.

The lighter skin splotches will naturally darken faster than the tan skin, but it will take time until the tan evens out.

Continue to apply aloe vera gel, because it is extremely helpful, and will make your tan last longer and not peel.

Some products that might help:

  • Lubriderm lotion
  • Jergens lotion
  • Aloe Vera
  • Banana Boat lotion/skin healing product
  • Ocean Potion

You may also want to take a lukewarm bath to help the peeling skin to come off faster. When scrubbing, do so gently as you don’t want to harm the skin underneath.

Answer #12

on the parts that are peeled put on a self tanning lotion

Answer #13


There is no immediate cure for sunburns, but the pain can be relieved by hydrating the skin. This is done by applying products containing aloe, vitamin E, or both.[9] Vinegar is a remedy for the stinging sensation on a burn and any products with lidocaine can prevent healing and damage skin.[citation needed] Drinking fluids can aid in hydration, and eating high protein foods will assist tissue repair. Analgesics such as acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol) or ibuprofen (e.g. Advil) can also reduce pain.[9] One method to treatment involves applying a clean washcloth soaked with cool milk like a cold compress, since the lactic acid will help reduce inflammation and the cool towel will soothe the pain.[10]

Blistered skin, with or without open sores, should heal on its own. As with any other open skin wound, it is best to avoid lotions or other directly applied ointments. However, antibacterial solutions and gauze can prevent skin infections.

The best treatment for most sunburns is time. Given a few weeks, they will heal.[9] Overall, the most important aspect of sunburn care is to avoid the sun while healing, and to take precautions to prevent future burns.

Answer #14

lol…well it’s not hurting anymore…it’s just kinda itchy. but I wanted to know how to stop the peeling and if there was a way to get my skin color back.

Answer #15

You won’t get back to one color but the best thing to do is keep really really hydrated. drink water and constantly put lotion on the area.

Answer #16

omg I have the same thing all over . I just got back from aruba & now I look so disgusting its all over my arms and shoulders. this is the worst thing. But should I just go to the tanning salon so I can just even it out like that?

Answer #17

I got a bad sunburn I turned a tan color it was so nice then the peeling started! Now it looks like I have a dasease its so nasty!! What im going to do is scrub my legs with a loofa and see if I can stop it from peeling more and then use a sunless tanner on rest putting it over the top should work.. its worth a try nothing could look as bad as I do now!!

Answer #18

joyyy, peeling sunburn ! lol, im going through it now too. I went to the beach about a week ago for 8 hours with nothing but tanning oils on and I was out in the water surfing and lost track of time. when I got home. my whole body was burnt. now im peeling really bad on my shoulders, upper back , and my arms just started peeling. I have spots where it has peeled already, how can I speed up the process of it peeling all off ?

Answer #19

I have the exact same problem. I came here for answers, and don’t really see any to help me even out the color of the tan and the peel. But what about using a bath ball, (or whatever those things are called that you wash with liquid soap in the shower) to scrub the dry, dead skin off?

Answer #20

That just happened to me right ow its all peeled right now and my sister told me to use banana boat clear aloe gel. im waititng to se what will happen dont worry :)

Answer #21

You guys suck! no one has answers and im contantly crying because everyone at the pool makes fun of my nasty body. It doesn’t help that I cant even talk as well. Call me Byron and my life sucks. I love peeling?

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