Is skateboarding a waste of time?

ok the other day after I just came inside from skateboarding for about an hour my mom tells me that I’m wasting my time skateboarding because I told her that I wanted to go pro because I’m an ok skater and I’m going to send in sponsor tapes to so companies that I liked anyway she said that having a job being a pro skater is not a good job because the only people that would know me would be other skaters she said I should get a job doing something where I’m so famous that everyone knows me and that I skateboarding is just a stupid phase that I’m going through in my teen life

I told her that if I go pro that I don’t care if hardly anyone knows me I just want to go pro to let myself know that I finally reached my goal that I have always dreamed about

so do anyone ok you think that skateboarding and trying to go pro is a waste of time

Answer #1

That’s an awfully hard road to go down and make it a successful career - you’ve got to honestly ask yourself - Do I absolutely, see myself having Tony Hawk talent to make it big ?

Answer #2

DAANNGGG this question is so old that I think I alredy answered this!

NO sk8ing is defnitely NOT a waste of time…skateboarding actually helps you think…it helps you do better in skewl…

you should read ‘’tony hawk professional skateboarder’’

Answer #3

skateboarding is never a waste of time you can keep skating and have dreams of being pro…send in the tapes and hope…but dont just depend on becoming a pro skater skate for fun if your not having fun youve forgotten everything what skatings all about

Answer #4

nooo I personally skateboard I mean dont just try to go pro like I’ve heard a lot if you are good you will be found by a scout or something and they will sponsor you just do it because you love it not because you want to go pro I mean I do it because I love the sport and it keeps me occupied

Answer #5

yo dont listen to your mom im 13 and I have been skating for a long time and I want to go pro too. Even though im not very good I still love it all my friends skate and they encourage me to skate. Not many people go pro though thats why its important to have a backup plan so find something else your good at and do that too.

Answer #6

Ok, im skateboarder 2. Dont skate for the sponsers skate because you love to do it. Its not a wasting of your time if it is your hobby.

Answer #7

If you think your good, your good by your standards.

If your mom thinks its a waste of time, so be it Im not sure me or you could change her thoughts on skateboarding. If you have a goal in life such as this one, I would treasure my ablility to reach that goal and do what ever it takes to get there.

But in the end, Its still all up to you.

(P.S. I say go for it!)

Answer #8

skatebaord+person= life =]

Answer #9

hey man I just last week got sponsored by momentum skate shop and I been skating for 2 years and I can tell ya sk8boarding is the best fing I’ve done wit my life! you may not get sponsored but you can just ave fun with it. Im dedicated to my board and I don’t go anywere wit out. peace man sk8 4 life .

Answer #10

skating isnt a waste of time its a passion..its life feeling as you do ollieing for the first time going as fast you can…no skating isnt a waste of time if you want to bad enough you will go pro dont listen to your mom, my friend tells me “what are the chances of you going pro” they just dont understand how one can feel about a specific ‘sport’

Answer #11

ummm… Well of course not! And who says no one will knno about u(besides to momma) but you see tony hawk and there are so many people that know him that he is pretty much overrated now so yea.

Answer #12

honestly no its not skateboarding is my life…I mean im not going to go pro because I love music more but practice makes perfect if its your dream try to persuade you mom to help you with it tell her to support you and hey maybe you will become a pro and you can prove her wrong good luck =D

Answer #13

So what if you can never make a living off of it? If you’re passionate about it, DO IT!

We all need passion, and if that’s skateboarding for you, it’s not a waste of time.

Answer #14

Your Mom is simply concerned for you. She realizes that the chances of making a living at skateboarding are not very good, and truly wants you to have a good life. I would suggest finish school, and go to college if possible, while also continuing with skateboarding. Enter competitions to get better, and also see how you stack up against others. Maybe you are good enough to go pro !!! I wish you well. Remember to go easy on your Mom. She is only thinking of you. Good Luck!!

Answer #15

if you dedicate everything to it and if you have a really deep passion for it, then go for it! if it’s what you want to do and believe you can do then it isnt a waste of time. :]

But I agree… it’s a pretty hard industry… like amblessed said “That’s an awfully hard road to go down and make it a successful career - you’ve got to honestly ask yourself - Do I absolutely, see myself having Tony Hawk talent to make it big ?”

if it’s your dream, then fulfill it…

But if you dont make it huge then I suggest you dont live off it money-wise. xD

Know what I mean…?

Answer #16

dude, it’s a verb. there’s no such thing as a verb that wastes time..duh. at least you ain’t fat rite? at least you ain’t sittin in the house all day watchin the “boob tube”, at least you ain’t out doin drugs..and if you are any or all of these least your doing what you love hey?

Answer #17

Hmm I dont think its a waste of time as long as your good… ahhh I tried for hours to do an ollie today and I SUCK now thats a waste of time… but yeh if you go pro that would be awesome you will still be famous especially if you get sponsored by a good brand name cause a lot of people wear there clothes and a lot of people will get to know you and as long as your having fun doing it thats awesome!! I wouldnt consider sk8ing a waste of time go for what your good at and like doing =)

Answer #18

No way Jose…

I was a skater from when I was 4 years old until, well I fell off last year and broke my wrist, I was 36.

Not a waste of time and good for the legs…

unless you have a fall!!!

keep skateing buddy!

Answer #19

deffanetly not a waste of time. yea my mom said the same thing. and like cause im a girl she thinks it is even more stupid. but I don’t know I like to skate so you should stick wiht your dreams

Answer #20

no its not a waste of time because I do it all the time lol people that dont skate are frekin losers!!!

Answer #21

just accomplish your goal man screw everyone else,just dont become a bum trying to achieve it though keep other goals in mind too like other careers just in case this doesn’t come through all the way

good luck

Answer #22

f off skating is the shizzle

I have been skating for 2 year and have no regrets

Answer #23

Ayy dont quit anything that makes you happy!

Answer #24

no if you feel good and are gaing respect and ladies dude kick heel trade flip until you freakin break every bone in your body

Answer #25

no not realy unless you not soo good at it

Answer #26

what the hell kinda ? is this go skate man

Answer #27

If you want, you should. If that is what you want as your career go for it. No one’s stopping you. But if you really want to it wouldn’t matter what anybody saids. Skateboarding is awesome and fun I love it!

Answer #28

Skateboarding is AWESOME!! I looove skateboarding. its NOT a waste of time. its a sport just like any other sport. but cooler.

Answer #29

its not a waist of time unless you dont practice enuff

Answer #30

I’m not a skater but I would love to. I could if I tired. lol and I think if you love it and you have your heart set on it then its not a waste of your time. :D

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