Why am I sixteen and attracted to a thirteen year old guy?

I feel like a creeper, lol but he’s mature for his age, is this alright?

Answer #1

honestly? no i dont find it alright.

Answer #2

When you get older 3 years isn’t much but 13 and 16 is a HUGE difference.

Answer #3

I agree.

Answer #4

I don’t see it as being that bad. It’s sort of strange and different but it’s just a three year age difference. Hell I’ve met a 12 year old before who looked like he was 14 or 15 and looked very mature. I think the bad part is it’d be illegal if you guys had sex

Answer #5

its not right. Hes barely starting his teen years.. i find it weird.

Answer #6

Not to add that you look older than your age… It would look weird. And yeah… He’s thirteen…

Answer #7

if you would be asking you are 13 and the guy is 16 then i could find it normal :/

Answer #8

LOL, I would never have sex with him, we’re nothing but friends, I just find him attractive, thanks for having the only positive answer, haha.

Answer #9

LOL, I would never have sex with him, we’re nothing but friends, I just find him attractive, thanks for having the only positive answer, haha.

Answer #10

LOL, I would never have sex with him, we’re nothing but friends, I just find him attractive, thanks for having the only positive answer, haha.

Answer #11

I don’t believe it matters, when you like someone…Can you help it? No. i wouldn’t concern yourself. This is not an issue.

Answer #12

lol okay good. You can’t help if you’re attracted to him. You like what you like. I don’t judge. It’s probably better that way anyways

Answer #13

She might not be able to help that she likes him or that she is attracted to him, but she can control whether she actually engages in any kind of relationship with him that is anything other than a friendship.

Answer #14

no hun it’s not

Answer #15

if u really like him u will wait my parents have a 6 yr derfrence so when ur older 3 yrs is not that big but when ur younger it is thats the way i see it so i would wait if i were you

Answer #16

Yeah no sh*t but she never said she was going to start a relationship with him. So let’s just take her word for it

Answer #17

I think it is fine to be attracted to him, or like him. I believe it is odd, but not necessarily wrong. The only thing that wouldn’t be okay in my opinion, is if you engaged in a relationship other than a friendship with him.

Answer #18

Find a guy your age or around your age, that way later on in life, you won’t get into trouble for possibly dating him.

Answer #19

Calm down. There is no reason to be rude, I never said that she said anything.

Answer #20

It’s a three year difference. You don’t approve, because you are not use to it. It’s different, but is it wrong? Control … Control yourself because someone has more wrinkles? because you were born three years earlier, you can’t be with someone physically ?

Have you loved or liked someone who was older or younger? Do you know what is like to control yourself for someone you have so much infatuation for? So much love….

It’s torture to be torn apart be a few years.

Answer #21

Three years is a lot when it comes to 13 and 16, when your older it isn’t much but at that age yes maturity is a huge issue. Especially considering guys are proven to mature slower then girls. Though she didn’t specifically say she was going to be in a relationship with him she didn’t state that she wasn’t either.

Answer #22

true and when they are older and if they r still in touch she would be lets say 27 and he would be 24 not that big of a diffrence when your older but when ur younger it is

Answer #23

I wasn’t being rude or getting mad. Sorry if you took that the wrong way. I was just pointing it out. She just said she was attracted to him and that they were just friends. No biggie

Answer #24

Exactly as you get older the age gap doesn’t matter as much, 20 and 23 isn’t even a big difference.

Answer #25

Has anyone been in her situation before?

Answer #26

Like I said in my answer, I do not think it is wrong to like or be attracted to him. It isn’t that I am not used to it. My boyfriend is 20, and I am 17. Like Mackenzie said, when you are older and 3 years apart it doesn’t seem like much, but when you are younger it can seem like a huge difference. I think it is perfectly fine for older teens and adults to date with a 3 year difference. When a boy is 13, and the girl is 16, then no. Again, I am not saying that she said she was going to date him.

Answer #27

Katarina, it’s okay. No offence taken. Thank you for clearing it up.

Answer #28

haha thts fine…im 16 goin on 27 and dating a 23yo but im mature 4 my age and i have a frnd who just turnd 15 dating an almost 17yo frnd of mine age doesnt matter 2 much ….

Answer #29

sry ment 16 goin on 17 hahah

Answer #30

Okay cool. Sometimes when I say things I don’t realize it might seem kinda rude to some people so that’s my bad there

Answer #31

Yea, I understand. I might have just read it the wrong way. :)

Answer #32

I think it was the phrase No Sh!t that kind of sounded a bit rude to me, but I understand that you didn’t mean to, so it’s fine. :)

Answer #33

and actualy she turnd 14 not 15 she had me confused bcuz shes more mature than usual haha

Answer #34

theres nothing wrong, ask him out.

Answer #35

Legally speaking, Don’t touch the child!! Personally Speaking, It’s Ok to like who you like, it’s not something you can necessarily help so don’t feel like a creeper, Just control the emotional impulses that may happen. ^.^

Answer #36

I think its cute, but its just puppy love…

Answer #37

If anything wait a few more years and it’ll be cool :)

Answer #38

Honestly I do not find it weird or wrong at all. My father was 23 years older than my mother (And I am very proud to be a product of that), I have grown up believing that age is no issue when it comes to liking or loving someone.

Answer #39

I had the same inncedent once with a 12 year old…heck it has happened to me. The 12 year old was very mature.

Answer #40

CUZZ UR NOT DATN THIS 16 yr old guy ;) lol

Answer #41

That was bloody brilliant :)

Answer #42

my parents have a 15 yr diff so i def kno wat ur tlkng abt…in my opinion if it all wrks out and stuff its rly no biggie i also grew up believng age doesnt matter 2 much tho i do have my limits but 3 yrs 4 them is no big deal….

Answer #43

It’s not weird :) Just don’t actually starting dating him. Because then that would be : /

Answer #44

XD a genius is among us!! :P

Answer #45

Well I mean like I don’t find it weird D: it’s not THAT much of an age difference. It makes me think of Justin Bieber Dx dunno why.

Answer #46

i really want to know how you got frim the question to justin bieber :L


Answer #47

I totally agree:)

Answer #48

my grandparents have a 6 month diffrence xD

Answer #49

well heres the deal of society, its all right when the guy dates a girl 5 years younger than him but if the girl does it, it does not show in the same light. just as parking and housework and all of the other wonderful stigmas being a woman comes with. My mom’s husband is 6 years younger than her and truthfully its perfectly fine. As long as your heart is in the right place. like if you liked a 5 year old thats a wholleeee different story because well its a child but 13 and 16, thats not really bad, because if a guy can do it, hell why cant you :)

Answer #50

Why is it perfectly acceptable for a guy to be 3-15 years older, but not the girl? There’s nothing wrong with women dating men younger than them.

Sources: experience.

Answer #51

my mom is 6 months older than my dad haha

Answer #52

Well you can’t help being attracted to him. It’s just human nature. And I don’t think that it would be weird at all to go out with a guy who’s 3 years younger than you. Except 13 and 16 are completely different stages of life especially between boys and girls. Boys tend to be more mentally immature than girls (not to say that goes for all, but that has been scientifically proven), and since he is 3 years younger than you already, he is probably way too immature for you. I think it might take a while until you 2 catch up mentally. Maybe until you’re 20 and he’s 17. I think at that point it wouldn’t be weird at all.

Answer #53

That’s right! Stand up for the guys that dig older chicks! :D

Answer #54

o yeah!

Answer #55

I don’t think it’s wrong at all. Age is but a number :) And plus, you can’t control who you likee

Answer #56

Uuum… if yhuue realiee lik hym… go 4 idt. :)

Answer #57

haa love his answer! lol

Answer #58

I’d like to see that “science”. The only thing that’s been scientifically proven is that different parts of the brain mature at different rates between the two sexes.

Answer #59

I agree that there’s nothing wrong with it. I just want to add that, more than a sexist thing, it’s a maturity thing. When a 16 year old guys dates a 13 year old girl, they’re at about the same maturity level. It’s true that girls mature faster, though I don’t know why that is. Some boys mature faster than others though. There’s no harm in at least trying it.

Answer #60

Yeah… That’s what she’s talking about…

Answer #61

Same thing happens to me, except she’s 14, but she acts older, and until she told me her age, i had no idea she was only 14, i thought she was my age. so it’s alright.

Answer #62

It’s not that girls mature faster, it’s that females think they define the definition of maturity. THere are diferent kinds of maturity, not just social maturity. The different parts of a male and female brain are, on average, different sizes, some parts in one sex’s brain smaller than in the other. While females tend to mature faster in social aspects (this is common among all mammals, in preparation for child rearing most likely), males tend to mature in areas that allow them to survive and attract a mate(practical skills, ability to learn logic-based subjects such as such as mathematics, basic engineering and architectural skills, ect.) It’s not that males mature at a different rate, just in different areas.

Answer #63

No, she’s being very general about maturity, most likely the social maturity, since this is the one form of maturity that female’s tend to only refer to. She forgets intellectual abilities, which is where males tend, on average, to have an advantage in. This is proven by extensive testing and statistic collecting over the past several decades, not a “fact” based on society’s common opinion. Doesn’t mean that there aren’t some extremely intelligent women out there, but there’s a true, physical reason that most mathematical fields employ mostly males, even in today’s society.

Answer #64

Now, don’t take me wrong. I think women should work just like the rest of us, and should have a fair shot at any job they want, but they tend to be more socially inclined. I’ve known a couple of women who have made very good counselors.

Answer #65

oh well io think unless theres over 6 years difference its not bad if there over 13 you know like my moms boyfriend is 9 years younger its really the love that counts

Answer #66

I dated a guy who was 4 years older than me and the most annoying thing about it was having to keep the relationship a secret. Since this guy is 3 years younger than you though, chances are your parents won’t worry that you are being taken advantage of. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it myself, but then again, I am also not your parents.

Good luck!

Answer #67

my first cuz came frum my 13 yr old uncle and an 18 ye old, what i cant believe is that my gram let it happen

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