What should I do about this situation in school?

This is a lot so I hope you can handle it. Okay so for Spanish class last week we were assigned to do this assignment where we have to take all the spanish words we’ve learned in both units and turn it into like a skit of a classroom where one student is the teacher, the rest play students and you’ll have all your lines in Spanish of all the words we’ve learned. So we were assigned groups. At first it was just gonna be me and this one girl then the teacher assigned two other girls. At first the teacher had each group exchange numbers just incase one person is absent and you have to call them to update them. Me and the first girl did but I never got the numbers of the two other girls since they came like a day later. So anyways the first day was extremely awkward, we only put so much ideas on paper but we weren’t really motivated and I feel like we didn’t really work good togethor in school. So I went home and wrote down some ideas. Went back to school and had them copy it down. One of the other girls was absent the first day and she was there the next day and had to copy everything. I don’t think we got to work on it a couple days after that. We were already kind of behind. We later found out that we had misunderstood some of the directions so we basically had to add more lines which just made us even more behind which I was pretty upset about. I started getting a little stressed and decided I’d just do most of the whole thing at home since I thought the other girls wouldn’t make the effort because really they didn’t make a lot of effort the whole time. So I did pretty much all of it. I stayed up until 1 am on a school night working on it. I brought it back to school and gave them all copies except for the one girl who was once again absent. I thought we were on track. One of the girls had said she had felt bad since I basically did the whole thing on my own but it’s not like that changed anything. That day we rehearsed and went over our lines and I told them to study their lines. I thought we’d have the chance maybe for one more day to get togethor when the other girl was there and not absent. But we didn’t. The other girl who was absent I just never really got the chance to give her her copy of the script I had wrote. Finally I decided we weren’t going to be able to finish on time and decided to go to the teacher. I did one morning and explained to her about the other girl’s absence and how at first we had misunderstood the assignment. My teacher seemed really upset about it. I didn’t blame her and she kept telling me that we should’ve asked questions but I told her we just didn’t know and that we needed more time. In class that day I came to find out that most of the other groups weren’t ready either so presentations were postponed. Of course the teacher was very disappointed. I thought maybe I’d get to get with the group again and finally give the other girl who’s been absent that copy and we never did. Now it’s been almost a week since the thing had to be due and we are really WAY behind. I keep feeling like I was put in a group with the wrong people and now my grade is going down all because of this. I don’t know what to do and how we would get prepared for presentations at all since I feel the girls in my group are pretty useless and this is a test grade so I’m really freaking out and feel like I could’ve done something. I want to talk to the teacher again but at the same time I don’t know how I could since there’s nothing to say except that we’re just not prepared at all. I really need some advice on what I should do. It would be much appreciated if anyone could give me some good advice. Thanks!

Answer #1

Maybe you could ask the teacher if there was any extra credit she could give you because your group didnt work well together or put forth any effort and that it’s not right that your grae is on the line because of them.

Answer #2

When you go to the teacher the best thing to do it tell her the truth from A-Z so it does not effect your grade badly. If you just ride with it you may all fail.

Answer #3

Maybe but I kinda doubt she’d be that reasonable about it.

Answer #4

I’m pretty sure even if I told her the whole truth it would still affect my grade.

Answer #5

Well, then there’s nothign you can really do. If the teacher is going to be just as much of a bitch as your partners then someone needs to wack her. :D

Answer #6

i know how you feel. i sometimes also get put with “bad” people. I would have my parents email the teacher explaning how the other people aren’t working and putting all the work on you, that way you don’t sound as if ur making up everything and trying to give excuses. tell your parents about the situation. Make sure they write how you were put in a bad group, and could’ve gotten more done if u were with other people. While you may not get an A on it ( and if all else fails) at least your teacher AND PARENTS know why you got this grade and how it wasn’t your fault. dont worry, you’re not alone. I felt this way a few weeks ago in World History class. Since i got not much to do this weekend, and if all u have to do is write a skit, ( and depending on the level of ur spanish class) maybe you could email me the words so i could put it in a skit for you, since i know spanish pretty well

Answer #7

Thanks! My mom emailed my teacher and my teacher wrote back and said all I have to do is memorize my lines and the rest of the girls can just read their lines if they don’t know it and I can still get a good grade. It takes some of the stress off me

Answer #8

lol thanks but my mom emailed her and I think things will work out since the teacher now better understands what’s been going on

Answer #9

well see it’s a good thing u told ur mom about this situation, and now u can still get a good grade :-)

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