How can I sing better?

I want to know how to sing better. I dont have a good singing voice. so I was wondering if anyone knows how to make my singing voice sound good. I think it is terrible. so if you could help me I would really appreciate it.

Answer #1

WOW!!! hgfdsa YOU ARE A BI*CH!!! You don’t tell some one that they eill think they have no hope! Hun, I am betting you have a good voice as it is, but really, If you want to get better practice and record yourself and see what tones you need to work on. I also love to sing, that’s what I do. it works, too. Now I actually like my voice.

Answer #2

Well most people are lucky to be born with the talent. But others’ if you really want it, take voice lessons. Sing constantly. And try hitting high and low notes. If you do this, you can at least improve a little bit.

Answer #3

you have to feel a connection to your music if you dont you wont really want to do it therefore you wont sing it good

Answer #4

It’s hard to tell you what to work on because I’ve never heard you but here are some things to focus on.

The main thing to focus on is breath support. Breathing from your diaphragm instead of your chest. You want to feel really full and when you sing think very round similar to when you yawn.

Here are some exercises you can do to help.

First of all, sing! Everyday for at least 2 hours! More practice the better!

Lay on the floor on your back and get a heavy text book. Place it on your chest. Now breath in deeply and exhale, making a SHHH sound. Make it last as long as you can, exhaling slowly. The book will make you more aware of your diaphragm and what it takes to hold a long note. Do this exercise everyday.

If you put your fingers just in front of your ears along your jaw bone and and make an ‘aah’ sound. REALLY BIG. You should be able to feel a gap open up. That’s the roundness you need when singing pure vowels.

message me anytime for help.

Answer #5

practice with the music when you think you can do it with out the music try it don’t forget to record your voice when you do sing without the music that way you can tell what you need to change like if you play it back and you are off key or your voice is flat Remember putting your feelings into the music makes it better you have to know the music and feel the words feel the emotions the song writer put into it good luck

Answer #6

It is hard to advise about singing when I can’t hear what you sound like. If you are looking to be able to be more in tune, you would have to be able to determine what is in tune and what is not. Have someone you know and trust listen to you singing along with one of your favorite songs. If you sing along and sound similar to the artist, you may be in tune and that’s one less battle to fight. If you are higher or lower than the artist or are unable to tell the difference between what you are singing and what the artist is singing, then it will be a little more difficult to learn to sing, but not impossible.

For me, joining a choir, even a small one or one that isn’t fabulous is a great way to learn to sing better. There a places to join all over local communities as well as in school. If that is not an option, voice lessons will help. Being able to hear notes and how to sing them is very important in vocalizing and should be the first step you take towards improving. There are a lot of books out there, online sites, etc. that can help, but you really need someone that is trained to help you tune your voice.

If being in tune or being able to hear and sing the same notes is not a problem. Being able to control your breath is another way to improve your abilities. Good singers use their diaphram. It is the muscle below your rib cage that causes your ribs to expand and contract. If you hold your breath for a little while it’ll be the muscle trying to force you to breathe. Learning to control that muscle is a big part of singing. It allows you to let a little or a lot of air out which adjusts the sound and volume of whatever you are singing.

My choral teachers always advised us to keep our shoulders back for singing, like you are standing at attention. Take a deep breath with your shoulders back, allowing your rib cage to expand out as far as it can (in front of a mirror works best). When you have filled your lungs to capacity take note of how high your chest is (should like you are proud of your bust line). This is where it should stay as you breathe. Keeping your chest high expand out your stomach while inhaling. Using your stomach muscles increases the power you have with your voice.

There are so many ways to better your vocal skills. The best way is to sing alot and focus on pitch and breath. If you are able to conquer those two things, working on other things like reading music, improvisation, dynamics, harmonizing, etc. will be easier, not easy, but easier.

Answer #7

Anyone can sing. All you have to do is practice. If you search welcome to millikan middle school, then go to teachers, then go to j-k, and to krubsack, he has a bunch of good excercises. all yo have to do is practice though. good luck!

Answer #8

I used be a bad singer now I am singing left and right!!!

Answer #9

I am no expert or anything but I do know this, when singing along with music, find the music that goes with your voice, experiment a bit not everyone voice goes with the same music. just find out what works with you, weather it is slow or heavy metal or whatever works, hope I could help

Answer #10

The best thing to do is PRACTICE! Do warm-ups everyday for 10-15 minutes. You really need to experiment with your voice in order for it to excel. I would also try getting voice lessons those really help, if you can’t afford it look online they many DVD’s that you can order to help as well.

Answer #11

Go to your music teacher at school and ask her the same question. Familycoach

Answer #12

i dont nok take singing lessons! i hope u find a way!

Answer #13

Voice lessons…

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