Who is the messenger to Paradise Island in Urbz?

Im stuck on this goal ; FInd a messenger to paradise island. I dont know what to do! Help appreciated.

Answer #1


Do you mean the map or the Dancing Nutria?

#1. You can find the Paradise Island map on the very top floor of the River Boat.

#2. To find the Dancing Nutria, you will need to go to the upper left of Sim Quarter and into Glass City. When you get inside look over to your right and go north a little, you should see a stairway going into the ground, go down and you will see a fan boat, Hop On! The fan boat is a rather slippery ride to work out, so be fast while controlling it otherwise you will never get anywhere; Go north just a little be sure not to go to Paradise Island yet. The go to your right for a while then south, and you should reach a small little island with creatures popping out of holes take the one that is dancing, and take it to Roxie.

Answer #2

hi, the messenger to paradise island is grdie puck in the university, he will be sat on a chair asleep wake him up then you will ask him to go to paradise island for you then he will say ‘no way man, im not travelling all that way for someone as unpopular as you’ then all you have to do is talk to people in the same rep group and other rep groups as you. get the relationship to 100% and then you will get a rep point with what ever rep group the person is from E.G ‘you gained a rep point with the streeties’ the more times you do this at once the higher your popularity will get up. when it is 40% popularity go back to gordie puck and you will have to get him a map to paradise island. the map is in the top floor of olde salty’s river boat take it back to gordie and the mission will be complete.

Hope This Helps.

Answer #3

You can find a messenger in the University, you may have noticed a person who is always asleep, that’s your messenger, Gordie Puck. Gordie will tell you that he will only do it for if you are more popular, so you need to get your popularity up to 30%(If you think this is hard just wait till later!). So Get Talkin!

After you have done that, Gordie will tell you that he will but he needs a Map to Paradise Island. You can find this map on the very top floor of the River Boat. So get there and come back and give it to him, and go talk to Detective Dan and your free to RUN!

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