Whats the best sims game?

Whats the best sims game

Answer #1

I have SIms 2 on my PC with the University, Open for business, Bon Voyage, Glamour stuff, Nightlife and Pets expansion Packs and I love them. I recently had to reformat my computer and had to reinstall all fo them. This time I found tons of new things that I didn’t even know where on there. You can meet Bigfoot and become friends with him. There is a ghost on a pirate ship that you can make friends with. For me it’s a lot of fun.

Answer #2

um freetime its fun and has really cool stuff to do…omg I cant wait until sims 3 comes out ^.^

Answer #3

well if you have a ps2 then the sims bustin out is fun and if you want to put it on your computer I would have 2 say open for buisness…haha I have all the sims games on ps2 and on my way 2 having them all 4 my pc

Answer #4

what do you mean ‘trashy’? and the whole pets thing sounds boring

Answer #5

If you like pets sims pets 2 it’s a clean version and not so trashy.

Answer #6

Just Sims, it’s a lot better and funner!

Answer #7

I would choose Open for business, if not that then Pets.

Answer #8

I have tto say: pets seasons university open for business and nightlife

Answer #9

jules22871…your computer wasnt REALLY REALLY slow?? I mean THAT SOUNDS AWSOME but I only have the sims 2 on my computer right now and im afraid it will be really slow

Answer #10

THE SIMS…Tra la la! it’s so much fun and this is what it’s about (to get your interest) lvl 1: you live with mom and you have to borrow eight hundred simelons (cash for sims) from her lvl 2: MiMi (this awfully gothic-ish girl-who me and my bff call MEANI) asks you to fix up this house her dad owns and you can live in it for free if you clean it up, repair things (studeing helps a lot here) and re-furnish it until you get two promotions and you can move out lvl 3: you have to LIVE WITH MIMI! (WHICH ME AND MY BFF FIND TORTURE!) and get more promtoions (like you do with mom-u also have to be MiMi) and take care of both your character and MiMi until you move out. (means throwing a party, getting someone 2 be your roomate and then you can live with them) lvl4: you have to live with one of mimi’s bff’s you met at the party and more promotions (but-don’t worry-so much fun to come…) lvl5: time to get married and have kids how lovely! lvl 6: keep getting more promotions so that when you retire everything is good lvl 7: u’ve done it! u’ve made it, u’ve got family and friends-well done! buy this game on amazon.co.uk if you have any interest-it’s hard but fun!

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