Sims 2 university

My sim had A+ in high school, and now shes a junior in college but she only keeps getting Cs and its getting annoying and I’ve been making her research and do like a million assignments and write the term papers and her grades just wont go up…and I just got the game…what should I do?

Answer #1

well did you put in the cheats . Before you enter a house, type ‘boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true’. Make sure you type it during the Neighborhood View.

2.a To maximize a motive or a relationship, just click on the bar, you can also use it to decrease the motive/relationship

2.b To maximize skills, interests, or personality, click anywhere (except the last) bar and drag it all the way to the end.

Tip: This is very useful when you have the KNowledge aspiration. Start out with studying/training for a skill, then click on their current skill level (at the first one if you have none) and drag it one by one, see your aspiration points rack up.


after you type in this cheat you can go to the mailbox press shift and click it as your character and click “ child gets an a+ “ then they won’t have to go to school at all!

or without cheats just buy a bookcase and everytime she not in class or at a party, make her study really hard. and to keep her motives up press ctrl+ shift+c to open cheat box and type maxmotives and after that cheat goes through put in the cheat that says “ motive decay off” and your won’t ever need to sleep, use the bathroom, shower or anything like that! she won’t have accidents or pass out!

Answer #2

If she is going to class and doing all her assignments but is not getting her grade bar to go up, does she have the skills for it to increase? If you look at her skills bar, she may have an open circle in logic, for instance, that is not filled, showing that she needs a logic point. If that is the case, she will have a sort of cap on her gpa bar, that no matter how much college work she does, she won’t do any better till she gains that logic point. Get your sims skill points they need first, then go to class, do assignments and do the term paper. It really helps if you gain a lot of skills while they are still teens, then they can quickly fill up their gpa bar and go have fun for the rest of the semester, and get A+’s instead of spending so much time skilling at Uni.

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