Sims 2 Teen Pregnancy?

can someone send me a link to the inteenimator dowload at the sims 2 site. I’ve tried to find it but I haven’t yet. HELP?

Answer #1

It works, but it’s not on the sims site. Because, yes its a hack, not a cheat code.

And No, the teens on the game cant have sex, but with the hack they can I guess.

Answer #2

I read somewhere that the teen sims cant get pregnant because the teens sims cant even have sex, I don’t know if it’s true but I remember someone else asking before and I looked it up.

Answer #3

Do they have to have a boyfriend? I don’t think I’ll try it though because I don’t want my game to go slow…

Answer #5

oh & by the way you can’t get it off the sims 2 site =]

cause its a “hack” and it does work. =)

Answer #6

I definetally know it works I do it all the time just make your sims all adults move them in go to hte cheat bar type in ageSimsCheat on and shift-click on sims you want to have a baby it can be andy gender and you don’t even need to make them woohoo and select age sims… then your sims name and it will say toddler child elder adult teen and baby select teen and then save and leave the lot then go back and your teen you made loooks like a teen but does everything an adult does then you type in in the cheat bar boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then shift-click on sim then spawn then tombstone l&D then click on the tombstone that shows up click more and then make me pregnant with… if its a boy it will say make me alien pregnant then to speed up the pregnancy click speed up my pregnancy or you can shift click on the mail box it has so many cheats you see have pregnancy realaitionship with… or you can just gett a baby by clicking on the tombstone and then make baby girl or make baby boy and yeah to get twins type in the cheat bar forcetwins for 4 babies type in quadforce and for triplets type in forcetriplets you can even make a any age besides elder(I havn’t done it with elder yet)have a baby h have a baby if you want by doing this by clicking on any other age at the beginning besides teen and everything still works and you don’t have to download anything it rocks I do it all the time sorry for spelling and grammer mistakes I am only human.

Answer #7

well first you open the cheat box and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true type it extacly like this as if you dont it will not work. hold shift and clik on the sim you want to get pregnant turn that sim into a teenager and then type in move_objects then delate your sim and click on the garbage can outside of the house your sim will pop out then hold shift again and press make me pregnat with whoever then clik turn me into adult and wait till the sim is pregnant then turn the sim back intoa teenager and ure sim will be pregnant its as simple as that email me for more cheats at and ill give you all the cheats I have {wich is quite a few}

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