How to get your Sims 2 teen pregnant?

How do you turn your sims 2 teen 2 become pregnet

Answer #1

Yeah, you have to download a mod of some kind. All they can do is make out unless you do that. Even with boolprop, you can only make adults pregnant in a second with the tombstone thing (alien pregnancy! yay!).

Answer #2

you can only use a cheat go to the neighborhood and press cntl alt shift c all at the same time and a white bar will pop up at the top of the screen the type in it boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then go to your house and press shift click on the teen you want to get pregnant then go to spawn then l and d tombstone then click on the tombstone and click new baby

Answer #3

In Sims 2 from Electronic Arts (EA) Games you can encourage your sims to have children. In the regular game your sims can attempt pregnancy in three locations: the bed, the hot tub, and the clothing booth with a different percentage chance in each location. While only adult female sims can get pregnant, with mods almost any sim can have a baby of almost any kind including teenagers, same sex couples and now even pets. With this hack you can make a sim pregnant without having to try. Backup your data. Locate your sims in the neighborhood, not the lot. Hold down Ctrl+Shift+C. A little window will pop up. Type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true into the window, and hit Return or Enter. Spaces must be typed exactly as shown. Enter your lot. Make sure the sim you want pregnant and the sim you want her to be impregnated by are both on the lot. Select the sim you want pregnant and hold down shift while clicking on the sim. Keep clicking more until you see Spawn; click on that. Choose Tombstone of L&D. When the tombstone appears, deactivate the cheat by pressing boolprop testingcheatsenabled false. Click Get Pregnant With and the game will display a menu of everyone who can impregnate this sim. Choose the person you want to be the father or mother. You can choose 2 pregnancy options: Alien Pregnancy gets you pregnant with a baby alien. Speed up pregnancy lets you have your baby in about 2 simhours. A regular sim pregnancy lasts for 3 days. A horn will play to let you know the sim is pregnant.

Answer #4

Teens on the game can NOT get preggo . Only adults . Sorry. Or maybe go to a cheat site and look there , but I doubt it .

Answer #5

You can download A like modifyier (hmmm what to call it?) from I download all of my stuff there. It’s like in the exchange but has higher quality stuff and they have like wings that move and diffrent foods tyour sims can make. It’s awsome. (but it dosen’t work for all people)

Answer #6

I don’t think you can because all you can get them to do is make out.

Answer #7

I thought there was a cheat that started with boolpro

Answer #8

haha I tried.. lol I dont think you can. xD

Answer #9

I googled the mod (inteenimator), and looked till like the fifth or sixth oage and then finally found one that works ‘cause booloProp only works for adult sims. one good thing OTHER than teen pregnancy from inteenimator is that there is a thing called a “bilogical clock” and you have an adult click on it and you can have fertility treatments, you can get pregnant (or have twins with ) anyone, even NPCs! you can also “express delivery” which actually is a lot faster than BoolProp version. you can also “end pregnancy” I don’t have the heart to try it though! ;p ♥♥me♥♥

Answer #10

the cheat that starts with “boolpro” is boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true but it doesnt get teens pregnant.

Answer #11

hi try this link you can do it ;)

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