How do you get your sims 2 teen to become pregnant

How do you get your sims 2 teen to become pregnant

Answer #1

well I use the inteenimater cheat look it up ;)

Answer #2

is this possible? I thought only sim adults could ‘woohoo’ on a bed…

Answer #3

the inteenimater cheat. then you can get cool maternity clothes at in the exchange sims section.

Answer #4

get the love bed ! hehe :)

Answer #5

The inTeenimater worked for me. Your sim will appear as an adult in the age bar (or whatever it’s called) but will still look like a teen and the age bar will change back to normal once she’s given birth. Sadly, the inTeen also messed up a lot of the features of my game (I had a lot of different kinds of inTeen stuff back then so I’m not sure which did what) Fx. when one of my sims with LOADS of friends attempted to make a phone call it would go ‘I don’t know anybody to call’ or only few friends would appear in the options box. Fit sims couldn’t go jogging even though that little box had popped up, bffs couldn’t tell each other inside jokes, you couldn’t ‘walk to lot’, toddlers couldn’t be taught nursery rhymes etc.. It drove me insane! So if you choose to use the inTeen, you may want to remove it from your downloads folder and store it somewhere else when you don’t need it.

Answer #6

Well, if you want your teen prego, you need to follow the steps below.

1.Press ctrl-shift-c to activate the cheat box.

  1. Type in “BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true” 3.Shift-click on your sim and select spawn.’ll see the words “Sim Modder”. Click on that. 5.A baby doll will appear. on it and make them adult.
  2. go to options (The …) and save. 8.Return them to teen again. 9.type in at the cheat box “Moveobjects on” 10.Go into buy mode and delete them.
  3. Have another sim shift-click on the trash can and select “Reset age duration” The sim will appear at the end of the lot, looking like a teen. But if you look at the age thingy, it is set on adult. Hope that helps!
Answer #7

As far as I know…only the adult can get pregnant.

Answer #8

BTW it was the one with this file name ‘InTeenimater_FlavorPak_NoAgeOfConsent’ that worked

Answer #9

1)hold ctrl + shift + c and a barre should appear at the top of the screen. 2)then type “boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true”(without the “ )and press enter 3)hold shift on a sim and click than click on spawn,then click on sim modder 4)a little baby will appear but you can’t do anything to it and it isn’t yours. 5)click on it annd click on make adult 6)hold shift for spawn again and look for the tomb of life and death and,then click on it and choose make me pregnant with… or make me alien pregnant. 7)you also have the option to speed up your pregnancy. 8)then click on the baby doll on make your sim a teen again

PS:it also works for toddlers,kids,old people and young adults.

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