How to have woohoo on Sims 2?

How do you have woohoo? My sims are in love and they have slept together in the love bed and nothing!

Answer #1

They are scared to because you’re watching them? privacy please!

Answer #2

buy a double bed. your sims must have a very high relationship. have them cuddle then select try for baby. I luv this game and play like every day almost. if anyone cares my acount on tha website is theswimmer10.

Answer #3

dirttyy, someone is tryintg to view porn…just kidding. put them both in the bed…cuddle then WOOHOO :)

Answer #4

I have the sims 2 for the ds and I cant have a baby! I’ve been trying to get a husband and I just cant. then I’ve been looking online and it said that on sims 2 for the ds you can woohoo but you cant have a baby!!! I got mad so if you cant have a baby on sims 2 ds then please tell me!! thx!!

Answer #5

Hmm, what kind of SIM 2? Cellphone, PS 2 or GBA or DS ?

Answer #6

You just get them on the double bed, then click woohoo. It’s simple as that! Plus, if it’s for pregnancy, do “try for baby”.

Answer #7

To woohoo in Sims 2 is just get 2 sims and let both of your sims to be relax while lying down the bed, click “cuddle” and then you click “woohoo” or “Try for baby” to start your sims doing woohoo. There’s public woohoo, car woohoo, bed woohoo, and that’s pretty much it you could do in sims 2 and sims 3. Enjoy! XD

Answer #8

Thank you everyone my guy loves this game and he could not find out how 2 woohoo so of course being the wonderful girlfriend that I am I decided 2 loom it up for him lol.Now I can go back and let him have woohoo with Facility. Shouldn’t I be more upset that he’s having whoohoo with some other girl lol

Answer #9

Thx krissykrunk’s answer~ really help ^_^

Answer #10

You can also woohoo in a car… i never knew that until it popped up on the screen!

Answer #11

There are different ways:

  1. If you only have the sims 2, then click on the bed and select “Relax”. Make sure they are both in the bed at the same time, and they are not distracted by anything else. Then click on the unselected person and select “Woohoo” or “Try for a Baby”. Or have them go in the hot tub and do the same thing.
  2. If you have the vacation expansion pack then you can do the same thing but in a hammock. Put one person in it then select the other person and click on the hammock, and click “woohoo”.
  3. If you have a certain stuff pack (sorry I can’t remember which! <:-I ) YOu can do the same as in the hammock, in a closet! Good Luck with your family!
Answer #12

It is so easy first you get a double bed or a hot tub and you get both sims boy and girl and control one of them and click on the other on and it will say woohoo, kiss,cuddle or try for baby then you click on woohoo but you can only do this if they love each other

Answer #13

click on the bed for both of them and make them both relax then after making ou or cuddling it will say woohoo. they cant get preggerss of this.if they have there own car the can also woohoo(have sex) in the car as well they can also have sex in hot tubes do they same thing forr that make them both get in and vlick on each other.if ther in love they should have a woohoo option. alos while in a public place then can boh go in changin romms and have sex. make one sim try on clothes and hen amke the other one go in while the sims is tring on clothes when you click on the changing room it will same woohoo! jope it helped. if you want to have a baby you have to click try for baby. it might take several tries

Answer #14

haha I play this game like EVERY day. and my sims have already had a baby now. and it grew into a toddler today. okay. so you get a double bed. and you click on the bed and click relax. make them both relax on the bed. then be incontrol of one sim and click on the other one and try to cuddle with it or if woohoo comes up click woohoo. you can also woohoo in the hot tub. if you have anymore questions just get at me. :)

Answer #15

buy a double bed…or if you already have a double bed then get 2 sims boy and a girl and click on relax then click on 1 of them and choose woohoo if their in love..well peeps say cuddle then woohoo…but anyway you do it, your sims would WOOOHOOO! and if you want to have a baby then click try for a baby…but I have a question ..can a woman sim get pregnant in the original sims2 videogame? and if they can please tell me!! desperate!!! :(

Answer #16

How To Whoo In The Sims 3 ???

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