side effects of energy drinks

I am a married female with 4 kids. I started drinking energy drinks about 2 weeks so I could have more energy. I have not had my monthly so I wonder if that is one of the side effects of drinking energy drinks. Should I worried.

Answer #1

I am in the 8th grade and I did an entire science fair about this. I researched about this topic and everything so I know my facts, don’t dispute it just becuase I am a teenager. Energy drinks don’t necessarily cause adverse side affects, not on all people. Some whose bodies have been longer exposed to energy drinks have smaller or no side affects. Those who just started energy drinks, (like how I started to drink monster over the summer) can have serious side affects, It was my first brand of energy drink, and probaly the one that causes the harshest affects beside Full Throttle. I did my science fair test on five different people with five different brands, and all were either 13 or 14 healthy teenagers, and even then only 1 person out of the 5 experienced any side affects, it was a girl and she was using one of the strongest brands, Full Throttle. If you are a healthy adult, which the marketers of energy drinks main consumers are supposed to be, “healthy adults”, then it all depends on your body just adjusting to the brand.

Answer #2

“If you are a healthy adult, which the marketers of energy drinks main consumers are supposed to be, healthy adults, then it all depends on your body just adjusting to the brand.”

These drinks arent marketed at healthy people though, you can see that from how many people drink red bull with vodka, it is encouraged The makers are marketing these drinks to everyone and they are real dangerous for people not using the energy they provide or just drinking too much It’s not down to brand - it’s down to how much cafeine and other chemicals you load yourself up with

Answer #3


You have no idea what you’re doing. That’s like a low dose of crack you’re drinking.

Use the 5 Hour energy drinks. They don’t make you crash or be all jittery.

If you drink Monsters and what not,this will happen:

Like I said,you’ll be hyper and jittery.

It makes your heart go faster,which is bad.

Energy drinks make you crash.

That’s just the beginning. IT CAN AND WILL CAUSE DEATH.

Start eating breakfast and go jogging in the mornings to boost your energy. Then eat lunch and dinner. Keeping your diet on-track and healthy will totally help you have more energy,especially when you put exercise in the middle of it all.

And if you’ve skipped a month,that’s bad. Go to your doctor.

Answer #4

I drink them but anywhoo, apparently if you drink to many you can get heart disease.

Answer #5

They have been known to cause a few deaths from people with heart trouble and with the amount of caffeine some people can handle Limit the amount you drink, a proper substitute is fruit and exercise

In the long run fruit and exercise is better for you aswell

Answer #6

dont you crash later in the day?

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