Should we make fun mail more like "regular email"?

Somebody asked about recovering deleted email…and, the reply I gave made sense :) However, the second reply was on here, you can’t recover something you delete. Which made me realize, we don’t have a “tash bin” folder, and there are a dozen ways in which regular email is easier to use than our local fun mail system.

So…it’ll be a lot of work (and take us some time) however, should we add more features to it? We haven’t added any new fun mail features in a while, but it’s a popular tool on the site…thoughts?

Answer #1

I like the folder,notices and trash idea - just not like full out like other e-mails. I love how its nice and simple here :) Sorry - ignore my previous answer, I just got the wrong idea but it makes sense now.

Answer #2

Maybe just add like files like,save,trash,junk. But nothing confusing..

Answer #3

I think adding more features to the Fun Mail would be great! If people want to recover deleted messages, they can with a trash bin which could be added to the fun mail. I think fun mail should be more like email. I think if you could, maybe where files can be attached as well as long as they’re not viruses. Anyway, look into it. Turning the fun mail to eemail would be perfect!

Answer #4

Hi thedude, Im not sure about the affects but I believe there would be some on the site by storing a lot of “trash” or discarded emails but I don’t think it is a completely necessary enhancement to funmail. Funmail is set up between users so you would assume not to receive many chain mails or junk. So you wouldn’t think that you would have to do a lot of cleaning or deleting of your inbox (usually I find that I’ve accidentally deleted emails I want to keep when im trying to delete junk and chain mails and give my inbox a clean)

I was thinking it may be a better idea to create a saved items folder that way we could store the emails we absolutely want to keep in the saved items folder and the low value emails could be deleted and the rest could remain in the inbox

Hope I helped its just a suggestion anyway - kudos to you on a great free sight!

Answer #5

Nope, I don’t think so. I like how its nice and simple. I find some people get confused with regular e-mails. I’ll see questions on here like “how do I compose a message” and things like that. I think its just time consuming and full of stuff we really don’t need. Its totally up to you though. :)

Answer #6

I do think that FunMail should be more like regular email. funMail as it is now can be annoying. I suggest something like a bigger box on pages that is more noticable so that maybe SOME people on my friends list would respond to funmails that I send.

Answer #7

Simple, yes - and like “regular email”, I don’t mean opening it up so you have a real email account here. That would open the door to spam, and we don’t want that, it’s too big a headache.

However, the folder thing - good idea, and being able to move messages into folders you create, or being able to see all fun mail from a single person, OR searching your fun mail, those are some of the things I’ve been thinking about.

Also having more of the notices (when you get answers, friend requests, photo comments, etc) into a seperate bucket in your fun mail, which you can turn on / off, so you get less email from the site & can see more easily what’s happening in your profile…

The “trash” idea, we’d clean it out every 24 hours or something anyway, so it’d just be a “disaster recovery” feature if you nuke a fun mail you’d rather not have deleted.

Anyway, this feature / concept (of revamping it) is a few months away…so, we have plenty of time to flesh out the “must have” features from the “please don’t do it” stuff :)

Answer #8

yeh for sure that would be pretty cool like with seperet files for mail you want to save an stuff also a chat system would be really cool if you guys could do that

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