Should we allow customization to be turned off?

I have to say, eight months ago when we started preparing to offer the first profile customization tool, we didn’t do enough. Then the second round, and it got a lot better…we still have work to do, however, 70% of the time I”m shocked and disappointed b/c I find I can’t read what’s on the profile anymore.

Many times, I’ve wanted an “off” switch myself, so I get the default view of the profile so I can read what’s there more easily. What about you? Is this a feature (filter, rather) that we should consider? OR is allowing people to express themselves, even when it means you can’t communicate with them, more important?

Answer #1

no. I jsut highlight what I wanna read its no big deal

Answer #2

I like the option of turning it off

Answer #3

no you shouldn’t turn it off, you put effort into turning it on.

Answer #4

I wouldn’t turn it off. when I can’t read something I just highlight it by clicking on it. (if you know what I mean). I think it’s allowing people to show their interest. I wouldn’t turn it off. but that’s just my opinion

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Answer #6

Well for me I only put in different colors every day,so it’s a new theme every day,others I think that’s how they feel or what they like is up for there background,but I would consider the off switch because sometimes I do have to highlight the words to see what is being said.

Answer #7

…It would be for the person viewing the page…to turn it off…it wouldn’t be for the person who’s page it was. :)

example: mine is customized. But, if editor turns “view customization” to “OFF” then, she’d see my profile the same way, but without the background image, color changes, etc.

That’s all. The boxes (if you’d removed any) would stay removed…thanks for the feedback, everybody. It’s not 100% certain we’ll add the feature, but, it’s good to know some people have been thinking the same as I’ve been.

Answer #8

I find the overly bright or vibrant backgrounds make viewing a page very difficult - the animated ones make it darn near impossible for me, as an epileptic.

I often have to highlight the entire page just to read it, and that is pretty inconvenient.

I like that people can express themselves, but perhaps if the boxes where the information is could somehow be left clear, it would make things a lot easier.

Answer #9

I think the viewer should be able to shut it off. If you want people to be able to express themselves, maybe set it so that it will show their customization by default with an easily viewable button to make it normal again.

Answer #10

PLEASE!! Some are so hard to read, I just skip them. Then just now, I read the one who says they highlight places on their page to read it. Language triggers may also help, there are many colorful ones that need cleaned up! Thank you!

Answer #11

No don’t turn it off. I like it I just highlight text I can’t read. It would totally take away the creative aspect this site has and I wouldn’t be so avid to be on it. It is a great site and such but to be able to customize is wonderful feature.

Answer #12

I think people like it. it’s pretty cool. I don’t think it will ruin the site’s growth.

Answer #13

I think you should keep it- BTW( no offense) but I cant read anything on your page because of the ocean/beach background…

Answer #14

I think we should have one. I check profiles before I answer questions. And I hate when I can’t read it.

With an off button, you have the choice. People will see their pretty profile, as not everyone would use the off button. They still get their freedom of expression, and we save our eyes. :)

Answer #15

what?! no dont take it off! I like how we can express ourselves this reminds of how schools start makeing the kids wear uniforms… I get how sometimes you cant really understand what people are saying and they dont make sence but what about the people who actually do make sence… we should be aloud to customize our own page dont take it off.

Answer #16

No off switch I mean after all the hard work you did your just gunna turn it off? If people are really intrested in reading they can just highlight it, its not hard. (:

Answer #17

That’s what I mean…the profile owner would still see it customized. And, only people who turned “off” customization viewing would see it “blank”…everybody else would see it how the person changed the profile.

My concern is…does having the inability to read something hurt our site’s growth? Or people’s enjoyment of the site?

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