Should Paris Hilton have to go to jail?

Paris Hilton in jail? Is this right? Wouldn’t her life be in danger and wouldn’t that be bad should anything happen to the heiress in prison?

Answer #1

Ok, I am not much for ever saying anything on the web or joining groups but today for the first time in my life I joined just to say…. YES!!! I think she should go to jail!!! Has anyone ever thought that she was drinking and driving and was putting people in danger, and she did this more than once. I lost a very dear friend because he was run over by a drunk driver and its hard to beleive it was almost a year ago this July. If it was you or I what would they have done with us?? Would they have given us a special jail cell??? Would my or your Sherrif have let us out early because we dont want to be in jail anymore or we dont feel good?? And what kind of role model is that for our children?? “If you are filthy rich then it is ok you dont have to serve time when you do something wrong because your special.” Well guess who made them rich anyway - the public. I am sorry but this ticks me off, maybe it is because I lost a friend or maybe it is because I feel if it was just an everyday average “Joe” or “Joan” the Sherrifs would not have no where near as much mercy on us. And who knows maybe it is both. I also know that there have been many celebrities that have gone to jail and served most of their time, why should she not serve hers. Personaly she should have gotten more time that she did.

Answer #2

Our national witchhunt for “drunk drivers” has left a lot of people licenseless. People whose only mistakes were to drink two freakin’ beers before getting behind the wheel and finding themselves at a checkpoint (when otherwise they, and the drivers around them, would likely have arrived at home safe and sound). I’m not going to open this can of worms any further, but suffice to say there are better solutions to the issue. A friend of mine who stayed in Ireland for a while said cabs and even BUSES would park outside of pubs to provide safe transport home for the drunks. If our culture can (in a move that would undoubtedly peeve the oil companies) overcome its collective aversion to mass transit, that’s part of the problem solved right there.

As for the ho-tel princess in question, I think they should send her to the meanest women’s correctional facility in the state of Cali. Someplace where there would be a lot of fish on the menu, if you catch my drift. AND THEY SHOULD FILM IT. Give her a chance to really mingle with the hoi polloi without the option of retreating to her set trailer. “The Simple Life” was, like most reality TV, an endorsement of American fascism.

Later seasons could feature the same treatment for the likes of Leona Helmsley, Jeffrey Skilling, and (Allah willing) Dick Cheney. And, if Ashton Kutcher agrees, we can borrow the name “Punk’d” for the series.

Answer #3

paris did that for publicity…isnt it obvious? she wanted to get caught because going to jail for a little bit these days is trendy. I have gotten 2 dui’s with posession of cocaine and crystal meth and have spent a total of an hour and half in jail waiting for my dad to get me out. rich people dont have to obey the law, we are above it.

Answer #4

she should gt a life sentence because that dumb little u know what could kill some one who cares if shet gets hurt i prison no one cares if a normal not famous person gets hurt in jail

Answer #5

Ignorance is NOT an excuse for the law! Paris is NOT exempt from serving time because she is a self proclaimed star! If everyone in America said, “Gosh, that’s not hot. I didn’t just know it was against the law”?…. we could all feel free to rob, drive drunk and kill. “Gosh, officer, I had no idea. I listened to my advisers instead of being intelligent enough to understand the right from wrong of the law.” She’s rich, spoiled and I feel sorry for her. I am not without compassion…. but she should serve her time just like the poor people do!!

Answer #6

Most certainly! Is there a “LAW” divided…. if you are a star or just an american citizen. I thought it was rather DUMB on her part not to read the terms of her probation herself! Someone said wonder if she gets hurt in jail! Well ,wonder if she kills someone behind the wheel drunk. I have no pity on her. She thinks she can do as she pleases and she does not have to obey the law! As we all know “STARS” get by with murder. So, I guess if she kills someone she will go free with the others! Oh, and by the way she can take her mother to jail with her. If our mothers would have made the comments she made in court they would have been thrown out!

Answer #7

I always thought the 0.8% blood alcohol standard was a little too low.

It is easy enough for a person to accidently go over this level even if they are not drinking much.

Most auto accidents where alcohol plays a part the driver’s BAL is much higher than 0.8% so in my book lowering the standard from 1.0% to 0.8% just increased the number of unlucky social drinkers going to jail rather than catching more dangerous drunk drivers.

I do agree that Ms. Hilton shouldn’t get special treatment. If an unemployed trailer park schmuck has to go to jail for a particular infraction than a billionaire heiress should have to go as well.

Answer #8

yes she should go to jail only difference in jail she wont be paid to be a hooooooooooooo!

Answer #9

i agree. besides, shes in there for less than a week isn’t she?

Answer #10

Treatment should be no different than for you or I.

Answer #11

rehab not jail she has a drug problem and i care about her and she needs help. maybe i mean mags can suck and lie but 80 precent of its true i think lol but that is a precent i think.

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