Should our block user feature be improved? If so, how?

We have a ‘block user’ feature when you view somebody’s profile. It disables them from adding you as a friend, commenting on your photos, or sending you fun mail, or commenting on your profile.

Should it do more? Less? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Answer #1

I have seen other comments on this saying that it should also block the person from even viewing the profile Jeremy.

Answer #2

it should also block them from even seeing your profile and questions you posted or commented on … because if you block someone you want like total privacy and you dont want that person to know anything of your activities

so yes I think it should be improved

Answer #3

I think it would give advisors much less to do, esp. if someone just writes comments to be hurtful. Plus, advisors can’t be everywhere on the site at once, so I agree with stephanief987 on how the feature could be improved.

Answer #4

Well could it also like have absolutly no contact when it comes to the person’s profile?? Because if somone is really being bothered my someone and they go and block then they won’t have to deal with the bothering person!!! Also the people above me said that the question that we ahve posted ahouldn’t be showed to the blocked person because like what if they try to say mean things to you there then the whole blocking thing would be pointless! Well sorta not entirely!!

Answer #5

I think it should block the person from knowing you posted a question. If there is problems and the user knows you block them and you post a question, the odds are they are going to be a trash mouth and be mean in their answer. Some people are just ridiculous like that. I’ve never had this problem, but I’ve had users FunMail’ing me about it, so I think it would be a good change.

Answer #6

On some forums, the block feature even goes as far as to hide your posts from people on your block list and hides their posts from you.

I don’t know how necessary that is here, since this place seems better moderated than most.

Answer #7

Blocking them from accessing your profile or questions is good, but would that make the entire site too cumbersome? Possibly making the ‘Report (this user) Abuse / Hateful Behavior’ button more prominent to encourage reporting of hateful behavior.

Answer #8

I totally agree with what stephanief987 And I THInk people who you block shouldn’t answer your question!!! and visit your profile!!

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