Should men shave their legs?

My legs are hairy so I want to shave my legs but I just wonder whether it is ok to do that?

Answer #1

I am an eighteen year old male, I shave every hair on my body except for my head. Most girls I have had, said it’s hot. But hey, this could be only in South Africa. I don’t do any sport that requires me shaving, I just like the way it amplifies my calves, so does my girl! So IMO, no, get rid of it all!

Answer #2


I’m a girl. If I found out a guy shaved his legs I would laugh in his face.

If I guy I was going out with shaved his legs and I found out, I would dump him right away.

Shave if you want to be thought gay or a nob head.

Answer #3

I dated a guy who shaved his body hair because he was a bicyclist. it’s just gross. don’t go there. hairy legs on guys is much better than snuggling up to a guy with poky razor stubble. It would be something you would have to do EVERY day, and it is tedius and time consuming. try to accept yourself the way you are. girls aren’t usually grossed out over hairy legs. all guys have hairy legs to one degree or another.

Answer #4

Only for cycling, swimming or triathlon!!!

Answer #5

I think its okay..but im just a chick..maybe hear an opinion on a guy.

Answer #6

I actually wouldn’t mind at least there legs wont be overgrown. which knocks me sick!

Answer #7

I would say go ahead and try it, do not listen to all the negative posts. I love my legs smooth, I am happily married with a wife and 3 kids. My wife is not so keen into me shaving, she says guys are not supposed to shave there legs. I will say this much, every time I do shave my legs smooth she snuggles up to me with her legs. So do it, it looks great and feels great too. I weat shorts that go below my knees, most people do no even notice it.

Answer #8

When I raced bicycles we shaved our legs. It is easier to get a good massage on smooth legs and when we crashed and got road rash no having hair is more hygenic.

All of our girl friends liked it. I’ll admit that it felt nice on a hot night to slide into cool sheets with freshly shaved legs.

Of course outside of bike racing and body building circles guys shaving their legs is viewed as odd or even efeminent.

Answer #9

I think it’s natural for guys to have hairy legs and I sort of expect it. The majority of girls do.

The opinion that should matter is yours and whoever you get together with. Either way, like most people have already stated, it’ll grow back. Just go for whatever you feel best with. There isn’t much that surprises people in general now.

Answer #10

well, let men have hair on their legs they dont usually have it soft and nice like women do but if I were a man then I wouldnt let it get too hairy

Answer #11

I don’t think you should shave your legs…Just get a set of clippers and take it down with a #2..I used to shave my legs for cycling…and baseball (I was a catcher and leg guards pull the heck out of my legs) I don’t anymore…but I do take my clippers to my legs like once and a while…and now they are the way I like

Answer #12

Ignorant people who basicly judge to make themselves feel better say nasty things about it. There is always a reason for someones hostility. I shave my legs and I look damn good. I have a wife and a child. My wife does not mind me shaving. She respects me. As people should respect you no matter what you do. If your not hurting someone else or really yourself. Why would it be a problem? F anyone who says otherwise. Legs aren’t that bad to keep up with and it’s not uncomfortable.

besides, how exactly does shaving your legs change what and who you are? to say it makes you gay is a pretty ignorant assumption. I shave mine and I’m straight. Always have been. Sexual preference doesn’t have anything to do with anything other than SEXUAL PREFERENCE.

Answer #13

If you have too much of it then I think its ok. or at least trim it. guys with TOO much body hair/leg hair looks like monkeys. its weird.

Answer #14

no people wood probably think you were gay

Answer #15

Shaving your legs is completely up to you and you alone. Don’t let someone else choose what you do. I use electric trimmers on my legs. Did the whole razor thing and didn’t like the stubble or the itching afterward. I have some fairly hairy legs and I just think that my legs look better without all of that hair. I am an avid runner and long leg hair sticking out of running tights just don’t look right. Just remember that the choice is yours and yours alone. Don’t listen to the people who say that it makes you gay or stuff like that.

Answer #16

Go ahead and shave if you want to, but I did that for a summer, and it was just too much work. Now I trim the hair on my legs, just short enough that they look nearly hairless. Then I use body wash softener so that the shorter hair is soft, not prickly.

Answer #17

Now all of the people who are saying is gay and all that crap dont lissen to then.All of you did you ever shaved your legs and know how it feels or you girls why dont you dont shave your legs and see if you like it.Its your own opinion and its your hair for gods sake your body do whatever you want with it and people find body hair less atractive now days.Nobody will say anything to you if you would shave your legs if somebody trys to insult you dont mind them they thats childish if you would insult anybody about shaveing his legs or whatever.And its so much nicer when you go to bed with smooth legs and you find it nicer then haveing body hair on you,but its up to you do it if you want to or dont dont take anyone advice its your hair.And for the comment that you would laught at a guys face if you knew I would like to know how you would fell if you weare with hairy legs and a guy would laught at you think about that and stop acting like children.

Answer #18

I am a 16 year old homosexual and I have too much hair.

I recommend using a barber cutting thing and just cut off most of it, I did that but because the cutting device is older than I am, it died halfway thrugh and I had no choice but to use my Gilette Fusion and shave myself. so I have stubbles after only 4 days and the red bumps.

So in short words either…

A) use the barber tool method B) get a waxing kit

Don’t let people get to you about hair removal being a woman/gay thing. Whats more manly, waxing and ripping out every single hair and sucking up to the pain, or judging someone over something they are too afraid to do themselves?

Answer #19

For Anyone Male or Female it should be up to them if they want to shave or not, Me I am a 27 year old Male and 100% love Women I like trying New things And hate staying within the Norm, I just started shaving my lags 1 week ago and my girlfriend is just fine with it. I like the feeling but on the Bad side for me my hair grows back WAY to fast I say in about 3-5 hours I have stubble. And the cost of razors sucks lol, I’m not sure if this is what girls go thou or not but unless I find a better way I may not keep it up. But it’s not fair to Girls out there who don’t really have that option like men do.

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