Should I write him a letter?

My ex b/f and I went through a very painful break up. Their was a lot of fighting and I think both of us got upset. A few weeks later I find that he has a new g/f,I recentley met her at a party. We both hang out with the same group of people, so I wasn’t going to stop seeing my friends becuase we broke up. So when she showed up at the party, I was nice and friendly to her for my friends sake. But actually we got along so well that we developed a friendship but this was around the same time my ex and I started becomming friends again. My ex hates us being friends, He think’s I am being friends with her because I want to break them up which is so not true. I enjoy being friends with his g/f, I want to be friends with him as well but I don’t want him upset. I want to write my ex b/f a letter saying how I like us being friends again and explane to him about the situation between me and his g/f. I feel like I would explane everyting a lot better on paper then I would in words. I was just wondering if its a good idea to write him a letter and if it is what words should I say and should I not say when I do write it, So I don’t end up makeing things go bad. I would really appreshate your help

Answer #1

That sounds like a good thing to do, write one i say. Do you love him still? did it hurt when you found out he had someone else? How did you get over it?

Answer #2

In your very first question you wanted you ex-boyfriend back and you seemed like you still loved him, now you seem like you dont care that much anymore… How did you get over him so quickly?

Answer #3

this is a respone to danielles question. I am still in love with him and yes I want him back and no I am not over him yet. But the advise that I had gotten from my other question was to be his friend and be their for him. So I am going to try that approach and see what happends. I am going to be mature about this and be his friend and not let this hole delema bother me. I did how ever develop a friendship with his girlfriend so thats why I wanted to write him a letter becuase I want to be friends with him but I want to be friends with her and I don’t want him upset and mad about it

Answer #4

his is a reponse to danille. I still want him back and yes I do love him and no I am not over him yet. But the advise that I had gotten from someone else is be his friend and be their for him. So I am going to try that approach and see were things end up. I am upset that he has a new g/f what girl wouldn’t but I am going to be mature about this and show him that I am not upset and not let it bother me and try being his friend

Answer #5

I think there are several things that you should not do. First, to avoid drama you probably do not need to be friends with his new girlfirend. It is cool to speak but do not be “friends” cuz I can already see that blowing up. Also, do not write him a letter b/c you never know he might show it to his girlfriend and knowing females she might start thinking that you still have feelings for him b/c you are goin thru so much trouble. Feel me? Pull him aside one day and tell him how you feel. Keep being his friend and be there for him. Also, he needs to see that you are moving on that might make him realize that he still has feelings for you..

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