Should I Try Ecstacy?

Should I Do Ecstacy? Everyone I knows Smokes weed so I did that.. and im fine still but now EVERYONE is doing E… and There seems to be no harmful side effeects like no ones passed out and no ones had to be hospitalized aparently its just a great High? and I was Wondering Should I try even a 1/4 of a pill? Thxx Dearl.y XXX

Answer #1

I have done E, quite a few times. It is a great high, but only until the come down. If you think your friends are safe while doing it, think again. It isn’t weed. Yes, weed could be laced, but E, you never know what you’re getting. You could be getting heroine, coke, meth, or any other drugs included in your happy pill. If you are against any of those, don’t do it. Plus, you should be aware of the side effects. When I took it, I needed 2 pills to get high, and a couple hits off a blunt. It was great the first time. I had no real problems with it, even the come down. I had percs to help with that tho. When I came down without anything to help me, I went through hell. I got really hot, like I was on fire (Which is when your body temp rises way to high, and starts frying your brain, the reason you are supposed to only drink water when you are thirsty) then I would freeze like I was thrown nude and wet into the snow. I have gone into convulsions when my temp raised too high, I have passed out, I’ve had still frames (where you walk into a room and everything seems to stop, then everyone is right in your face, or moved from where you last remember them at) and hallucinations (people turned into paper dolls, they were flying, I turned into a dinosaur). I’ve had to put people in my tub with cool water and frozen peas because no one was sober enough to get them to a hospital, or wanted to risk the cops being there. It really is very scary if you think about it, but you don’t care while you’re high. I can’t tell you not to do it, but I wouldn’t. It’s like coke, once you hit it that first time, you won’t get that feeling back again. It’s NEVER as good as your first roll. Oh, the other thing is, it’s called a roll because you are litteralling rolling. It’s a rollercoaster high. One minute you feel amazing, the next, your wanting it back. and each up is never as good as the last, so a lot of people try taking more pills. I know I did. It doesn’t work. Once the seratonin in your brain is gone, you can’t get the good feeling back. It’s gone until you build it back up. That could take two weeks to a month depending on your personal health habits. Definately count on being depressed afterward if it is a real roll. Coming down is called being “ate-up” because it eats up any happy feelings you may have. Just look it up. There are sites on how to make your roll better, and they also go over the safety precautions you should take if you do decide to do it. No drug is safe, but you should be prepared for what you’re getting into.

Just some safety precautions : Have icecream and whole milk. The milk helps you come down and the ice cream cools your body off. Icecream is what I had to eat when I went into convulsions. It cools the roof of your mouth, and brings down your body temp so you don’t fry your brain more. Don’t be surprised if it tastes like crap, nothing really tastes good while you’re rollin. Have ice packs, frozen veggies, or something like that to use if someone does pass out. Don’t freak out on them, because it stresses them, and adds to their paranoia, making them more likely to have complications. Put the ice packs on their legs or arms, but not any thin skin, like the inside of your elbows or knees. Don’t put it on their neck or chest unless they do it themselves. Have a sober driver just in case someone freaks, has a bad roll, or takes a turn for the worst. Nothing is scarier while rolling than thinking someone is going to die, and they took the same drug you did. The sober person can drive them to the hospital, and say they found them at a non-existant party somewhere far off from where you are. That way no one there flips out because the cops may come, or whatever. Make sure the car the driver has to drive has water bottles in it with water for the high person to drink. Give them a glass of milk or ice cream too before they leave. Ice packs would be helpful also. Make sure the sober person doesn’t freak out on the person they are taking to the hospital. They have to be very calm and reassuring. It can take an even worse turn if they flip out on the high person.. I would also suggest being around a shower or tub you can fill with cool water. Don’t use cold water. If it’s cold to you, it may put their body into shock. Then you have even more problems. Only use this if someone is willing to sit with the person, and reassure them all the time they are in the tub or shower. Have extra clothes for them to change into as well. Once the person sobers up, they will most likely want to lay down, and won’t want to be wet. I wouldn’t mix drugs with it. If you have someone that likes another drugs effects, they may try to get high off it, and sometimes you can’t. Pills, for example, like percs, lortabs or vicodin may not be felt by the person rolling because their roll may have heroine in it. They are both opiates, so the person may try to achieve a high they can’t, leading to overdose. Coke rolls may cause a person to be irritable, and anti social. A way to tell if it has coke is to break it open and lick it. If you’ve done coke before, you know the taste of it, if not, it’ll give you a little numb feeling on your tongue, or something similar to a little tingle. Don’t be surprised if these people only get around people they know very well, and are extremely rude to people they don’t. If you are a smoker, double or even triple the amount of cigs you usually smoke. Yes, you will smoke them all. Your throat wil hurt, your lungs will too, and the next day you may not want to smoke at all. Some people get vicks inhalers and blow them in peoples faces. This feels really good, but could be really bad. We did it, and had people dropping to the floor. It burns your eyes, and intensifies the roll. If you do this, make sure the persons eyes are closed, and there is someone beside them to catch them if they fall over. Hitting your head is not cool. For the pot smokers, this can intensify the high, and make it better. But you are more sensitive to the effects of it. Shotguns may make a person pass out cold for a minute or two. Make sure to have water!!! You will dehydrate while on E, and alcohol will make it worse. Some people drink gatoraid or poweraid or even juices. Those are good choices as well, and may taste better. Don’t make a person drink though. Most cases of death while on E were because of drowning the person with too much water in their body. Keep them drinking, but don’t make them unless they haven’t been all night. If they haven’t been, don’t give them more than a bottle of water, or a normal size cup. Once they start drinking, they may realize they really wanted it after all. It is not hard to convince a person high on E to do something else. There was a guy that wouldn’t leave my sister alone while we were rolling, and I convinced him swimming in the carpet was better than kissing her cheek over and over again. He had rug burn, but it saved their friendship. Have condoms. Sex on ecstasy is great, STDS and pregnancy are not. Be safe and encourage everyone else to as well. If you know someone is about to have unsafe sex, convince them that a condom will make it feel better because it has ribs or whatever. They will most likely use it, and not be offended. Be ready to crap or puke when the roll kicks in. Personally, I have to poop, most people do. Others may puke. The first or second time pooping or puking is normal. A puker shouldn’t puke more than twice though. Eat before you roll. At least 3 hours before. It makes sure the pill doesn’t hit your stomach wrong and you waste it. My high costs me between $20 and $30, I don’t want it wasted. I am saying this from experiance. Some people may think our methods, like the ice packs or shower/bath are bad. They worked for us, and no one died. Some one may have other methods to help someone out taking a turn for the worst. Talk about your options before taking the drug so you all have a plan.

Answer #2

I took 2 E’s my first time… Took one and didnt think it had worked.. took another… By this time the nightclub was closing in about 2 hours… not a lot of time for it to kick in.. ended up having the 6 - 7 hour high on my own in my room… not being able to get to sleep… next day I had the worst time of my life… Cold one min, hot the next…feelign sick, sore head… dizzynes…RUBBISH CRAP feeling. Apprently they were bads E’s going about in my area (rockets)and a lot had bad experiences..

Second time I was with a lot of friends.. took it earlier on in the night.. plenty of time for it to kick in and have effect.. this time a love hear. But two, High was great, much better than the first time, no megga fast buzz, but joints etc whoel body feeling nice and buzzing.. like there was some sort of hail around my body makign it feel good… Spoke to everyone had the best night ever.. and there was no comedown as far as I was aware… nothing at all.

For people who said Your first hitsnothing liek the enxt.. I woudl say is wrong, if you do in moderation… its liek everyhting, And yes there the element of that E being a bad one and coudl kill you, but the dealer in my area.. eeveryone knows in the group… basicaly a friend.. and apaprently from my friends he has never supplied anything bad, for years.

The period between me takign the E’s on the two seperate occasions was about a month or two. Last E’s was the lvoehearts about 3 months ago, No urge to take them, If I want to and have a good time then I will.

DOnt do it becasue others tell you to, Do your reasearch, and not on government info sites… :$ they are total rubbish, then dicide if you want tot ake the risk, Also you need to think and remember that taking drugs is ILEGAL, and when you start to take them you and many others seem to forget this… Kepp in in mind, you could be rushed by officers and arrested…

Good luck ;]

Answer #3

hell yeah! dont do 1/4 of a pill…take a whole pill…just look up the brand and color on and make sure the chemical is MDMA or MDA not dxm or ketamine or anything like that. dont do it alone. its a waste of money. go to a party with music and frends. I garentee you will have great time. its a body high so its not like weed at all. you still feel like you, and you acan think clearly. but your super nice, and you love to dance and talk to people…

glowsticks help the expriance greatly, and so do sunglasses or 3d galsses. have lots of water and some gum, or a pacifer or something to chew on. (or your teeth will gurt like hell the next day).


Answer #4

Marijuana is both emotionally and mentally addictive. Once an individual becomes addicted to marijuana it develops into part of who they believe themselves to be. Avoiding their friends who do not use, the addict will gravitate to others that do. Marijuana is a topic that is always on their mind, whether it be thinking about the next time they will be able to get high or where their going to get their next sack. When someone is addicted to marijuana eventually their friends and the people close to them only know how they act when their stoned because they no longer do anything without first smoking. Their constant abuse is due to the misconception that marijuana is what they need to solve their problems. Sometimes addicts will take their stash with them wherever they go, just in case an opportunity arises and they are able to take a couple hits. They may even go through several dealers in order to make sure they always have a constant supply of marijuana - For assistance Call 1-800-405-8409:

Weed and Ecstacy - there’s a reason they call it Dope - Nothing good can come from it.

Answer #5

lol ignorant people deny education of what its really about id rather take E than aspirin pharmaceuticals kill more people than illegal drugs even toothpaste is just as dangerous, it contains flouride which is the main ingredient in rat poison. you can look it all up if ud like the facts are all there

dont do it if people tell you to do it, its your decision whether or not you want it itll be good for the experience but I dont recommend doing it

effect only lasts 6 hours I would just research more on it be4 doing it try

lol and to the one that said ull jump off a bridge, pls excuse me but your stupid drugs dont make you lose control of urself, unless you do like a sh*t load of drugs like 7 tabs of lsd or 12 pills of E and I know friends that have done that much which I dont agree with but it was their choice you know what your doing, your just in a different state of mind

I myself stick to my organics, its safe period weed keeps me away from drugs its my anti drug makes me calm unlike alcohol. people who drink are always agressive people who smoke are relaxed and friendly but anyway do what you decide just be responsible man

Answer #6

yoo if you do e take 2 bombs at 1st all you do is go brain dead feel good and stupid its a waste of time

Answer #7

No you shouldnt do stuff that you dont think is right just because other people do that

Answer #8

the thing with ecstacy is if your body rejects it you will die. people can also get cheap in making it and use things that can kill you in them. example my cousin tried ecstacy and ended up in the hospital dying they later found out it had been made with rat poisoning in it. there are a lot of bad effects of it. I’m not going to tell you what to do just look into it before you do it.

Answer #9

my friend did e, & weed,& coke. she was up all week long when she did e. she made out w/ a guy twice on cocaine. if you really want to then I guess just to experience w/ it,but be careful & always have a friend watching u. oh & if you club , then I would understand .

Answer #10

Do not do ecstacy, what is there to gain? You only endanger your own life trying out a product. Is it fun or something? What will it do for you? Give up weed and everything that you’re acquainted with. It won’t do anything for you in the future.

Answer #11

Don’t do things because other people do them, but the smart one and don’t. Be more responsible, its not something worth the risk.

Answer #12

You will fry your brain… We need all the brain cells we have… Look at your Grand Parents… Are they all there???

Answer #13

oh and all e is not pure mdma they need a lacer to take afect trust I knew dealer and some have lsd in them but most have cocaine or meth to get you addicted

Answer #14

You have no idea what you are getting yourself into. It is very dangerous. The after E depression is horrible. Do some research before you jump off the bridge with “everyone” else.

Answer #15

lol Sillies** im not doing it because they are im doing it because it looks fun && no ones gotten hurt… lol I have always been interested now I have a chance and im curiuos

Answer #16

Yeah, I’ve been down that road – it’s not worth it !! It’s really not && just because noone has been hospitalized yet, doesn’t mean they won’t – I’ve seen it happen many times

Answer #17

look your dumb just because everyone is doing it is dumb I’ve done it I hate it all mdma, E, dose is mess with ceritonin and noripenefren witch is an anti depresent and those cause uphoria but then if used to much then stoped = suicide oh and if you dont keep your body cool or have enogh water you will die I’ve seen it happen not pretty if you want a phycadelic experience do sum lsd you cant od but make sure you see someone on the same batch and do not leave the house your at uless you go for a walk through the woods so no E

Answer #18

Dear shmexximoi, The Canadian boarder has confiscated a huge load of Ecstacy…this is not unusual but what was is that the shipment contained Ecstasy that has be cut with many types of chemicals from cocaine to drain cleaner. Experts stated that just one dose could kill someone, especially the ones that were cut with drain cleaner. Ecstasy has become a drug that even those who do drugs are staying away from. Sue…good luck

Answer #19

exactly it “LOOKS” fun .. until someone seriously gets hurt – like I said it’s not worth it !! Really, take it from someone who’s been there !

Answer #20

So whatever they do - you do…Brilliant !! - wonder where that road you’re on is taking you in life, downward spiral ?

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