Should I shave my arm hair?

There isn’t a lot of arm hair on me but it is long and black. I hate how long it is, it is almost an inch long but thin still. So should I shave it because I have got some bad comments on it? I was told it would come back thicker.

Answer #1

NNNOOO WAY don’t even think about it why should you give in to society and remove your wonderful body hair which the majority of them can’t even grow. Female body hair is erotic sensual FUN and very attractive.


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Answer #3

Wax it, it’s going to come back all dark and prickly. xP

Answer #4

I wish everybody thought like you reti!

Answer #5

well, I think waxing is the best solution, it is painful thuogh, but you only have to do it once every 2 months, and the hair weakens and grows slowly and even thinner than it was!! and leaves your skin extremely soft and beautiful, becuase it removes all the dead skin layers along with the hair =] on the other hand if you shave, it will grow in a matter of 5 days and it will be pointed, think, and dark, thats simply terible.. anyway, good luck!

Answer #6

i shave my arms and i DONT regret it!.. my hair dosnt grow back thik or whatever but it does grow back fast.. i think that if u dont have that much hair then dont do it.. but if you do, i suggest you do because its nasty to have hairy arms.

Answer #7

Ok way about smooth away? It’s actually pretty darn good ;)) it’s hard and long it really does make your arms and legs real smooth

Answer #8

no I love hairy arms its sexy

Answer #9

i wouldnt shave it. they will grow back darker and longer. and that will be ewww gross.

Answer #10

wow. who ever says not to shave your armpits realllyyy needs to know..its nassty. if you wanna go natural go to europe..cause in america ..HUUGEE turnoff

Answer #11

Dear broncobaby, It is a myth that shaven hair comes back thicker or darker etc. The way the hair grows is genetic. Italian women do not shave their hair because of their culture. North American women do. Having hair under the arms or legs have been associated with uncleanliness in North America so women shave. It’s a personal preference but you will find if you don’t shave you will be thought of as dirty to most people. Most people find it unattractive. Sue…good luck

Answer #12

ok I would shave it depending how long it is and how it sticks out

Answer #13

no do not shave your arm hair. it will grow back darker & stubbly. NOT nice . Bleach it instead =)

Answer #14

Don’t shave it, wax it instead. That way it will take longer to grow back so you won’t have to shave it as much.

Answer #15

I agree with xpinkiex:)

justt bleach your arm hair. I have reallly hairy arms and it’s gross. It got to the point where I wouldn’t ever wear short sleeves. but about a year and a half ago I tried bleaching it and it’S AMAZING. you can barely see the hair, and it’s much better then shaving because it grows back fast and thick. you can by bleach at kroger, target, wal-mart, walgreens. etc. you have to redo it if you want to keep them bleached about every 2 weeks to a month.

Answer #16

I like hairy arms

Answer #17

dude, I always thought it was normal to have hair on your arms. I’ve never gotten teased, and I have a boyfriend, and my friends have hair on their arms. whats the big deal? but whatever, if YOU want to, go ahead, just pleaze dont do that for anyone else =]

Answer #18

if you getting bad input then diffinatly shave it off you should only have hair on your head im a guy so it’s ok for my not to shave there sorry if I offended you

Answer #19

Alright, I shave my arm hair, and so do some of my friends. It’s not any different than shaving your armpits or legs. Eventually I’m going to start waxing my arms, that way the hair will grow back MUCH shower and decrease over time. If it will make you feel better about yourself, I’d say go for it. It’s really your choice. Good luck (:

Answer #20

I’ve shaved my arm hair before, didn’t make much diff 2 what it was before anyway, I keep shaving it. I can’t use hair removal creme cause I’m allergic to it. It gives me a rash so only way I can do is shaving.

I know this isn’t a good idea for all the previous comments but oh well. thats just 1 though.

Answer #21

IF its making you uncomfortable.. go ahead. ,, what we dont do to look beautiful huh??

Answer #22

Bleach it.

Never shave your arms, or you’ll get teased even more.

Answer #23

its a lie it grows longer and thicker, it may look like it but its really just the skin coming off while you shave

Answer #24

don’t cos it will grow back black and stubbly.try waxing or bleaching instead. xoxo

Answer #25

wax away the problem hair … go to the beauty supply store and ask them to recommend the simplest procedure … also inquire as to whether a depilatory cream might be easier tho you’ll have to repeat treatment more frequently

Answer #26

dont shave your arm hair. trust me I did and it just grew back blacker and longer. so what I did was wax it. try zip wax hot wax hair remover it cost’s like $8.99. good luck!

Answer #27

you can bleach the hair. (:

Answer #28

SHAVE IT! I’ve been shaving my arms since I was 11. 10 years. I had dark hair and didn’t like it so I shaved it and continue to shave. Its like shaving your legs it becomes routine. I really like it my arms are always smooth I can’t imagine what it would be like anymore with hairy arms. I say go for it!

Answer #29

how fast dose it grow back anyway???

Answer #30

NOOO!!! Hairy arms are sexyyy.

Answer #31

I shave my arms and it doesnt grow back darker or thicker it grows back faster though, but I feel more comfortable wearing t-shirts now.

Answer #32

I shave my arms and it doesnt grow back darker or thicker it grows back faster though, but I feel more comfortable wearing t-shirts now.

Answer #33

She is talking about the hair ON her arms, not the hair UNDER her arms.

I do not agree that you should bleach it–you’ll just have long annoying blonde hairs. Shave it! You just have to prepare to shave it EVERY TIME you are in the shower. It takes only a moment though–you get used to it.

It is absolutely a myth that hair grows back thicker and darker if you shave it. My motto is, if you don’t like it and don’t want it–GET RID OF IT! after that, however it grows back is a moved point—just don’t let it grow back.

Do it to it!

Answer #34

just shave them!! I’ve been shaving my arms forever!! and mine are still blonde and thin!! and im not white!! lol but dont be scared

Answer #35

I don’t care if my arm hair grows back thicker it shudn’t b there, your a girl you shud shave that shi*!

Answer #36

i do, i think its nasty for girls to have hairy arms and ya it will grow back thicker but not if your keep shaving its just like shaving your legs ( the hair grows back faster but u don’t notice cuz you keep shaving) you could also use like nair or vibe (something like that) hair removal cream just rub it on ur arms and wash it off and all hair gone!

Answer #37

i shave my arms and i love it. i dont get made fun of nemore n it doesnt grow back thicker or darker..

Answer #38

DO shave your underarm hair but DONT shave your arm hair it will grow back darker.

Answer #39

I shave my arms, and I have done for, like, 2 years. if you shave your arms every time you shower, then it won’t look bad (: if you leave it, it will get stubbly and horrid, but it’s just like everywhere else you shave .

Answer #40

Women SHOULD shave their arms if they are hairy. It is a huge put off when you see a foxy girl, and then glance at her arms to see a small forest.

Women are meant to be smooth.

I shave my chest for the ladies, so shave your arms for me ? is it a deal ??

Answer #41

Girl let me keep it real with you ok no women and i mmean no women should have hair under their arm it’s unlady like no man like that it’s a trun off so yes please cut it all off you’ll feel much better and who ever told you it would grow back thicker was trying to make you look like a fool the olay thing you have to do is keep it cut and you will be fine.

Answer #42

wow. who ever says not to shave your armpits realllyyy needs to know..its nassty. if you wanna go natural go to europe..cause in america ..HUUGEE turnoff

Answer #43

It does come back thicker & darker…but if you do shave your arm hair you just got to keep your arms shaved like you keep your legs & underarm hairs…I shave my arms & it does come back darker but I keep my arms shaved …I shave my arms twice a week.

Answer #44

do not bleach your arms hairs!!! DON’T BLEACH THEM!! just shave them & keep thm shaved!!! shaving them is a lot better then bleaching them!

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