Should I return to my original vet after this incident?

My puppy denver, just had his “cryptorchid” neuter surgery on friday, april the 18th. In the past, I have post a question about how much it should coast for this type of surgery. I’ve have recieved couple of good answers, and yet I decided to stay with my original vet, and get his “cyptorchid” neuter surgery done with him. I have discuss with the vet, everytime denver have appoinment of having him neuter because the vet was concern of one testicle not dropping.

Now, the funniest part was: the vet’s call me, about 45 minutes into the surgery, just to tell me that he just found out that only one testicle dropped, and he need my permission to search for the other testicle. And it would cost me more money to continue… Ofcourse I said yes and tell him that he can continue. And in my mind.. Doesn’t he remember? Shouldn’t he have notes/ records that this was one of my big concern about my puppy(?).

Denver was return home, a day later, which was saturday the 19th. When I pick him up that morning, the bill was double! Oh my goodness!! $290.00! Not just that, I have to ask for everything: from the head cone to his medication for pain. Seems like the vet’s assisstants does not know what she should do, everytime I ask him/her a question, they always said: “ oh, let me ask the doctor” or “ I didn’t see him licking his wounds, I don’t think he needs a head cone.” I finally got the pain medication and the head cone, but the head cone was a size too small for my dog. What the f* dont they have common sense!? Last but not least, I thought the doctor would atleast have a talk with me before I leave with my pet, and tell me of what to do and what should I look out for, etc. But I ask if I could talk to him anyways, they refused and said it’s saturday and he is busy.

Sorry for this long story, and thank you for your answers/advices.

Answer #1

I am a former vet tech and I wouldnt just leave this vet…I would run the other way sooo fast! your pet is a member of your family! how much of that crazy bull would you have put up with from your family doc if you were getting your tubes tied? I dare say you would not quit using that doc, but would sue for med malpractice! find a vet that makes you feel comfortable. if you dont have friends or family nearby to ask who they use/ recommend, go hang out in your local pet store for a part of the day (petsmart is great)…if you are shy you are going to have to get over it for your pooches sake…as you see people shopping with their pets, just interrupt them politely with an excuse me, and ask them if they can recommend a good vet for your dog. dont tell them your entire bad expirience unless they ask, but you can just leave it at the request for a recomendation, or just tell them you had a bad exp with your current vet and are searching another one. then get on the phone and call the diff vets ofc you have gotten refferals to…yes its a lot of work, but your pup is worth it! ask questions about the things that are important to you. ie, how large is the practice? do they take emergency calls after hours? do they have boarding/grooming services? how long has the vet been practicing? how long does it generally take to get in for an appt?, etc. Then ask for a time that is convenient to the staff, for you to tour the clinic …its ok to let them know you are shopping around for a vet…they will be more apt to cooperate and show you parts of the clinic you wouldnt normally see. just make sure you like what you see and you get a good feeling about the staff/ vet. if they are unwilling to cooperate, you dont want that vet!!! you are shopping for a medical professional for your beloved pet… they will be hired by YOU…and they should be willing to extend you the courtesy of a tour and any questions answered. I know this is long, but I hope it helps!

Answer #2

pfft, no. if you keep going you might not be so lucky next time, you might end up with a dead dog! :/

Answer #3

I wouldnt

Answer #4

The Vet should have discussed the cost with you ahead of time. I always ask the cost. I have a Bichon that had a testicle in his belly and one in the right place, cost me $65.00 he is a healthy happy neutered dog. There were two incisions and he also stayed over night.

I would never use a vet that would put my dogs life before the bill, ever ever again.

Answer #5

I’m with spaceyjc …run the other way!! I’ll tell ya why I trust her opinion…Tech’s are the counterpart of “nurses” in a hospital. If she says find another vet, I’d take her word for it…

Now that you have this surgery out of the way, start asking around…friends or co-workers which vet they go to…ask specific questions, so you can get a “feel” for a personality type. You’re looking for caring and communicative…You probably want to ask the age range of of vet…young ones are in debt…:)


Answer #6

your local spca can give you a list of humane, ethical vets in your area. a vet has ONE chance with my animals. I would NOT return to a questionable vet.

Answer #7

your vets an a**hole =]

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