Should I move to England for a year?

My grandmother lives in London, England. She wants me to stay with her this summer. I don’t really want to give up my summer though, because I want to go to this dance academy thing, if I get accepted. My mom said that going there for school next year is also an option. I was wondering about life there. Has anyone been there, lived there or something? I need to make this decision. I’m going there in May, for dance. So I’ll get a small taste of life. But do you think this is a good decison?

Answer #1

Yes, you should go for the fun and the experience. You’’ll have a great time and build great memories. Take it now…you may never have another opportunity. Good Luck and have lots of fun :-)

Answer #2

I think it would be a really fun experience. I would go for it! but thats up to you. it sounds like a lot of fun and the time of my life. but…your choice xoxoTina

Answer #3

Yeah hun it’s up to you… :) I think it would be an awesome experience..

Answer #4

It’s your choice. I’ve lived there my whole life and I think it’s a nice place and people are so funny and nice (most people anyway) and it’s so easy to make friends. If you don’t like the year will speedd by probably anyway. It would be really fun since you haven’t lived in England before so it’ll be a new experiance.

Answer #5

I think you should go for it! I’ve lived in england for the 19 years of my life so far and I would love an opportunity to live somewhere else for a while. I think its a great opportunity for you to meet different people and see a different way of life to yours. If you don’t like it, it’s only for a year and you can return home the following year. Take the chance while you can!

Answer #6

Go…Go…GO!! Take this opportunity, you won’t regret it. My neice just got back from going to school there for a year…Granted she was glad to be home, she loved London and wants to go back when she’s graduated from University this spring.


Answer #7

Well I have lived in England all my life up to now, as I am working and living in Austria. I will tell you in my opinion that London is a great place there is so much to see, I have been there many times you wont ever be bored. I lived in a town north of London so I havent lived there. But in the long run it is your choice and decision it isnt up to people on here to decide for u, I will tell you though like other places in the world, there are also bad points about England like crime etc so it isnt fluffy bunnies and rainbows lol. I think you should go for a try out to England for a few days to see if you like it and would see urself living there for a year.
In my opinion London is crowded most of the time specially in the central areas and it is a very busy place but then again there are good points as well like having a great choice of things to do, shops if you enjoy shopping, many parks, and other stuff.

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