should I face my fear and join?

I want to enter the Navy when am out of high school ( am in the ROTC at the moment) but am just scare of getting shot and dying I don’t want to die at a young age but I really want to join the navy should I go into it when I leave high school or should I try something else???

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Go with Coast guard.

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I would try something else. the skills you learn in the military are almost never applicable to real life once you get out.

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I know know but still I love my ROTC and I know I would love the navy it just the fact that I could go into war and BOOM am dead at the age of 22

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Be a police officer or swat team. Less dangerous. I hear you on joining the army though. I want to, I like the mission and adventure aspect of it but then again you have to KILL PEOPLE… and have a huge chance of getting injured or killed. So yea don’t do it especially because we shouldn’t even be fighting any wars right now.

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You die when its your turn there is no way around it. If you really want to join then join I loved the NAVY and not once do I regret ever joining. I never went to war but still it is an experience you wont forget

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Iraq War/U.S. Military deaths by branch

Army - 2,932 Army Reserve - 119 Army National Guard - 463 Marines - 979 Marine Reserves - 90 Air Force - 76 Air National Guard - 2 Navy - 131 Navy Reserves - 3 Coast Guard - 1

My son was in the Army, Special Forces. He regrets it and so do I. He is 29 and disabled due to war injuries. I have always heard that the navy takes care of its own. Much better than most branches.

I would implore you to not listen to the recruiters, EVER. They earn extra money for every person they sign. They will tell you anything. ANYTHING to get you to sign. I wish you would not enlist, but if you decide to, PLEASE read everything carefully, and keep a copy of EVERYTHING you sign. Remember IF IT ISN’T IN WRITING, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN, NO MATTER WHAT THEY PROMISE. Your papers are a contract and you may negotiate for signing bonuses, etc. But negotiate BEFORE you sign and GET IT IN WRITING!!! My son was offered a 15,000 signing bonus with a 20,000 bonus for becoming special forces, he said he wanted more and they gave him 25,000 to sign and 45,000 for special forces. Remember, they are hurting for enlistees, and have the money to give you money. And put that money in the bank, savings and don’t touch it. If you do not fulfill your signing contract, they will take it back. Even if you are injured. If you can’t complete your contract time in, including reserves, you owe them the money back. Again, NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU!! You must pay it back or they will hold your taxes refunds for years. Open your eyes, it is a JOB. They are your bosses and if you are injured they will consider you “broken” and discharge you. Good luck, but look into police swat work. Many police forces around the country are hurting for recruits and will also offer bonuses.

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You should be proud of even thinking of going into the Navy. At least in the Navy you wouldn’t be on the front line. There is so much to learn in the military, it really helped my cousins learn respect, and honor others. They are awesome gentlemen now. If you have the opportunity go for it. The odds of getting shot is no different than driving in your car and getting into an accident. Something to ponder.

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When you are in the navy nobody will be shoting at you,the’ll be shooting at the ship you are on.The navy s hard work but it will help you to be a better person.If you can work in the navy you can work anywhere.The navy is more likly to do you more good than harm.I was in the navy aboard a u.s aircraft carrier.I served in the 6th fleet.You get to go places you’ve never even dreamed of going.I’ve been to Tunisia,Istanbul.athens, greece and Islands in the alantic that I didn’t think existed. A cruise last about 9 to 11 months .I served at naval airstation key west and fallon nv. I had a great tour of duty.If you go try to get into aviation ,I think it is better than the regular navyThe sailors only have to stay out of the country for a short time but the army and marines are doing 18 months on the ground in Iraq or afganistan.The danger is not the same as driving a car but the navy will teach you how to deal with those dangers.Its a plus if you already know how to swim.They will teach you thing like fire fighting and damage control.They will teach team work.Sailors live in close quarter aboard ship and people will respect each other.On a ship people work 12 hrs shifts and unless you are pushing papers you will work hard and sometimes longer hrs.Navy bases are mostly located in or very near towns ,nas oceana -va,beach va. nas keywest florida- sailors have more fun.nas memphis Tenn.If you are good in a field that they really need they will most likely pay you a bonus find out everything up front.You can sigh up for 2 or 4 years.I you sign up for 4 they will send you to school.You gould get sea duty or shore duty.If you get shore duty on your first tour remember that ain’t the real navy.Sea duty is very different.On sea duty ain’t no such thing as I don’t feel good,you go to sick bay and get your but back to work.Onboard ship you can go to jail about just about anything.The marine serve as policemen on the ship and they love putting sailors in jail.If you do your job you don’t have to worry about that.

Answer #10

You would learn so many things and come out a responsible, disciplined well-trained person - it’s highly unlikely you’d have to give your life for your country but possible - also possible to get shot outside of the Navy on the streets now - I think it’s be a great choice !!

For career field I’d recommend anything with computers or air traffic control - both pay very well in civilian life.

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