Should I dye my hair black?

Ok, so I have like a dirty blonde hair.

I really want to dye it black, its usually curly but I straighten it every day. Yeah I’m stupid but whatever. I think if I died it black and I ever didn’t straighten it, it would look really funny. I mean I have blonde eyebrows and everything and with black hair. Good or bad ha, would it look fine?

So yeah, should I dye it still even with it being curly sometimes or maybe I could chemically straighten it? and should I go to professional, or I was thinking about just using Manic Panic!..?

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yea im wanting to do the same thing only mi hairs darker brown but i want to get either blonde or white highlights thoughout it as well im excited and im glad u posted this it helped a lot.. hope your hair turns out the way u want it to :-)

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no you shouldnt die your hair black,because if you have blond eyebrowns do you know how stupid that would look?2 oppisite colours on your face and head?well thats my opinion im dying my hair black and I dont know if it would look good but I have dark eyebrows and eyes I think it wouldnt look too bad well…peace and good luck if you do :)

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YOU WILL REGRET DYING YOUR HAIR BLACK! I speak from personal experience.I had been bleaching my naturally dirty blonde hair for 2 years to achieve the Gwen Stefani look, which looked amazing with my bone structure and skin tone.

When I had about 2 inches of growth I used a semi permanent color from Sally’s to get it to my natural color and bought 18” clip in extension which looked sooo good.

Unfortunately, this was during my Megan Fox phase and only lasted a few day before I got the “brilliant” (cough)idea of dying my hair black and getting black extensions.

The repercussions? Yeah, it looked great when I straightened it, put the extensions in, wore a revealing dress and went all out with the make up, but in sweats and no makeup I looked washed out and plain. I missed being able to throw my blonde hair in a messy bun and still look amazing.

So I got 2 boxes of color oops and got the black hair to a disgusting brownish red. (color oops strips the color from you hair and makes it extremely brittle and dry).

After $300 and 4 hours at the salon, my hair had been bleached, colored and toned 3 times. The worst part is we had to cut 5 inches of brittle hair off. Although the color was somewhat close to my natural it was impossible to style because it was so damaged and short, so I wore it in a skimpy ponytail for half a year. Then I had to go to the salon again and get it dyed closer to my natural color and cut more damaged hair off. It’s been over a year now and my hair is just starting to become manageable. I often think of how luscious and long my hair would be by now if I never dyed it black. So I am telling you from experience, natural blondes always look better blonde!

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I would go to a professional it would be a lot easier

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I just want to correct something here a bit. There is no such thing as “dyeing over” black. This is a common misconception about hair color. Once you go black and decide you want to go back to a lighter shade, the only thing possible to do is strip or bleach the black out, turning the hair lighter and lighter until you get to a shade close to what you want. Then you color it to even it out. It’s not impossible and I have actually never had a client (or myself) have any “worst case scenarios” happen where we had to chop off the hair or it all turned to cotton candy or anything. The worst thing that actually happened was to my own hair when I colored it from brown to blonde to red to black and then stripped it and highlighted it all in the course of 4 months. That was asking too much of my hair and I suffered breakage. Which wasn’t even that bad, I just had to cut off about 3 inches of hair. But, my hair is still long and it looks perfectly fine when I style it.

It’s also not horribly expensive (in my opinion) to strip it. It costs about $150-180.00. A small price to pay for enjoying cool black hair when I want it. I wouldn’t discourage it if you are curious. Just keep in mind the risks (dryness, breakage, having to cut of a couple or few inches). And, the shorter you can cut it before stripping, the better.

Life is short you know. Different cuts and colors are the spice of life. But go try on wigs for sure. Keep it on for a few minutes, really picture yourself as a black headed girl and see how you will feel. It is a committment in the sense that you don’t want to just get dyed black and then have to run right in and have it stripped because you hate it.

And I always tell new blackies to give it a week until your shower water no longer is tinged brown to let the color settle to see how you like it. It’s sooooo dark and odd looking at first, but after a flat iron and some showers, it settles into a nice rich color with lots of shine!

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Go to a wig store in the mall and mess around with some black wigs for a spell. See how you’d look. Think long and hard about going black because the only way to get it out once you put it on your head is to bleach it or strip it out. Very hard on your hair, could cause damage and breakage you don’t want to deal with.

If you do it, go to a professional. It’s worth the cost not to get it on your counters and floors and skin to have it applied correctly and evenly.

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i dont reccomend it. black hair is very very hard to dye over, almost imposibble. i you dye it black when its blonde- it will be amazingly expensive to get it back to blonde. also, your eyebrows will clash. but try a wig to see how it would look- and if it looks good and u know u wont want ur blonde hair back, then go for it

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I currently have a meduim brown hair colour with a bleach blonde fringe with short leyers on top and long at the bottom, every comments that they love it but some of my class mates have begin to copy me which has become increasinly annoying so I have decided to dye my hair black, I cant wait to look different again im sick of being the “same” as everyone. I understand why you may want to have black hair, at the end of the day if you have the money too change it when you grow out of it then say go for it :) but if not its easier to go for a very dark brown at least then you can easily dye over it without £???’z of pounds… Anyway, up to you chuck, as long as you dont regret your desistion (Y) x

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