***should I do sportz? ***

ughh– k well I’m not sure if I should do sports this yeAR , I kindaH liked it but over the summeR I got supeR lazzyyy, theN last school year I already told the coaches “yes” that I will be in athletics so now they want me 2 go 2 this gayy volleyball camp in august , they said I HAD 2 be there but w/e , now I wanna be in p.e and don’t think I’ma go 2 their lil volleyball camp, if I doN’t GO, THEY ASK ME “WHY” I didn’t go and if I tell them I don’t wanna be in sports their going 2 yell at me and tell me why thah f did I say I was going 2 . so I really need your opinion on what 2 do. heres the sports :

volleyball: I sucK at it lol

x country: coaches want me 2 be in it , ( one my talents is long distance) but… I don’t really want 2

basketball: my parents don’t approve

track: was in it last year and was really good but it was pure hell

another reason I don’t want 2 do sports this year is cause it takes a hella lot of time of my homework , then every time we go 2 a place 2 play we come home late and itz a school night and I’ll be up ti’ll 3:00 am. doing homework I get up at 6:00 am. and my grades drop. then my parents yell at me and sh!tt…

so what do I do??


Answer #1

I do a lot of sport and athletics, and it takes a lot of my time, I don’t have a lot of time to unwind and all that, so organising your stuff wold be a good start. then choose if your gonna do something. because your being pretty negative towards everything, so chose something your least negative towards and ENJOY what you do, if you decide to do anything.

Answer #2

dont do something you dont want 2 do.. like if you liked your gay volleyball camp lol.. but you suck at volleyball, you should do it anyway..and if your good at track, but you hate it, dont play. because rele would you want 2 be stuck doing something you hate? its all I got srry, lol :) btw, why dont your rents approve of b-ball? wats wrong with b-ball?

Answer #3

they don’t like b-ball cause they say itz a guy sport ( but w/e)

Answer #4

you should play basketball im in highschool and I play baseball and basketball but it is hard to keep up with your homework but I love basketball so I do whatever it takes to play I will stay up till 3 or 4 doin home work if I have to so if you really love sports then you should do whatever it takes to play

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