Should Hillary quit?

Being that she can’t win the pledged delgate race, and has to rely on superdelgates to overturn popular vote, should she give it up now?

ps. I think she should.

Answer #1


I can see your point of view, and I do agree that Clinton’s campaign has taken a very ugly turn lately. It really disappoints me, because I’ve been a supporter of hers from the beginning. I honestly don’t see the need for it, since she clearly has supporters in several key states.

However, after all that Obama has invested in this campaign, I don’t think he would drop out until the convention, if the situation were reversed, if only because his supporters are far too invested and motivated. And I really don’t think a continued Clinton campaign will hurt the Democratic Party, which already has shown tremendous turnout and enthusiasm about this election.

But, I do agree that Clinton’s situation looks bleak, and of course rests on the decisions of the super delegates. If it does turn out that her continued campaign seems to hurt the party, I would agree that she needs to drop out. I just don’t see any evidence for it yet.

Answer #2

“If Obama is leading in pledged delegates, and the pary leaders go against that and choose Clinton, there will be serious consequences.”

If the situation were reversed, there is no way Obama’s supporters would accept him just dropping out, even with the delegate tally being what it is. Sure Obama’s campaign is more energetic, and CLinton’s has run into problems, but Clinton still has a very, very large support base, much of it in key states. I dont think they’d appreciate their candidate dropping out any more than Obama’s would.

“No, they won’t vote for McCain, they will just stay home on election day.”

I seriously doubt that. Many conservatives have been threatening to stay home too, since McCain won the Republican nomination. It won’t happen. They’ll be out on election day doing whatever it takes to keep Clinton or Obama from winning. Just like Democrats will be out on election day regardless of who is running.

Answer #3

yes, she should withdraw leaving with what little dignity remains and assuring the democratic party a unified front. I too was an early supporter but as her campaign has progressed, I see little to support now. she has become desperate and cornered and the unattractive claws have come out. from the declaration that ““Dr. King’s dream began to be realized when President Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act,” Mrs. Clinton said when asked about Mr. Obama’s rejoinder by Fox’s Major Garrett after her speech in Dover, “It took a president to get it done” to the recent declaration by Rep. Geraldine Ferraro, D-NY, telling the Daily Breeze of Torrance, Ca., that, “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.” she has lost her way. she should step aside. if she cares about this country and it’s future.

Answer #4

Semi1900, I think you are underestimating what is going on. Hillary can not win more pledged delgates (voted by the people) than obama. She will need super delegate (democratic party leaders) in order to overtake him. If Obama is leading in pledged delegates, and the pary leaders go against that and choose Clinton, there will be serious consequences. Yes most democrats will fall in line, but not all, and that could be the difference in McCain winning. Obama has attracted such a large number of new voters, who are engaged and engergized by him. If they perceive that the party leaders are stepping in and going against the will of the voters, they will be driven away. No, they won’t vote for McCain, they will just stay home on election day.

Answer #5

I can understand why some of you think that Clinton’s continued campaigning will hurt the party. I have that concern myself.

But let me play devil’s advocate for a moment. Despite the nastiness between Clinton and Obama lately, the whole reason the race between them has been close is because many Democratic voters really cannot make up their minds who they want. Many others have, but have said they do like the other candidate and would support them as well if it came down to it. Although Democratic voters are split, I think once the candidate is nominated, Democrats will unite behind him or her and fully support, since many don’t have strong feelings either way. I just don’t see the party suffering a great deal from this. I really think the Republicans are in more trouble than the Democrats, since McCain, despite wrapping things up early, is struggling to bring the elements of his party together.

Answer #6

I think she is doing serious damage already. Look at what just happened with Ferraro. She makes this completely racist remark just before PA primary, a place where that kind of talk will get a lot of legs. Don’t tell me that is not deliberate. It took Hillary 2 days to come out and give a luke warm condemnation of her words. And ferraro is still saying she believes what she said. When she comes out and says that John McCain would make a better president than Obama, she has gone too far. I think the evidence is overwhelming that she should quit. Believe me, I am not a hillary basher. I think the press has been very unfair to her most of the time. She is my senator, and I voted for her both times, and have been very happy with her. For our proimary on super tuesday, I didn’t know which one to vote for even walking into the voting booth. I would have been happy with either one. In the end I chose Obama, and I am glad I did, because her behavior lately has made me lose a lot of respect for her.

She needs to do what is best for the party.

Answer #7

I honestly don’t know what’s keeping Hillary Clinton in. It must be her ego. It honestly makes no sense to me.

Answer #8

Nope. Whether she knows she is going to lose or not, I don’t think she should quit. Quitting is a sign of weakness and no matter what, she should pull herself through. Because if not that means all her efforts were a waste.

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Answer #10

First off, it is not necessarily what their supporters think of their candidate dropping out. It should be about the candidate doing what is right for the party. I think if the situation were reversed, Obama would absolutely drop out. I think he would have done it already. If you have no chance to win, why would you stay in?

There is also this. I would not have a big problem with Hillary staying in if she wasn’t engaging in all the negative campaigning and slamming Obama every chance she gets. He is the front runner and likely winner. She is damaging his chances in the general election..

And I do think that many obama supporters, particularly those who have never been motivated by politics, will stay home if the party leaders go against the will of the voters.

She is hurting the party, and she should drop out now.

Answer #11

Her efforts are hurting her party. Whether she wins or not, whether she can win or not she has been acting completely low… she is hurting her party and that is completely unacceptable… After her behavior the last couple of weeks I dont think she deserves to win…

Answer #12

I think the party elder, (Gore, Kennedy, Dean, Pelosi, Reed, etc…) need to sit her down and either get her to step down, or at least stop with the negative attacks.

Answer #13

I was watching tv when ferraro “defended” her statement. she said that she was being singled out, picked on, etc but then she said that she didn’t say anything racist because she cares “about the black vote” not black people just the black vote. I think this sums up a lot of what is happening with the clinton campaign. it has become apparent to me that clinton cares about the vote, just maybe not about the people.

and I do believe that it will create a great divide in the democratic party if the superdelegates vote against the popular vote.

I am sure that clinton won’t withdraw but I do hope the superdelegates vote with the popular vote.

Answer #14

I think she should, I fine Obama to be more intelligent, I would rather have him answering the phone at 3 a.m. in the morning. What if Hilary is President, the phone rings, she needs Bill for some advise, he is off somewhere with some young female aid and can’t be found.

Answer #15

You think she should stay in even if it damages the parties ability to win in November? Her efforts WILL be a waste if she prevents a democrat from winning. She has already lost.

Answer #16

Well said nick!

Answer #17

yes, but she won’t. that is her nature. too much money spent, too much ego invested.

Answer #18

Certainly she should quit as, hypothetically, if she is nominated and elected to the presidency, nobody will like her.

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