What are some different things that are good to shish kebab other than meat?

Like different kinds of vegetables. o.o

Answer #1

My absolute favorite thing on a shish kebab is pinapple chunks, especially when they are oh-so-slightly crispy on the outer edges. I also adore cucumber and grilled zuchinni on them too.

Other then that besides meat, (green, red and yellow) peppers, small onions, and mushrooms. Carrots, some forms of squash, and cherry tomatoes also work well. I prefer a combo of the first ones i listed with some form of meat :) , but they are still delicious w/o meat.

Answer #2

I think I’ll just put all of that on stick and cook it xD

Answer #3

The pineapple idea sounds awesome :P

Answer #4

Aha you have NO idea how good that sounds to me right now ;o And justa tip if you spice the cucumber/zuchinni with salt and pepper or whatnot (and just leave that as the only spiced one) its so delicious! Cherry tomatoes are great too cause they practically explode in your mouth. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Answer #5

yeah I like that idea o-o that way you don’t cover up the natural flavor of the veggies lol I am going to try this xD

Answer #6

You know, I was drooling just a bit ago, but I ran out of saliva. Ive tried a shish kebab once, with lamb meat, and it was great! But now all of that makes me wonder why I eat a sandwhich and makes me think “Is that a description of REAL food” I MUST TRY!!

Answer #7

I am trying to not eat much meat :P I know this sounds totally delicious XD

Answer #8

@Lily, I dont mean like SOAK it, just like, sprinkle :p But you should its delicious..howre you gonna cook it ? &@Juan, i tried lamb meat once! It was reeealy tender, i think. So is ostrich meat ;o

Answer #9

I donno o.o I will ask my mom how she did it yesterday lol I guess they used the bbq. I will have to see. :P

Answer #10

And I will put loads of onion lol XD I normally hate onion but it was awesome on the shish kebab I had yesterday ;o

Answer #11

Yes Kianna, idk bout ostrich but yeah. I know bunny’s meat is good and lean. Yum, but sad..! will try

Answer #12

Yeah sad especially when you call it bunny meat D; lol Rip Pippin<3

Answer #13

Ohh and I think i remeber i have had it several times.. YES i did, well i think we had fried onions, some pork, tomatos, celary, and squash maybe? ohh and yeah we had some sweet tomatos too..

Answer #14

Celery? o.o I don’t eat celery without peanut butter :PPP

Answer #15

PEANUT BUTTER??? WHATAaasdad .. i dont get? is that the truth? or are you playing with me?? are u sure we are talking about the same green dull and plain veggetable? O_o

Answer #16

Yes lol or in tuna sandwiches or something but yeah :P Peanut butter celery sticks ;o http://funadvice.com/r/161rugo07bd :PP

Answer #17

I won’t have it any other way. xP

Answer #18

OMG.. i dunno if i want to try that.. but it doesnt look that appetising, but i might.. Im just a little bewildered right now

Answer #19

Ah! I love celery! Especially with peanut butter. And yeah ostrich was extremley tender, and tasted similar to chicken haha. I had it with thai food though so it was finely cut. Wait so….you havent had celery with peanut butter before? :o

Answer #20

NO. is this actually normal? where was I the whole time? and why didn’t i get the memo???

Answer #21

You are so missing out dude! :P

Answer #22

I will try it sometime.. but for now goodnight/morning its kinda late/early here for me

Answer #23

Try it! Tis delicious ahah. You gotta like scoop the peanut butter into the celery space though so its like a pack-a-punch! Peanut butter is good with pancakes too.

Answer #24

haha ok will do.. but i mean idk bout pancakes though

Answer #25

I donno about the pancakes XD I will have to try that lol Nighty night dude. :PPP

Answer #26

Tatziki :D It’s this yogurt sauce. It’s so good with shish kebabs.

Answer #27

Whaaaat ? Pfft you just put the peanut butter on the pancakes like normal right, you just layer it on. Then you pour syrup over it like normal its soooooo good ^.^

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