shaving down there 4 girls

when girls shave down there.. I noe the front would be easy to shave.. but what if there…around the…place’s… it would hurt 2 shave there & with what & how… so women just not shave there ??

Answer #1

LASER HAIR REMOVAL! best remedy in the world.

Answer #2

Nair and Veet are harsh chemicals. They should not be used on that region (and it says so on the canister). I have been shaving that region for many years, and at first it was bothersome and itchy, but the skin gets used to it and doesn’t itch anymore. use a moisturizing soap like dove. a sharp razor, and shave in the direction of the hair to avoid bumps. sometimes I think it would be useful to trim the hair before shaving because then it would be easier to get closer to the skin, but I haven’t tried it. When shaving the edges of the labia, hold it tight so there is a firm surface to shave against, and go slowly. Don’t want to cut yourself down there.

Answer #3

just trim shave bikini line and I agree with carpetman4141 babies have no hair teens and adult women do we’re not babies, so why pretend to be?

Answer #4

if you read the back of a nair bottle it says dont use it in the bikini area unless its like bikini line…and that crap does smell horriable.

Answer #5

I can do it. I shave everyhwere down there. I do get the bumps and red marks once and awhile but I use lotion. I even have under where its hard to reach but I can do it.

Answer #6

I don’t use soap or shave cream, gel, foam… I use this special lotion for shaving… It works wonders down there… When it comes closer to the insides a good razor and some water work and I dont get bumps or anything… I’m just wierd.

Answer #7

I shave “down there” and im 14. I just trim it using an electric ‘wet and dry’ razor from boots and use aloe gel afterwards. Sometimes I use shaving cream and a proper razor in the shower but I always forget so have to use electric one afterwards. I hate using veet down there because of the burning smell it creates.. it scares me! having it waxed down there seems just to embarassing so I stick to my trim in the hope my boyfriend appreciates it. I havent asked him, but he never mentions going ‘bald’ or that im particularly hairy or anything! It’d be so easy if we didn;t have the choice to do things like this and everyone had as much hair as they had! I hate how everthing has to be ‘discussed’ so you know what is ‘normal’ and expected.. after all it isn’t something I’d speak to my mum about

Answer #8

when shaving down there how do you put the razor? like do you shave up or down?

Answer #9

I tend to shave down there, but I’ve used nair and veet. [they are creams that dissolve hair] when shaving I used lotion or soapy water. you can start shaving or trimming hair anytime you want to. some girls don’t shave at all, it’s up the the girl. I started trimming around the age of 11yr [when I 1st gt hair]. I think I started shaving/creaming around the age of 16-17yr. but I wanted to earlier though.

Answer #10

I use nair it makes all the hair go away 4 along time and it safer

Answer #11

I suggest veet . its like nair. only it doesnt burn in that area. and it works very well

Answer #12

wtf I the point. people were havin perfectly enjoyable sex way before razors came along and girls started shaving. there is nothing wrong with natural. if a guy cares then he isnt worth it. if its bald its like bein wi a wee girl

Answer #13

they do actually have a special nair for your private parts. =].

Answer #14

yea i shave. the first few times it botherd the crap outa me, like iot was itchy and everything, but after that it was all fine. i never ahve the time to go out and buy the shaving gels so i just put body wash their and rub into a later foam kind of thing and shave. i shave EVERYTHING. once in a while i get a little in grwon bump thing, but it goes away, its no bother, id deff like to get it professianly waxed. so i think i’ll try that.

ugh, i hate the smell of nair, my sister uses it, i cant stand the smell so i dont even bother. and for me my skin gets irrated if i shave when theres not tht much hair, but it only gets irritated like on the topwhere theres no slit. but down where the slit is, its easy for me.

Answer #15

Bald is best, cleaner and far more attractive. Yes it takes a bit of effort, but no more than legs, armpits or even makeup, and its always well rec’d. You dont need a little hair to show your a woman! that argument comes out all too often and is a complete load of tosh!

Answer #16

always remeber though if you are going to shave down there always shave downward in the front and upward between your legs. it prevents you from getting thoughs awful red and sore razor bumps. hope this helps to all girls…

Answer #17

Well I shave and I’ve always used conditioner. It makes things real smooth and soft. And waxing hurts, I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone.

Answer #18

hi what age are you soposed to start shaving down there I am 13 and have started shaving the top should you shave it all over ?

Answer #19

make sure you shave down word I hade to learn that the hard way cause if you dont then you will get like a burnn ouchhh it hurts

Answer #20

NAIR SMELLS RANK don’t use !!

Answer #21

I don’t know about anyone else but I have 2 shave the top with the grain - not against. Otherwise my skin gets really irritated.

Answer #22

Im 14 and I shave everything its easy but after I shave I use lotion so it would stay smooth and soft just like I do to my legs… lol

Answer #23

Hey girl, I had the same problem for a really long time until I realized something really important. Everybody says use unscented soap, or hydrating soap, etc. but the truth is - forget soap! There are special shaving gels just for that - not general, but meant for the bikini area. Mine is called Bikini Zone Anti-Bumps Shave Gel and it does miracles! Of course it takes a couple of shavings until your skin gets used to it and heals (if you had bumps already) but I’m telling you, this thing + a new sharp razor make my skin soft and smooth without pain, even down there, and yeah even inside the labia. Just make sure you lather it into a creamy foam, careful with the blade, and you’ll be all set :)

Answer #24

I shave everywhere, around every hole, every crack, and every front. you just got to make sure you don’t cut yourself and some parts are harder to shave then others. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT use a brand new razor down their, it is a VERY sensitive area and you will get painful itchy red bumps down their cause new razors cut close and the skin down their is to delecate.

Answer #25

use nair but ONLY on your bikini lnes and the frount

Answer #26

I hate when people say “You dont feel like a real women if you dont have hair down there!” Yeah, im 14, got D cup boobs. I think I feel like a women enough already, I dont need dirty hair.

Answer #27

Tsss Please… They get wax… My chick uses wax,it works beta than shaving

Regards Me

Answer #28

Yeah, or you could just not. Why would you? If you’re worried about visibility when wearing a bathing suit, then trim where you need to. If you’re worried about what men will think then I pity you. Do you really want a partner that does not accept you the way you are? Why is this even an issue? I find it really sad that women feel the need to shave their legs. To think that women are self conscious about places that only they and people intimate with them will see frightens me. If you are shaving/waxing for your own personal pleasure, then rock on, but if it is for someone else or because of what you think people will think of you, don’t do it. That’s a terrible reason. Think about it.

Answer #29

I wouldnt use veet or nair I no someone who did an it cam out all blisterd and scabed . just shave but always use soap or sumin xxx

Answer #30

no matter how many times I shave down there, it grows back so quick! and I am to scared to shave right in , incase I cut myself. any advice?

Answer #31

I would not reccomend using nair “down there”… Obviously shaving can cause irritation, but nair has chemicals that help the hair come out easier, and if it gets inside, it could be dangerous. If you really do want to shave, maybe you should do what I do. Use an unscented soap.. It’s specially designed for sensitve skin, and trust me, down there is VERY sensitive…

Answer #32

I make sure I am always grommed down there, keeping up with it is the key to not getting iritated skin if you do it for awile and stop then do it again your skin will become more iritated. I use baby oil and it makes my skin soft and the ingrown hairs…not a problem. just use unsented soap and a good razor not a cheep crapy one(shick intuition) thats what I use. if you are scared to shave everything try having a landing strip…the boys like that lol whatever you decided be careful and take your time.

Answer #33

Who ever said that the boys who matter don’t care bout the hair is totally right. So I would hold off on coin thru the trouble until it comes up wit your guy. An if he’s really picky then ugh that’s up to u

Answer #34

A sensitive hair removal cream (preferably one with shea butter in it) is best :) Veet is the only one that I’ve ever had a problem with because it’s quite strong :/

If your short on time, an electric body hair trimmer is useful and won’t leave the bumps/itching. Don’t worry about finding a girl’s one, the guy’s ones are much better. Don’t use this on the delicate bits without a length guard. Also get some shea/cocoa butter or a good body moisturiser for after shaving. LUSH do some good ones :)

Answer #35

You’d be surpised a the lengths some women go to have no hair at all in that region (google: brazilian bikini wax)! As for shaving, it depends on the girl. Some just trim and others go for the full fledged bare skin. It is possible to shave the outside part of the vagina as well as inside the labia (not inside de vagina of course!). All to say, every hair that is on the exterior can be shaved. This being said, be careful! If you decide to shave make sure you use a good new razor, take your time and use hydrating soft (unscented if possible!)soap like Dove. The skin around that area is extremely sensitive and when it is not used to shaving it can irritate easily. Also when the hair starts to grow back it can itch, irratate and cause ingrown hairs that make little red itchy bumps. One does get used to shaving down there but it isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t hurt to shave in itself but the soap can cause irritations and even yeast infections (argh!).

Answer #36

I don’t shave down there, I shave the bikini line and trim the front, but not down there, too much work, and not enough time, I’m 15 and I’ve shaved the front once so it was bald but it just looked weird, probably since I’m used to hair, I just sorta let it grow out and started trimming again when it got longer, hope this helps

Answer #37

I never really wanted to go through all the trouble of shaving EVERYTHING. Before I got married this past summer, I asked my fiance what he preferred. He said he did not want me to shave it. So, I usually just keep it trimmed short so it does’t get too dirty. I use a mustache trimmer to just keep it trimmed up all around. My husband doesn’t like it when I cut it too short. He tells me he is married to a woman, not a little kid.

Answer #38

I never really wanted to go through all the trouble of shaving EVERYTHING. Before I got married this past summer, I asked my fiance what he preferred. He said he did not want me to shave it. So, I usually just keep it trimmed short so it does’t get too dirty. I use a mustache trimmer to just keep it trimmed up all around. My husband doesn’t like it when I cut it too short. He tells me he is married to a woman, not a little kid.

Answer #39

you don’t NEED hair down there to prove to everyone your a woman- carpetman4141

if you want to shave all of it, then go ahead. it’s totally up to you. and who cares if a guy doesn’t like it, if he doesn’t then you shouldn’t be with him. it’s your decision. if they love you, they really wouldn’t care.

I agree with everyone else though, nair smells super bad.

Answer #40

Nair does not smell rank! I have the cucumber hydrating one and it smells wonderful! But ONLY USE IT FOR YOUR BIKINI LINE do not put it anywhere near your lips! Use a sensitive skin soap and use a razor but please be careful darling! You may experience itching or bumps but nothing major. Best of luck! :)

Answer #41

why do we need to shave down there anywayz and y iz it so sensitive? I only shave the bikini area with just a razor and nothin else…is that a bad or o.k thing? hmmm. what would happen if you just went all natural? lol without shavin.

Answer #42

It’s best you shave ALL down there, you’ll feel more, also most guys prefer it. I mean don’t you prefer a clean down there, in a guy?

I use Choochy Shave Cream, it’s made especially to shave down there. Only con is you can only buy it online, but it works great! You’re left with no razor bumps :]

Answer #43

I tried shaving down there once and I did but it bothered me a lot !!! so I prefer waxing it hurts a little but it lasts longer and it is softer!

hope it helped!!

Answer #44

I like a neat trim bush,a runway,but being with a girl who is bald is like being with a kid. ladies please leave a little hair to show you are a woman.

Answer #45

you don’t need to shave down there, but some people like to. again, you don’t need to. if you worreid about boys, the ones that matterdont care. if your worried about health, women have lived through itbefore.

but if you like to , you can. just be careful!

Answer #46

why dont you take the stress out of your hands and just go and get it done in the beauty parlour! or if you think it would hurt or be to expensive than just do the areas that you can.

Answer #47

Shaving down there is just like shaving your legs. You don’t have to shave there if you dont want to. I feel it is better with it shaved. Just use regular shaving cream and a razor. If you want to keep it shaved probably once every month is good to shave it.

Answer #48

after I shave there (or anywhere) I use aloe gel. it makes the skin really soft and can be less irritable than lotion.

Answer #49

shavings not that good down there to be honest. im in beauty school and I used to shave down there all the time and I just got a brazilian wax and omg it is so much better! shaving makes you itchy goes back the next day it grows thicker and in differnt directions, if you are going to shave use shaving gels to soap! id prefer waxing over shaving

Answer #50

got to back up Laser hair removal! My girlfriend got it done and now she’s completely smooth, hairless and feminine all the time! Yummy! And I show her my appreciation regularly! ;)

With Lasers, make sure you get one that does perminant removal (it kills the root) as there are lots out there that cost the SAME but aren’t perminant. Some research required…but well worth the effort.

Afterwards…it’s just smooth sailing! No bumps, no ingrown hairs…no effort and she’s commented that she saves tons of time and money because she doesn’t have to think about grooming there anymore.

Answer #51

nair is like shaving cream.. but you don’t shave.. you just put it on for like a few seconds or minutes and then take the razor looking thing WITHOUT THE BLADE and the hair comes right off. ;) but I don’t like it.. I tried it once and I hated it.

Answer #52

hey if you get outta the shower and put baby oil on that area then shave, it doesnt hurt as bad and the hair stays gone for longer. it really workks!

Answer #53

I use baby oil and be careful!!! johnson&johnson is the best. I also use the baby wash it keeps your skin baby soft and it also helps you from gettin infections down their

Answer #54

LASER HAIR REMOVAL!!! It’s expensive, but you can make payments and once its done, its done! God bless technology! No more squatting to hopefully not miss a spot, no more buying new blades and razors.. gets expensive, no more worrying “if he goes down on me, will he get stubble in his face?”, no more worrying about the bikini line, no more hair!! It’s usually about 6 treatments, more for other hair types and you just go get zapped, and your clean for life. I don’t do it for any guy.. I do it because it feels and looks cleaner, and there’s no mess/stress..

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