Is sharing mascara safe?

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Its fine to like borrow a friends mascara and such. But there is a hygiene risk because you could get pink eye or a different infection from the bacteria being passed on. I still share mascara cause i don't really care aha.

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No, it is rather risky.  If the person you are sharing the mascara with has anything wrong with their eye such as an infection or pink eye, your eyes can easily catch the same thing. There is also a lot of germs too. I personally do not like to share mascara after my friend shared hers with another and got a stye on her eye. For health, I don't recommend sharing any eye makeup. The only exception for me is eye liner pencil which can be sharpened any time.  

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Thanks! My class has a pictorial and makeup was already part of the payment package. I don't really use mascara so I don't have any and considered just having the stylist use his. Now I know it's better to buy one for myself.

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nope nt at all

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