Shaiya private server

Hello I was told about a new server in game and when I downloaded the patch it didnt work, so I asked some people in game and they told me I had to creat my own codes and stuff. How do I do this? Also if anyone has the patch updater allready made and working could you please send it to me :thank you

Answer #1


The person who wrote that response above is the owner of that private server – the one who would not allow my son to talk on trade because his laptop keyboard is broken and must type with spaces.

Should someone be penalized because they are lacking? Should their rights be taken away? I think not.

Do not go to Shaiya Evo unless you want to take the chance of your rights being removed. I for one am looking for another server…

Answer #2

It is true that Private Servers do have some bugs as but so does the official version.

You should try Shaiya Evolution, it is a very small download and does not affect the original Shaiya install.

What I like about Shaiya Evolution is the Ultimate Modes do not permanently die instead there XP is reset to 0% of there current level.

Many AP Items are available as rare drops along with Lapis.

No Nostrums are available so PvP is fair.

On top of that it’s on a extremely good server that can hold thousands of players without any issue.

The Administration is very friendly and they are more concerned with you having fun than paying money for items.

Answer #3

Private servers are usually full of glitches and they usually aren’t as fun. Download the game again and check the main website. It should tell you what to do from there.

Answer #4

Ignor Empress Evo is the Shizz never had a problem on the game and its great Fun,easy enough to lvl and you can enjoy a bit of PvP without Uber nossed people kicking the hell out of you in 2secs, 9/10 people are friendly but ya know ya do get idiots that try to spoil the game and its fair for someone to ask not to type in chat with no spacebar becaus,it,generally,looks,like,this,and,its,kinda,hard,to,understand,or,should,I,have,typed,the,whole,paragraph,like,this?,?,?,?,?

Answer #5

I dont think you understand. A private server is a server hosted from your computer. Meaning other people could potentially get on your server and use your connection. With that in mind your computer probably couldnt handle it. So try to find somone elses. I can show you how to join sombody elses. In the meantime try to find a site that lists the ips for these servers.

Answer #6

well then how do you join someone elses???

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