Scared of death

ok I don’t know if this comes under mental health but im 15 and everyday I end up crying alone in my room I will be just normally doing something then the thought of im going to get old and die thens theres no me no life just worm food and I feel so sick sometimes I am sick and I cry so much I feel suicidal which is stupid considering im afraid of death so please please hellp me I know death is unavoidable but it scares me and I will be more depressed when I look in the mirror and not recognise the old person in it :( seriously im scared

Answer #1

Did any of you look at her profile to see what country she is in? She’s in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland. Maybe the laws are a little different there.


  You are at an age where hormones, emotions and even your brain are undergoing strong changes. It is natural to occasionally feel confused or depressed.

The best thing you can do is to talk to a counselor or therapist. Barring that, find someone you can communicate your emotions and thoughts with, sort of like a sounding board. Keeping your thoughts to yourself doesn’t help. If you can’t find someone around you then consider Fun Mailing someone on Fun Advice whose advice you like. It’s relatively private and gives you a good sounding board.

Check out the link below for information on teen depression.

  Information on teen depression:

   If you are having problems or are depressed, below are a site that may help you:


Check out the Befrienders link below. They are not only a suicide hotline but also offer help to people who are stressed or are in a state of depression.

Fun Mail a “sounding board”!

I would assume that you can’t talk about what you are going through with anyone because it is too personal and you don’t want others to know about it in relation to you.

The solution, then, might be to pick someone on Fun Advice whose advice you like and Fun Mail them. (You can check out the quality of someone’s advice by clicking on their name; going down to their recent advice, click on view all, then click on the questions that might interest you and view their answers.) Explain to them that you are having problems and want to have someone to use as a “sounding board” and would like to know if they would be willing to be your sounding board. Fun Mail is basically private, so you shouldn’t have any concerns about your privacy.

Although there are many users on Fun Advice who would be qualified, I’d suggest the person be an Advisor, for two reasons: First, most Advisors have several hundred or even thousands of Answers under their belt which can really give you a perspective about them; and second, you can simply click on the Advisors link at the top of the page and view a list of the most recently active Advisors with information about them AND a total of their Answers. (Don’t contact them by that “Ask me a question” link. That’s public. Instead, click on their name which will take you to their Profile page, then click on the “Send me Fun Mail” link on the left side of the page.)

You also have the ability to Fun Mail anyone (Advisor or otherwise) by clicking on the “Send me Fun Mail” link near the top of the Answer under the person’s name.

        Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

Answer #2

You need to talk to a counselor or a therapist. We definitely can’t help you here, as this is beyond our knowledge. Don’t end you’re life because your afraid of dying. We all are born, and then we die! It’s meant to be this way. If human life lived forever we would become bored increasingly fast. In life you are destined to make friends, improve yourself to become a better person, and accomplish your personal goals in life. What happens after you’ve accomplished everything you’ve dreamed of, traveled to all of the amazing destinations around the world, and helped everybody/everything you care about? There’s no point to life I hate to say it. I personally am glad I won’t live forever, because we are facing challenges like Global Warming, war, starvation, nuclear war threats, etc…

The fact is, most people fear death. But there’s no use of feeling phobic about natural processes. Whether you like it or not, life ls born, life dies…That’s why it’s called ‘life’! If you sit around feeling stressed about dying, you’re just going to miss out on so many enjoyable things in life! You’ll miss dating, hanging out with friends, and everything you love. I do hope you feel better soon. There’s no use in killing yourself. You’d just live your fear. Good luck, and please talk to someone. Counselors/therapists are trained to help you, not to be judgmental. Sorry if anything I said was abrasive.

Answer #3

Most people are afraid of death, but it does seem a little extreme in your case. You may be suffering from anxiety and depression (I wouldnt call it psychosis) maybe a phobia? The suicidal thoughts are worrying, you should talk to someone.

Psychosis is a loss of a contact with reality, usually accompanied by delusions and/or hallucinations. I dont think you’re psychotic…

As for the counselor part, first of all no one is going to think you’re crazy… You’re just having some trouble coping and you need to talk to someone, nothing crazy about it. A lot of counselors will keep confidentiality. You just need to find one who will only talk to your parents on a need to know basis. And no one in the counseling field (and they should have their license revoked if they do) will tell you to “deal with it because it is going to happen”. It’s symptomatic of a bigger problem, and one I honestly think you should talk to a professional about

Answer #4

A counsellor cannot divulge anything to your parents (other than a suicide attempt) without your approval. They have a strict confidentiality code.

Unless laws are different where you are, you should have nothing to worry about.

Answer #5

Wow, that’s ummm, ahh, hard. Maybe try going to counsellor at school. They might understand that you don’t want you parents to know. Has something happened recently in your family? Are you confused about something?

Answer #6

Maybe you should talk 2 someone & c a therapist and get sum help. Dont kil urself. Try not 2 even think that way. Trust me I know how it is. Life is 2 much 2 throw away. Hope it helped. Sry if it ddnt. If you want to talk, funmail me. :)

Answer #7

A healthy diet is always helpful, but it isnt something you can be optimistic about and it will disappear, I really think you should talk to someone about it… Depression is a sickness, you wouldnt hesitate to go to the doctor if you have pnemonia, why is this any different? Your mental health is just as important as your physical health…

Answer #8

thnx luckybear but I dont think going into denial will always help me because I know the moment I stop reading the thought will come bk trust me I have already tried reading pride and prejudice the thought always comes back maybe its because im so lonely and I have no1 other than family to love

Answer #9

Start reading books more often. Not sad books but like happy books. Play more fun activities with your friends. Always try to keep yourself busy with something fun and joyful. That’s what I do. Trust me. I have the same problem as you. I try to keep myself busy all the time.

     Hope it helps!

Answer #10

I think I may be developing depression it runs in my family , even my uncle killed himself because of it , I keep telling myself to be optomistic its not as bad when I lay off the crappy food and caffeine

Answer #11

oh I cant go to a counsellor they’ll tell my parents, every1 I know will think im crazy all they will say is well its going to happen get over it

Answer #12

Honestly Im with the person that said you need to see a counselor. Most people are afraid of dying but like you said there is nothing that you or us can do about it. Enjoy your life now dont think about the sad times. Try now to live your life to the fullest. I really do think that you should see a counselor because im afraid of also dying but I dont go crazy about it. Like I said, I feel like most people are afraid of dying. Please seek help. Your worried about what the people that know you will think, but whats more important your health, or what people think of u?? It sounds to me you really dont want to overcome your problem.

Answer #13

ichibanarky - if the client is under 18 the parent has a right to know anything that is going on in sessions… unfortunately that’s just the way the law is set up… however, a good therapist will discuss it with the parents and say I wont disclose anything unless it is absolutely necessary (like suicide)

Answer #14

Oh. Has there been a recent death? Did you break up with someone? Are you confused about something important?

Answer #15

Please see a counsellor. This sounds like a symptom of psychosis.

We can’t help you here.

Answer #16

Why don’t you want your parents to know about it?

Answer #17

whats psychosis???

Answer #18

we dont have a school counsellor

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