Does it hurt when you lose your virginity?

Does it hurt when you lose your virginity?

Answer #1

It just feels tight, like a tense sensation but you get used to it after like 5 minutes.

Answer #2

it hurts kinda but its a lot of pressure then it eases up but it hurts a little I will amitt that>>

Answer #3

well, if he broke up with you just because you chickened out, then I dont see why you would even want to lose it to him. If you think you’re ready no, you can at least wait a bit longer until you find someone you trust. Im 15 and have a lot of experience with dating, but im still a virgin. And I dont plan on losing it until I feel right with the person im with, and I believe that moment wont be for another few years. But, if you really want to lose your virginity to him, then talk to him, if he really wants it he will do it :D

Answer #4

what does I mean when you lose your virinity

Answer #5

no I dosen’t at all not once

Answer #6

I am about to lose my virginity to my boyfriend but im kinda young so I wont mention my…n I dont think it will hurt because ma boyfriend’s dick really isnt that big..LML…but im scared I’ll get pregnant mannn…

Answer #7

im having sex on friday and im seriously shitting my pants over here, he said to finger myself first, but im scared it will hurt and if im scared about fingering myself then what am I going to do about having sex and im deffiently ready! help me dude, im scared

Answer #8

ok this is for cardelia I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time and he has a really big penis (7inches) and when he first put it in I didnt really feel anything then when he pushed it in more I felt it and it was kinda wierd because it felt good in a wayy and then at the same time it was hurrtting alloott and the rim of his penis was the only part that would go in but then 4 minz after the wwhle thing went in and I was shockedd and I was kinda in pain but you said if your on your back you dont really feall the pain as much and I tried it on top of him and up side down bhut I felt the pain soo I tried it on my back and I was a little better bhut I still felt a lot of pain and now he wwants to do it again and I kinda want to do it again but imm kinda scared cuase he likes going very very fast and stuff soo what doo I dooo pleasseee hellppp me

Answer #9

it’s going to hurt a little. I won’t lie. it’s going to hurt. but…lube up…make sure he’s got lube on…and be very gnetle. take things slowly…

Answer #10

im not trying to put you off but it did hurt me,probly because we didnt use lube or a condom im 18 and lost it last month,I no your situation I was like you it does hurt I didnt bleed either so,dont just sleep with anyone make sure hes right for you I made that mistake and had a one night stand just to get rid of it.

Answer #11

me and my boyfriend lost our virginity to each other and it didnt hurt at all. it only hurts when you are not ready or wet

Answer #12

I just lost my virginity last nigth and it hurt like hell for about a minute, but I guess that was because we had to rush through. I felt a lot of pressure at first but eventually you get use to it, just try not to tense up, that’ll make it hurt a lot worse…

Answer #13

listen I am 16 and lost my verginity last month and it doesnt hurt it feels sooo good that you cant stop it made go all night long well at least for 3 hours

Answer #14

ummm..I lost mine but no I didnt think it and my boyfriend lost our virginity to each other…I thought it was great…I had sooo much fun that night I mean wowww!!…but girls go with what you want to…dont be pressured do it when your ready…have fun if you do it!:)

Answer #15

well for me it hurt kinda.but I heard for some people it hurts if the guy is going you should make sure he goes slow.

Answer #16

yesyesyes veryveryverybadly it hurt so bad I cried

Answer #17
  • Well im fourteen years of age & I believe I’m still a lil to young to have sex. However, I’ve been in a relationship with a guy that I’m actually in love with and I’ve never felt this way for anyone. My boyfriend is sixteen years of age and we’ve known each other for atleast 4 years now. We’ve been going with each other for almost 7 months. We’re taking everythin’ slow, not tryna rush into anything. He has already experienced sex. He has asked me to have sex with him & I told him to wait till Im actually really ready and til the time is right. and he simply didn’t give me a bad reaction and ever since then we’ve still been together. I plan on losing it to him before the summer is over. No, im not just tryna have sex with him to get over with it. I really think this boy is the one for me even though I may be really young. But he has put his all into this relationship and changed his bad habits into good habits. :) I’m not one of these lil fast females who wants to just have sex at any age with anyone. Im actually still concerned that I’ll lose my virginity at the age of fourteen. Anywho, I believe I’m going to lose it to the right person. I’m making sure im comfortable with who I’m gonna intercourse with. Yes, im kinda terrified about how much it will hurt. But I know there is going to be lubrication and protection so it shouldn’t hurt to much. and For the first time I’m not gonna be on top because I believe being on top hurts way more. I heard Laying on your back and him on top is less painful. I think the time is right for me now and I’m ready. I’ve been reading a lot of books about sex and I think that’s what helped me make my decision today. So when I lose it, I will come back on this website and post a comment on how it feels.
Answer #18

Omg it hurt me so bad, it hurt so bad to the point I left scratches on his back lol my 2nd time hurt really bad to but after that I was fine it feels so goood :) have fun and enjoy the first time “theres nothing like the first time”

Answer #19

It didnt hurt for me; only because I was lying on my back on his stomach; and it felt very good other than feeling bad cause too much of it didnt go in. so id say this:

before you have sex make sure you lubricate yourself and his thing reall good. then when you do have sex lay on your back onto his stomach and it will feel great!

Answer #20

my boyfriend is’nt a virgin,but iam.what can I do to make my first time a little easier?Please,anyone!!!And also how much does it hurt and how much do ya bleed?

Answer #21

Yes it did hurt, but not a lot for me & I wasn’t sore for long. Maybe it was because my boy friend was very gentle. We masturbated each other and gave each other oral sex a lot before we decided to have intercourse. He went down on me and licked and sucked my clitoris while he teased my vagina by putting a finger just a little inside me until I came. When I started to have an orgasm it felt so good I didn’t want it to stop and I started to cry. He held me and told me he loved me and wanted to be inside me I let him put his penis in very slowly. He was really gentle and it took a long time because he didn’t go deep until I told him I was ready. It hurt a little, I’ll be honest, but it made me feel like I was giving myself to him and the pain was Ok. Even then as soon as he was all the way in me we just held each other like that for a long while while he kissed me and told me how much he loved me. Then he took his penis out and there was a little blood on it, but I wiped it off with my panties & begged him to let me suck him so I could give him an orgasm. His sperm tasted so good and it made feel really sexy to swallow all of it. We waited a few days before having intercourse again and when we did it was really hot and I love him so much!

Answer #22


its the worst pain emaginable… besides giving birth. but I don’t know what that feels like yet.

Answer #23

I am 15 and I lost my virginity a couple months ago. it hurt like hell I didnt even get to finish completely. the part that hurts the most is popping your cherry.

be careful tho even tho you feel pain after about two weeks you will want it again. and that hurts bad too.

but your third time is like heaven.

Answer #24

uhm, how much lubricant? because I almost had sex 2 weakends ago and im kindofglad I didnt but I just want to get it over with and I know that I have to so mabey this weakend I dont want to sound like a slut or anything, but if you rub yourself like I do, on top of the clit, not in the actuall vagina, then you know it feels good, but if you are in the right mood, then it will feel good, but it all depends on the person so I guess you just have to be extreamely horny and in the right mood and well, when you’re horny, you get kindof stupid, sleepy, and more into it, but its ok, its a normal healthy part of life everybody goes through, so dont worry to much about pain, if it happens the right way, it will feel good!

Answer #25

If you take it easy at first, and make sure you are well lubricated, you shouldn’t experience pain, just a bit of discomfort. You need to try and relax as much as possible, because that’ll make the whole thing much easier, you can’t enjoy it if your muscles are all tensed up, and it will make it a lot more uncomfortable.


Answer #26

As long as he does it slow and you use lots of lube it shouldnt be to bad… it shouldn’t hurt like hell… something is being done wrong.

Answer #27

This is an old question. My first time was pretty painful, yes. It pretty much depends on wether you wear tampons and finger yourself a lot. I’ve heard that fingering your vagina helps make your hole bigger, but it doesn’t stay that size forever, it shrinks back too normal size. It depends on how the guy or girl places his penis or her dildo (haha) inside of you; fastly or slowly. It’s different for everyone.

Answer #28

I am 14 years old, I’m still a virgin. therefore I don’t know what it would feel like to loose your virginity. my boyfriend and I have been planning this for 2 weeks now. he is kinda big and I’m scared actually, if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be that terrified. but I’ve been told plenty of times, that if you lie on your back, and your boyfriend is on top with his stomache facing you, that it won’t hurt so bad. that is also considered as “Millitary Position”. and extra lubrication, which is also made onto certain type of condoms. I need advice for myself on this one, the only thing I’m scared about is me riping open and crying, well I hope everything goes well with this. thanks.

Answer #29

My First Time Was Soo Painfull .. We Eventualy Had To Stop I COuldnt Manage ,, I Had Tears In My Eyes ,, But I Think It Depends On The Guys Size,, He Was Rather Large So I Supose That Was Why

Answer #30

For me I just lost my virginity yesterday to my best guy friend and he told me to tell him when it hurt.It hurt the first time he put it in so I told him to stop he did then we tried again just hurt a lil bit but it starts feeling good after while.But I guess it depends on the person and I didnt bleed at all

Answer #31

I mean I cant really answer that qestion bc I didnt even do it yeat bc im to scared bt o ima do it

Answer #32

well for me, my vagina was so tight and well he had a big dick…so do the math. But after a while you get so addicted to it because it feels so good. we do it all the time (well 3 times a week)

Answer #33

it hurted so f*ck’in bad especially with a 12 in. dick. I could feel his huge d!ck inside of me omg!

Answer #34

I don’t know.. I am really Scared of losing my virginity.. But my Boyfriend I really think his the 1.. I Love him so much.. We been 2gether 2 a year.. But if I was 2 have Sex wit him it would be after my 18 b-day!!.. I least want 2 have sum understanding on it.. But I am glad that he doesnt pressure Me bout.. 2 Me honest I am the 1 that alway bring it up!!.. because I just really wanna make Love wit him.. But that all!!.. -LaLa Square Luv♥

Answer #35

well it hurted like hell to me also it felt like a lot of pressure I was in pain but see it dont bother certain people see my ovaries are very low and it hurts when they try to go deep but after a while like the 4th or 5th time it starts feeling wonderful

Answer #36

It hurt more the second time I did it then the first.

Answer #37

How do you know if a guy is a virgin or not, as like females, some bleed alittle, some is painful, what about the guys?

Answer #38

at first for me it hurt like hell but then it feels ok but the next time it is great

Answer #39

Well, I’m 20 years old and still a virgin. I’m waiting for my honeymoon night :)

Answer #40

yes!sex hurts at first it hurts like hell im not saying this so you wont do it do it only if your ready to take the pain! when i first did it ,it hurt like hell i wanted to scream because it really hurt well onestly it dosent wanna make you scream but it dose wanna make you cry my boy friend had to tell me when he was going to push it in and every time he would push in it would hurt like hell but good luck girl just tell your first one to go very easy on you because he might hurt you and if you did not know you will bleed because of you cherry but its not going to be that much well some girls bleed chingos sorry if you dont know in spanish well any way some dont i just did a littel bit well laterz girl oh! and remmeber have pertected sex chaw!!

Answer #41

well im still a virgin… my ex boyfriend and I were going 2 do it but I was scared and I though I wasnt ready so I blew him off and we broke up… the problem is now I think im ready and I want to lose it with him but I dont think he will take me back

any advice???

Answer #42

im not sure, but I wanna find out. im kinda scared but im really not sure. he keeps trying to, but everytime I push him away. I wanna do it, and than I dont. I hope it doesnt hurt

Answer #43

Im 15 and I lost my virginity yesterday. It felt great and didnt hurt at all even though my boyfriend is huge. If you are a virgin and scared about losing your viginity dont be. If you use loads of lube and go slow its great.

Answer #44

it depends upon the situation!… if your partner is careful doin it and gently… it was less pain or not hurt! like me? I didnt feel any pain!… yes it bleeds but no pain

Answer #45

I was 16 when I lost my virginity and I guess it differs from person to person but I felt it to be painful and after the fourth time of me having sex it stopped hurting

Answer #46

the first time you do lose it it hurts sooo much.. and like everyoneone said you have to be ready & wit da rite person..I lost mine when I was 13.. I was not ready for it I new da guy I did it wit but he presured me into doin it..after words I felt so bad because it hurt and I new I was the rong tin to do..but now im 16 and im planning on not doin it again until im ready and it s wit da rite person.. good luck if you want to do it but don’t let anyone presure you into doin it if your not ready!!

Answer #47

I don’t know because am stil a virgin

Answer #48

its like a tattoo you think its going to b painfull but it actualy dosnt

Answer #49

im 13 ; Never Tried it . Although I know how too split & stretch & all that stuff . So would it hurt for me ?

Answer #50

Wow . There really isnt an answer to this question … beacuse everyone is different . the most important thing is to make sure yourre ready , and the guy youre going to do it with , knows you need him to go slow .

Answer #51

I felt pressure but if your really turned on you want it more and are more lubricated and then have him take it easy at first it feels so good! I just would tell him to go slow and if it feels ok he can go at any rate lol Have fun if you decide to!

Answer #52

im only 13 year old and no it did not hurt me at all my boyfriend is 14 with a big dick soo when it whent in it felt soo good I lost my Virginity like 3 hours ago and im fine im walkin normal and very thing if you want to know more let me know I have a myspace!!

Answer #53

okay I know a lot of girls that say that it hurts but for me it didn’t, it felt soo damn good and my boyfriends thangy lol was huge. omG! I love it but it depends on thee person

Answer #54

for me it hurted when I lost my v its maybe because he went 2 fast so maybe if he is gentlyit want hurt that much…chea

Answer #55

I had this same problem until about like, 5 days ago. Its just a little bit of pressure, and maybe a little bit of pain, not enough to even really hurt. Its sorta like a paper cut. But if he fingers you first, it shouldnt hurt as bad either. make sure that hes gentle with you. Women are delicate.

Answer #56

Well, I find it sad that so many kids are giving it up at such an early age. 13? 14? wow. I am eighteen, and I have not had sex. My boyfriend and I have talked over the idea, and decided we will know when we are ready. The farthest I have been is giving him a hand job, and he has fingered me. I think your virginity is something to hold on to. When you do give it up, make sure it’s to the right person. As far as physical pain, I have heard that if you use TONS of lube, it won’t hurt as bad, but you will feel pain <3

Answer #57

i personally think it all depends on the person b/c for me it didnt hurt at all.. but aparently the person above me it hurt like hell for.. but its all a person’s oppinion. an if the guy is doing it right. And how tight you r an stuff like that.. good luck.

love always megan

Answer #58

I got 16 last month and a few days later I’ve lost it, but it was the worse experience I’ve ever made!

I was so trunken because of alcohol, I don’t used protection (thank god I’m not pregnant) and it hurts so bad (I even don’t knowed that guy whom I had slept to)

if I wouldn’t be so trunken I would have screamed!

so never trink alcohol…I didn’t since this awful experience!

(you might wonderabout my grammer…sorry about that but I’m from austria)

Answer #59

i personally think it all depends on the person b/c for me it didnt hurt at all.. but aparently the person above me it hurt like hell for.. but its all a person’s oppinion. an if the guy is doing it right. And how tight you r an stuff like that.. good luck.

love always megan

Answer #60

i wanta lose my viginity but i dont because i am a christain, but this boy makes me feel great. but im scared itll hurt & i dont do pain….. & onn to of that myy youth minister said if we lose our viginity befor marriage he pray it hurt like HELL, which is reallyy scary i think im going to just wait, that wayy if i get pregnate i can be married and not have to worrry about myy man leavin me. but if you do choose to do it and get pregnate, make sure you drag that man to court and get child support, cause he will not pay if you dont,, good luck

Answer #61 depends on the guy. if he doesnt know how to breack a cherry like you call it.prepare for a world of pain. if he will hurt less and you might(rare that happends)finish what your doing.

WARNING:your body wi change and only some who knows like me will notice ur not a virgin may also effect the way you think act.and maturerity(is that a word?)good luck

Answer #62 depends on the guy. if he doesnt know how to breack a cherry like you call it.prepare for a world of pain. if he will hurt less and you might(rare that happends)finish what your doing.

WARNING:your body wi change and only some who knows like me will notice ur not a virgin may also effect the way you think act.and maturerity(is that a word?)good luck

Answer #63 depends on the guy. if he doesnt know how to breack a cherry like you call it.prepare for a world of pain. if he will hurt less and you might(rare that happends)finish what your doing.

WARNING:your body wi change and only some who knows like me will notice ur not a virgin may also effect the way you think act.and maturerity(is that a word?)good luck

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