What do i do? i had a sexual inter course with my girlfriend and she started bleeding?

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-_- that means it's her 1st time and you "poped her cherry" it supose to happen.Some girls bleed more then others.

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so i shouldnt worry at all? its just that she bleeded alot and we were both worried like her pants gots blood , she said shes gettin better

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If it's her 1st time then no don't worry.
BUT..... if it is not her 1st time man you done F***ed up. :3 just say'n

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There are at least THREE reasons for a virgin to bleed from intercourse.
1. As Sierrafox says, if your gf still had her hymen, it will tear and cause bleeding. (normal)
2. It often happens that a girl's period will be triggered by intercourse if it was about to occur anyway. (normal)
3. Sexual intercourse will cause some women to bleed. This is condition is called friable cervix. IF this is the case, switching to a BC pill with more estrogen, or using an estrogen cream will help. (not common, but normal)

Maybe just slow down a little and let her recover.

If you are worried, she can see her doctor or go to Planned Parenthood for a check-up. Now that she is sexually active, it would be a prudent move to get a pelvic exam anyway to make sure that she is alright.

Good Luck!!

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can i dammage her in a sexul intercourse?

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its just her first time. completely normal. it happens to all girls, it willl probably hurt a little the next day and maybe the next time you guys have intercourse. she should be fine

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Intercourse evolved to be enjoyable and generally pain free - if done right.
There are conditions that might be painful for the lady, but those are cases where she is not ready or very nervous. Only have sex if she is ready - and willing, of course. (Do I really have to say that?)

Of course you can 'damage' her life by getting her pregnant. So please use a condom EVERY time, or get her on the pill. Again, Planned Parenthood will be able to give info on how to have safe sex, provide condoms, and even BC pills - depending on her age. She can call and ask for an appointment to CONFIDENTIALLY discuss these issues with a professional. Many (most?) PP clinics can provide these things free or for reduced cost.

Be responsible.
Good Luck!!

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