Do you think that there's really nothing to serving wine - simply get the wine out of the bottle and into a glass.?

Answer #1

thats all i do. just pour it into the bottle.

Answer #2

Presentation goes a long way, that is, wine should be served in nice glasses. If you serve wine in plastic or form cups or in even beer glasses, these will not do the wine any justice unless it is a cheap wine which you can get under $15 and the taste like crap.

Answer #3

I like to decant red wine before I serve it, but I serve white wine straight from the refridgerator. I am quite particular about the glasses I serve it in though. I have glasses for pinot noir, sauvignon blanc and carbernet sauvignon. Oh and champagne flutes

Answer #4

There is a method to serving wine and it affects the way it tastes. Wines need to breathe and require specific glasses to allow the proper amount of air to circulate. I’m not even going to get into what wines should be chilled and what should be room temperature.

Answer #5

but I want to know! It would improve my fake wine snobbery hugely!

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Answer #7

lol, I had that too…its funny how not too many people do that unless you are passionate about entertaining. like my mom, she has all these crystal glasses but keeps them in a big thing with a key. Personally reg non crystal glasses work fine for me too & I wont have a fit if one drops or breaks where as if she lost one I think she would faint! With that said…I have a set for wine, I have a set for brandy, I have a set for champagne (the flutes) and the big glasses for red and beer glasses for beer :) I guess my ex just didnt get that about me & b!tched me out for needing so many different sets for different occasions! Some people just dont get it & think as long as it is a nice wine glass if just fine. oh well…

Answer #8

my dad taught me that like about an hour before served it needs to be open at room temperature allowing it to air out properly, something about so it looses a bit of its alcohol or something like that…I would love to learn the real reason, Colleen, please explain to us. I also would like to know the truth! ♥

Answer #9

lol…ok, to summarize: Sparkling Wines - about 50F/8C White wines - 52F/12C Red wines - 60F/15C As for breathing - oxidization helps to release the flavours trapped in the bottle, however, not all wines need to breathe. Reds need at least an hour…whites that are still young require no breathing. The glass, though, makes a difference…the wide, round bowl allows a red wine to aerate a little more, while whites can use a smaller bowled glass and champagnes use a flute.

Answer #10

Awesome…thank you so much colleen for the input…now I really understand the truth behind the 1 hour opening red wine & the difference in texture based on the glasses as well!

My dad once upon a time lived in England for about 4 years…he worked at a winery…he used to test wines like go up the ladder & such, told me stories…lol they would all get drunk testing wine all day. too too funny :P But I nev really got into much drinking wine…I was always more of a cocktail girl. Now a days I find myself experimenting to find the perfect one I like most. Still hv to try pinot noir as I promised Danielle!

Thanks again love♥

Answer #11

awesome, Im not doing it entirely wrong then! Aside from chilling my white wines.

Answer #12

oooh I love my brandy balloons! And I have awesome beer glasses too! Well, I only drink like two types of beers (they are all fruit beers, like bellevue kriek) and the glasses are specifically made for each type of beer!

Answer #13

Careful preparation, especially for distinguished wines at ‘whoa’ prices, is a ritual. Rituals are very powerful processes for achieving an enhanced mental state - think about how many rituals we use every day to set a particular mood, let alone the number we use in more formal settings (religion, yoga, meditation, formal dinners, tea ceremony, board meetings, graduation, military training, taking a class…). The wine-lovers’ rituals are thus an essential part of maximising the pleasure process.

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