I ate at tgi fridays in new jersey a little over a year ago. my family and I just got seated and got our drink/appetizer orders taken. our waiter appeared anxious and uninterested in serving us. after a few minutes we saw our waiter come from the back and walk out the front door of the restaurant. we were a little confused but figured he was trying to find someone. well, long story short, our waiter walked out in the middle of his shift while or ours were put into their computers. their was mayhem and the subservient manager was able to beckon to our request. we decided it was just a fluke and didnt let it ruin our friday's experiences for the future. 2 weeks later in mid may 2008, an identical situation happened to us again. needless to say we were appauled and complained to corporate. has anybody he experieced this at a fridays as well? Or any other restaurant?

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I have never experienced a waiter walkiing out on shift but I dont like tgi fridays anyways. my biggest problem is with McDonalds. I am allergic to relish so I order plain cheesburgers and majority of the time they has relish on it when I get it so I have to re order another one, I went mental because if I didnt check the burger 1st I would of been in a lot of trouble. it makes me laugh because its like staff are not bothered when it must be a lot easier to make a plain burger than it is with all the relish and stuff in

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that hasnt happened, but a funny/crazy situation happened when I was at the outback steakhouse a few years back. an angry employee was in a verbal dispute with the manager and stormed off. all the sudden we heard this sound like an engine revving. the waiter got his motorcycle and busted thru the doors and actually rode around the restaurant. it was insane, and insanely funny. people were booping out but I just stayed and enjoyed my boot of beer and bloomin onions. definitely one of the most random experiences ever.

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I realize that this is an old post, but after reading these comments I feel compelled to submit a response with a bit of a story incorporated into the mix. I live in the northwestern vicinity of New Jersey and am familiar with a location that up until a year ago, give or take, was a popular TGI Fridays in a town known as Ramsey. I'd had the distinct privilege of having eaten there on multiple occasions with fellow companions prior to it's non-existence. I use that term "non-existence" ambiguously due to the seemingly mysterious and cryptic reason(s) for it's disappearing. Often, restaurants are granted a certain period of notice if there weekly/monthly figures have been consecutively below par. As much as the managers/corporate appear concerned about food quality, portions and pricing, they interestingly enough have far more important issues to worry about. Acquiescing to the typically self-righteous demands of the complaining public as well as the managers subserviently submitting to their own superiors comes first and foremost to the obsequious team leaders, and don't even consider how it affects the massively underpaid and neglected waitstaff. The ever revolving cycle of scapegoating and hierarchy, the backbone of the American dream, never ceases to fascinate me. In response to the original post, granted it was almost 2 years ago, I in fact was believe it or not present at that TGI Fridays in mid 2008 when a fed-up waiter apparently walked out during his shift. He wasn't our server but he did appear to have a thing for our waitress, which led my friends and I to believe that it was his bosses, and not his fellow staff who were the problem...and he probably had his own personal stuff going on that added to his abrupt departure from that fine establishment. Small world one must agree, and hopefully we all learned a little something about ourselves from this.

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