Septum, cheek and hip piercings.

Alright, So, My best friends boyfriend is 17, Which isn’t old enough to sign for me to get pierced. But he knows this guy who does piercings professionally that will do it. So I just wanted to know what people thought about hip and septum piercings.

I’m sure you all know what hips are, And septum is , well like the middle of your nose.

Anyways, My mom would kill me if I did this, but I don’t care, They can put the septum ring inside your nose so you can’t see it, But I’m not sure if this really works. That’s why I was wondering if anyone knew. Gettting anything on your nose pierced is one of the worst, Especially septum, So I don’t want to get it done and have to take it out.

For my hips, I know she wont see those, Unless I wear a bathing suit.

And cheeks, I hear they leave permanent dimples in cheeks And my friend took hers out and she has some too, But does anyone know if they always do this, Or just sometimes. Because when I’m old enough to, I’m going to : )

I’d really like if you could give me good answers. Thanks.

Answer #1

you can’t keep hip piercings in for long because they reject really easily. but yeah septums are really easy to hide my friend got hers done and if she turned it up you couldn’t even tell it was there.

Answer #2

How do you pierce your hips?

Answer #3

septum would be mean as :)

Answer #4

Mmm as heaps of people have said hips reject so easily,

I recently got my septum done like a week ago and its fine, theres not swelling only inside the nose and I flipped it up withing the 2 hours of having it done…my parents do not no I have it and if they do they’ll probs should me…I would say septum would be the didn’t even hurt, it stunign for like 5 seconds and after that I couldn’t feel it :)

good luck with your decission :D

Answer #5

also my septum was most painful, didnt feel my cheeks whatsoever and my hips were done several times, and they didnt hurt at all

Answer #6

ehh, I’d say get the cheek piercings. but, dimples can be annoying. in pictures they end up looking like pimples or zits while others say they’re oh so cute. but the dimples I’m talking about are natural…I don’t know about the ones left from taking out the piercings. go for it

Answer #7

I have def had all 3 pierced I say go for it, your hips will scar no matter what along with any other piercing, your septum sure you can flip it up but you need to keep it down for as much time as possible while healing because it will heal wrong if flipped up. this is going to be really bad advice but it works for me, piercings will go wrong when you think they will they wont if you dont think of the risks, over cleaning also makes piercings worse, I have never legitly cleaned any of my piercings I have also never had an infection, I’ve never had anything go wrong with mine and I have done all myself

Answer #8

septum piercings hurt the worst when it comes to your nose because there’s a lot of nerves there. yes you can flip the ring upwards so that no one can see. as for your hips, they hurt a lot because there’s tons of nerves near the pelvic area, and you can take the ends of the bars out when your wearing a bathing suit to hide it. cheek piercings leave dimples if you leave them in long enough, but if you dont leave them in very long I highly doubt that youll be left with dimples. but you really have to take care of any piercing that you get and clean it so it doesnt get infected, you can ask your piercer what you need to do to prevent infection.

Answer #9

I just got my cheeks done 4 days ago, they didnt hurt too bad when I got them done, but not they sting real badd, the swelling sucks too, but im willing to look like a hamster till they heal, but I would say if your not serious about a piercing dont do it, healing time, new jewerly blah blah pointless if you dont want it that bad, and for septum my boyfriend had it done, I went with him, it look soso painfull, microdermals is soso much better for your hips instead of getting surface piercings, surface piercings are very likely to reject. homedone piercings are just stupid in my oppinion.

Answer #10

when you get your cheeks pierced are you left with premanent dimples? or is it possible not to get dimples at all from it?

Answer #11

I had my hips done.and they were painful and rejected :/

Answer #12

well I had my hips pierced.and their painful and rejected :/

Answer #13

You can’t keep hip peircings, because they reject after awhile. I did them myself. I don’t suggest you peirce your hip your self. Mine got infected, and after awhile they were fine. But, like I said. Eventually, they will reject. So it isn’t worth it. I have cute little scars on my hips though. Cute was intended as sarcasm.

Answer #14

Don’t peirce your hips, unless. You are planning on doing it more than once.

Answer #15

yes,thay do give you dimps…I have 29 piercings…And I love Every one …p.s. my noes was the worst!!

Answer #16

I have my septum and hips done.. Septum was easily hidden; I hid mine for a month until I finally told my mom I had it. She didn’t really care, but my dad did. I could’ve easily kept it hidden for as long as I wanted though.

Hips I was caught within a week and a half. They’re not as easy to hide as you think and they’re very difficult to heal. I got mine three weeks ago and they were probably my most painful piercing out of sixteen, alongside my septum, and they’re still in poor condition. Like, they’ll look good for a few hours until they get caught which happens often, and then they’ll be red and sometimes start pussing, so think long and hard before getting these!

Answer #17

septum piercings can be flipped up to make them hidden, I have mine flipped up so my parents cant see it. also im sure you don’t need another person telling you to get it done professionally, so when you get the person to pierce it, ask them to do it as high as possible, this makes it easier to hide. I didn’t get mine done professionally and im pretty happy with the way it is. also, it doesn’t hurt as bad as you would think, there is pain as the needle goes in but once its out your eyes will water then you wont feel anything. and cheek piercings do leave dimple things I think. hope this helped:)

Answer #18

Wait until you’re 18, and get a professional to do it. This way you can get real aftercare advice and good after-service. No real professional will pierce anyone under 18 without parental permission.

And please, hip piercings?! Lol… I can just imagine the many ways it will get in the way, how it will get accidentally pulled/pushed, and the migration level of the piercing.

If you want just stick to a septum piercing, which is easy to hide. And no good employer will hire you with visible piercings like on your cheeks.

Answer #19

I wanna get my hips pierced so BAD!! I know I’m going to get them done perffecianally but I’m not sure I’m scared of rejection… I’ve had my nose peirced for 3 years and it didn’t hurt at all

the hip peircings can you use tounge rings in them…?

Answer #20

well, if the person that’s going to do it is a professional [or even just relatively good at piercing] I say go for it.

I’m going to get my hips done by a friend of mine pretty soon, since she did her own and a few of my other friends’ and they all look amazing, and since I trust her completely. though this is risky, so you should stick with the professional guy. haha

and people always say that they’ll get in the way, but to prevent them from getting caught on things while they’re still healing and sensitive, just wear bandaids on them, duh. (:

Answer #21

First off, it’s good your getting yours done a little profeshianlly :)

I have snake bites, a septum, and one hip piercing. All done by myself. I jsut pierced my own hip today (10/11/08) I did my septum about a month ago, and it’s perfectly fine. Cleaned with saline solution(A.K.A. contact solution) It can be hidden inside your nose. I have to hide mine as well. I have no clue abut cheeks though. As for pain: the septum only hurts for a few seconds then, for me at least, it was a numbing pain. I numbed my hips with ice. They were red for a bit and now are normal color. Remember, it’s your personal pain tolerance that desides how much it hurt or not. Any questions, my myspace is

Good lcuk with your piercings :)

Answer #22

Lmao.. I know it sounds XXBADASSXX now.. but dont pierce your nose, or cheeks, maybe the hips, but you know all of these are quite painful to endure, but do what you please, and if your boyfriend was in your best interest, he would take you to a PROFESSIONAL, I know when I was younger, I did not want to wait for ANYTHING.. so honestly, just WAIT. untill you are either 18 or you have her approval[ mom] good luck.. xx. superfresh.

Answer #23

I have my cheeks pierced and they are a lot of work. take over a year to heal and their very very sensitive, you have to be careful what you eat, what you do, even how you sleep. they hurt really bad to get pierced and they are expensive because you constantly have to downsize your bars and buy new ones each time. I wouldnt suggest this to anyone that isnt 100% serious about investing a lot of money and caution into them, if you just want them to have dimples why not just get the surgery?

Answer #24

Septum piercings dont hurt! Just dont think about it. When I got my septum done my eyes didnt even water! if you get a ring with the two screw on balls then you can shove the ring up your nose no problem. it is a bit sore after you get it. I’ve had mine done for over a year and my mom didnt know…finally I just told her. but beware cause if someone is below you and really looking then they can see it. :)

Answer #25

hip piercings hurt like hell

Answer #26

with a peircing needle . or if you are like me , you get microdermals :)

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