Why don't we send our stray animals to third world countries as a food source?

Answer #1

Why would we do that when we have perfectly fine food here to send to them ?..most third world countries have an abundant source of stray animals, I don’t know what they do with them but maybe they already eat them. Plus it’s really inhumane to do that, I’d rather just have them put all the strays to sleep rather than send them somewhere to be eaten…

Answer #2

That would be just downright cruel. To both the animals & the people. What do we tell them,” this is all you deserve,cats,dogs”? Plus there’s alot of lost pets. Not a good idea.

Answer #3

Most people have a problem with slaughtering animals not normally considered livestock. Chicken, Cattle, pigs or fish? No problem. Dogs or cats? unthinkable. Horses can go either way; in the US and UK most people are appalled at the idea of eating horse but it but the French, Belgians, and Italians enjoy horsemeat. I don’t see how anyone who eats meat can object to eating companion animals that will be put down anyway.

Answer #4

We could send them wheat as a food source. Before we make wheat into bio-petrol. Or into animal-food by which we feed the mass-bred cows that we eat.

We could sell them seeds that they can re-use. Instead of artificially castrated, gene-manipulated seeds that work only for one year and which they have to pay for ever year..

It’s not the lack of food. It is the fact that European and US farmers and bio-gas producers will pay more money for food than some African people can pay.

We could also stop selling weapons to crisis regions. So people don’t get chased off their land by armed conflicts. Most poor, starving people are in refugee camps.

And stray animals are nowhere near a healthy food source for anyone. Especially not for starving kids who need medical attention. You never know what diseases those animals have or what they ate.

Answer #5

True about the morality of eating animals… But the objection to eating stray animals is another. You do not know what diseases they have or what wastes they ate. A livestock animal will usually be controlled by a veterinarian and venison lives mostly awas from human waste. But a stray dog or stray cat can’t possibly be considered edible. Especially to people in regions where hunger is catastrophic. Most of them are weakened and in bad shape. Their immune systems will not be able to cope with that. And there is the problem of transport. Other foods - wheat, corn or similar - would be much easier to ship. Shipping live animals would be cruel. Shipping the meat would lead to food preservation problems. In other words, that idea from John is completely unrealistic, even before considering any morale problems.

Answer #6

pets are made of meat. many countries eat what we keep as pets everyday. people in africa you know those starving kids you see on tv every 20 minutes needing your money would eat a dog if they could find one..to put our stray pets to sleep in stead of shipping them off for food is like us dumping millions of ton’s of produce in the ocean each year. OH wait we do, do that

Answer #7

sell them seeds??????????? those people that live in a desert what a slap in the face. her are seeds for you to try and grow your own food as if you hadn’t already tried that try again and watch thousands more of your people die from starvation and illness. you don’t think your dog is made of meat of that cat really those things have been food for cultures for thousands of years yet you think it’s unhealthy food source. so i guess you also don’t think rabbit or deer, elk, fish or any other thing caught in the wild is healthy to eat.

Answer #8

admit it sheep you want all starving people to continue starving and all the millions of dogs and cat destroyed each year to go to waste because we should bother finding better use for them like helping the millions of people who lives would be improved by it.

Answer #9

you tell them it’s meat. nd they would beat the things to death with clumps of dirt in order to have something to eat.and you act like dogs and cats are bad. really so what about the hundred countries that eat dog and cat to this day. of it idea that for thousands of years it was considered meat and we killed them to feed the tribe. bad hunting eat the dog. these people live in a desert and have nothing. can’t grow food, can’t raise cattle or chicken. but you think they are to good for dog when they eat rats

Answer #10

and freaking bug these people eat bugs they would kill for a chnge to eat real met like a dog

Answer #11

Because it’s immoral.

Answer #12

so it’s moral to let the people in africa and south America starve

Answer #13

“We” throw away enough perfectly good food to feed the entire world. Part of that is because of greed. Supermarket chains for example want to profit as much as possible, so all the food from green beans to pork chops has to look “perfect” so consumers will buy it. The food suppliers in turn write off on their taxes what they have to throw away as a loss. It’s really a shame.

Answer #14

this is almsot like saying “Hey let’s take all the homeless people here in America, and move them to I don’t know, Africa? Just so we won’t have to worry about it and the Africans can eat them and get rid of them so we don’t have to. Wow, this is such a great idea, and I see nothing wrong with it at all :)”

Answer #15

thats a great idea though it’s cannibalism but if you think you can convenience enough people to do this then i’m down

Answer #16

thats a great idea though it’s cannibalism but if you think you can convenience enough people to do this then i’m down

Answer #17

You’re sick.

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