Should I send this guy a pic or not?

Should I send this guy a pic of my boobs? He lives about 4 hours away, and we’ve known eachother since we were kids. I sent him one in January but made him not look and then he stopped talking to me shortly after. Then, we got in trouble because my parents found out. He’s asking for one again, saying that he likes me again and we’ve been talking for awhile and I believe him. But it feels like he might be using me but I dont know, I would do anything else but sense we live so far away this is all we can do. So should I send him a pic?

Answer #1

depends what guy???

Answer #2

What type of picture, that is the question O:

Answer #3

sorry I just added more info

Answer #4

I would say no, do you see this guy often? I dont think you should of in the first place if he liked you he would want a pic of your pretty face not your boobs.

Answer #5

boobs. I forgot to add like information

Answer #6

No. Honestly, what would you gain from that? If your parents find out, you’ll get in trouble, and if the guy really liked you he wouldn’t be asking for a picture of your boobs. He sounds like might just be using you for your body , and that’s definitely not something you should encourage (unless you’re looking for THAT type of attention). So, I would say no. Plus, he could always show his friends, print pictures and show people or post them on the internet or whatever. That happened to me before, it’s definitely not fun to have people thinking you’re a sl*t. It’s your choice, but I say NO, NO, and NO. :)

Answer #7

you should

Answer #8

Why should she?

Answer #9

I know? o.o wth!?

Answer #10

lmao she sent one already.. whats wrong wit doin it again?

Answer #11

No, you shouldn’t, judging by the question, he seem to just get back to you because, and don’t take this personally, you’re easy for him. He wants to please himself and when a guy is excited, anything that’s a female is good.

Think about it, he comes back with the intentions of getting pictures of your body, what’s next, other parts of your body you don’t show? It’s eventually going to escalate and you don’t need that. Tell him no, flat out, be direct and to the point.

Oh and on the other hand, it’s also illegal in some states so you could get in trouble as well as him.

Answer #12

I was about to say something sexist but I’m not going to >.> So, nevermind.

Answer #13

please say it I need anything that will help me decide

Answer #14

Lol no, I was going to say something like ‘ho.rny teenage boys >.>’ except a tad meaner to John :P Seriously, don’t do it though. Really, really, REALLY. Don’t.

Answer #15

K well I think I should hear why john thinks I should. Just to be fair

Answer #16

i wuldnt recommend it. been there. done that. no. got in trouble.

Answer #17

he probably says you should because he’d like the same thing >.<

Answer #18

LAWL that’s exactly what I was thinking XD

Answer #19

Boobs? Like in a bathing suit? Since you are underage is illegal to send nude pics over the web.

Answer #20

Do NOT send it… typical freshman high school girls….

Answer #21

no because he cud use them to exploit u if u guys break up.. then hell get charged for child p*rnography.. soo in short jus live a regualar life and be smart! cuz trust me things can get complicated and besides theresna reason y u cover ur boobs… so yea:D hipe tht help:)

Answer #22

haha great minds think alike :D

Answer #23

agreed!! dont be dumb and easy

Answer #24

NO, dont. its very likley that he dosnt like/love you and just wants to see your boobs, because youve alreday showed him. i wouuld assume he thinks your easy now, and no offence but great relatonships are rarely built from the guy you send a nude pic to, i can almost guarentee that he will show his freinds your picture. its unliklye he’ll keep it to hismelf and probably say soemthing like “hey look what this chick sent me”…sending nude pucs can affect you for the rest of your life-nojoke. they can be uploaded to the internet, send to other people, copied,pasted and printed…once there up they are pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to take down, if you wanted to send nude pics of your boobs, do it to a guy your in a comitted relationship with and can trust, not just soem guy

Answer #25

How much self respect do you really have? Are you guys even in any kind of relationship? Why would you take photos like that, he could post them on some sites and then your boobs are on the internet forever. He shouldn’t be asking for things like that, really. The fact that you believe him and are considering this leads me to think that you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. This isn’t how you build a relationship with someone (well not a very good one in any case) You make yourself sound easy by saying all this. I think it’s clear my opinion on this matter.

Answer #26

dude wtf? wht do u mean by typical?

Answer #27

i wouldnt suggest it but if you do dont include ur face in the pic bc then if he does post it on the internet or watev noone would really know it was u.

Answer #28

No. It is considered child pornography. If things go wrong, and you guys get into an argument or something, he could end up sending the pictures out over the web for everyone to see. You would get in trouble. There is no point in it. The only reason he could want it is to look at it while he….you know. If he wants to see breasts, he can look at a magazine, or something. No need to disrespect yourself.

Answer #29

no. Hun, its obvious what his intentions are.

Answer #30

woah does he want yourself or your boobs! what is wrong with some guys today?

Answer #31

if i were ur sister/friend or whatever i would slap the sh!t out of u silly!!! i mean seriously WAKE up..this is a wake up call 4 u..luckily u should be happy u have fundvice first cuz ALL these ppl are talking some sense into ur brain that is full of coc web.. listen he wants u for ur freakn boobs not for who u r..sooner or later ur gonna regret this and especially if u guys get n a fight and he shows it to his friends UR DOOMED.. i dated a lawyer whoes 8yrs older then me why?? cuz i thought wow hes a man..mature and takes responsibility since hes a lawyer..GUESS what found out he secretly had a child..and used me as an object (body especially) women ur freshmen or whatever ur basically not mature enough to realize hes using u.. whether u like me or not i am telling u not 2!! i mean if me and the ppl above me didnt do u any good THEN GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE HON…

Answer #32

normal freshman high school girls do and ask stuff like this.

Answer #33

h yeah i would

Answer #34

no they don`t LOL

Answer #35

I am not a freshman! Your the second person to say that! Where do people get that idea???? but thanks for the rest

Answer #36

I’m not a f*cking freshman!!!

Answer #37

cuz it said ur i assumed ur a freashmeat

Answer #38

seriously hun. i have done that before. and it only got me screwed over. he sent it to all of his friends. and we had been dating for 3 months -.- but honestly dont. if he truly likes you, he would come and see you in person. he would make an effort. cuz like honestly. if your not with him alot then he could easily be going to his friends and showing them and being like ‘yo look at my wheels’ some guys are jerks like that. im telling you right now you will regret it, its honestly your desicion, but if you have any respect for your body you wont. once i did i felt disgusted with my self afterwards. your body is the only thing thats truly yours…

keep it that way.

Answer #39

mobbin knows whats good guys like that stuff… nd she fully said she would do other stuff with the guy if he lived closer.. thats the only sexual thing they can do cuz they dont live close

Answer #40

woahhh chill!! i know ur not a freashmen ur 15 ur prolly goin to gr 10! but i still didnt like the fact he rote a typical freashman girl cuz thts not tru

Answer #41

Im a Sophmore, and im 15…?

Answer #42

Im a Sophmore, and im 15…?

Answer #43

well i was a freahmen and i was 15!!

Answer #44

No you shouldn’t.

Answer #45

if he liked you, he would ask for a picture just of you and your face not nudity.

Answer #46

1000 & 10% agreed :D

Answer #47

you really shouldn’t. Though, Of course it is totally your decision. I see where your coming from, as you don’t see eachother and exchanging pictures is more then likely the most sexual thing you can do. being 15 is an age where you start becoming sexually active, and not seeing this guy could be frustrating. But, if he really liked you, he would make an effort to see you, and not mind whether you could do sexual things with him or not, because he would like you for who you are. And because you sent him a photo of your boobs already, maybe puts the idea that he can get some from you again into his head. If you do be aware of what he could do with them photos, he could show anyone. It is entirely your decision, just don’t make a decision you think you might regret in the future.

Answer #48

last time i sent a guy a photo he published it on facebook, myspace, bebo and in my school the humiliation DNT DO IT

Answer #49

send him the pic already….

Answer #50


Answer #51

sure u can send the picture , if you dont mind getting aressted 4 child pornagraphy or if u dont mind having it on the web for eternity and if u dont mind not being able to get a decent job in the futer because somone saw it once something is on the web its there forever unless u can get the goverment or internet pple to take it down for u

Answer #52

Of just your face why not.. nothing more.

Answer #53

Definitely not! I’ve had the same boyfriend for over 2 years, and he’s asked for pictures, but have yet to give him one, If that boy really likes you he can understand that your not comfortable with that. You never know where that picture might end up, and I don’t think its worth it!

Answer #54

No you shouldnt he’ll have respect for you if you tell him no. Guys say anything and everything to get what they want.

Answer #55

As guys, we lie…a lot. do not be fooled by us if we say we like you, “some are truthful and will really like and respect you. but him, he does not. because no guy would be asking for that if they had respect for you, and other women. trust me, please, i am a guy and i really do know how men work… there are either liars/man wh**es. or nice/respectful guys.

Answer #56

Well by the way you explained the situation. No you should not send anything to him, it sounds to me that he is using you. I myself have sent a dirty picture to my girlfriend and she sent one to me, but that’s different we’re in a relationship for the past 2years. Just don’t do anything you’ll regret.

Answer #57

i swear i should have the best answer

Answer #58

I’m sorry, but I’m incapable of answering questions from imbeciles.

Answer #59

This is such a difficult question to answer becausr really the only answer is time. I remember when i went through this i was still madly in love, life was perfect, the transition was too much to take and i totally sympathize with you. Join a club spend more time with friends. Try and avoid being alone as your head goes in to overload and can get you ina worse situation than you were before, you think negative thoughts and relive all of the bad times and of course all of the good. Dont rush it but one day you will find someone. You two justmay not have been meant to be. Chin up x

Answer #60

Thank you all so much I decided not to send it and now I have an amazing boyfriend that really cares about me not just my body!!

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