How can I train myself for sniping on Halo 2?

I just need some ideas on some trianing stratigies for sniping on halo 2?

Answer #1


Play Halo 2 with bots!


* Halo 2
* Xbox
* At least a 27” tv
* 3-4 xbox controllers (any type)
* Scotch tape


Bot training can help you train with the sniper rifle when no one else is around to play. Taping down the joysticks of the xbox controllers allows them to run around while you try to snipe them. This will help you hunt them down, get your shots in, and take them out without risk of being killed by another player. Alternately, 1337 players can practice “no scoping”. Playing this for a while will get you some laughs and killing sprees.


Once in the main menu in Halo 2 create a Sniper Training gametype. Here is exactly what you will need to do in order to have a perfect Sniper Training Halo 2 gametype.

MATCH OPTIONS: Rounds - 1 Score to win Unlimited Time limit - none

PLAYER OPTIONS: Respawn time - 3 seconds Suicide penalty - none, you really shouldn’t get yourself killed here Shields - normal Motion Sensor - on

TEAM OPTIONS: No teams necessary.

SLAYER OPTIONS: No bonus points No suicide loss No death loss

VEHICLE OPTIONS: No vehicles whatsoever - that would be cheating!

EQUIPMENT OPTIONS: Starting weapon - Sniper Rifle Secondary weapon - Beam Rifle Starting Grenades - NO Grenades on map - None Weapons on map - Sniping

In the end you should have two to three xbox controllers with tape on the joysticks to keep them moving, sign them in, pick a map, set gametype to Sniper Training, and fire away. Changing the position of tape on joysticks is the biggest modifier. This changes the turning radius and direction of a bot and will take quite a bit of experimenting. In some cases you may end up with a bot that looks straight up while spinning in place - not a good thing.

Sounds like fun! Hope it helps!

Answer #2

my younger brother plays halo all the time. his favorite thing to do to memorize maps and train himself with a certain weapon is to put himself in a multiplayer match with bots (which is actually just plugging controllers in and selecting players as though you were playing with other people, only you’re not) and to run around and take out the bots as he comes across them. its an effective strategy and rather simple since you’re actually just playing by yourself, so you don’t have the pressure or frustration of being shot down while trying to learn the weapon.

also, if you’ve done that and still think you want to do better, try actually getting some people to play with you and test your skills against some players that can give you a little more challenge. in time, you’ll be better at the game.

Answer #3

I can help I have halo 2 an xbox live if you dont have xbox live den I cant help :( unless you live near me, which I highly doubt

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