Was selena pregnant when she was killed?

Im watching it nw and that question always crossed my mind when i watch it.

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Selena who?

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Selena the Spanish/American singer, she was shot in like 1997 by her 0ne 0f her co workers who stole money from her "/

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Oh that Selena. Okay I remember.

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Noone knows.
Some say she was, others say she wasnt.
Theres no way to know.

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LOL nt Selena Gomez if thts wht ur thinking =)

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Oh yeah, I remember. Sorry haha. I heard she may have been. Some people say she was and some say she wasn't.

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Lol, that's what I was thinking at first...I was like WHAT? I didn't know she is dead! :O

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You mean Selena Quintanilla, I don't think so they never mentioned that.

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You mean selena the singer right? The majority of sites online state that she wasnt pregnant at th time she was killed.

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She was thinking about starting a family before she was killed but it is said that she was not with child at the time of her death.

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why didnt someone do a 'cut-her-open-and-check' thing?. u know like an autopsy or whatever to see if she was or not.?

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Im pretty sure they did do an autopsy.

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yess she was

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I know which Selena you're talking about. All I know is that she died, I have no clue if she was pregnant or not.

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