What do you think of security cameras in public high schools?

Answer #1

I hate them

Answer #2


Answer #3

opps hah.

Answer #4

We have them, I feel like I can’t relax or be normal when I’m being watched.

On the other hand, there is the element of comdedy xD

Answer #5


Answer #6

Oh okay haha. Well our school has them now soo it’s going to blow when I go to school on Monday :l

Answer #7

I think it’s stupid and it makes me self conscious knowing there’s people watching you who are just waiting for you to do something wrong

Answer #8

We don’t have them :P No one really cares what we do. I think they would be a good idea though, seeing as I know people who have guns in their lockers. But then like, we couldn’t do anything we wanted either, so I don’t know. It’d be nice to know that we were safe, but the teachers would catch us doing tons of stuff if there were security cameras -.-

Answer #9

I don’t mind, honestly they have them for saftey reason, to make sure students aren’t skipping and to make sure no one enters the building who doesn’t belong there. Honestly as creepy as the cameras are I feel a lot safer.

Answer #10

Well I wouldn’t like them if I knew somebody was sitting there watching me all day because that’s a little creepy. However, in my school, the camera’s record all the time but the tapes are only look at if there was a problem. Like if something got stolen from a locker, they go to the camera in that hallway and they can see who stole it. I personally like the way that my school uses the camera’s. I feel safer knowing that if something were to happen to me, they could always look at the cameras.

Answer #11

I go to private school and they have them. Look when it comes down to it he grateful. Any day some mad man could come with a gun and that’s where the cameras come in. I think their a great idea

Answer #12

I think that if the purpose was to protect students and teachers then it would be a good idea. Now if you are thinking you want to do something that you don’t want to be seen on camera then there is your sign that you should not do it. Now I really doubt that someone would be watching them at ALL TIMES. Ask yourself, if someone broke into your locker and stole some of your items and someone could view the video to see who it was, don’t you think you would for the cameras in school?

Answer #13

I like having camera’s at the school, well certain school’s that is. The reason behind that is cause some students are careless about the environment, you go to school one day and the place is nice and neat, you come back the next and it’s trashed with tagging, trash all over the place giving the school a putrid smell.

Everyone knows some students want what teachers use in a classroom, so when the teacher is away, as well as classmates, they steal it, and what is there in the school that can catch them, the security camera’s!

It’s mainly there to keep the school secured and to make sure the schools stay nice, and protected. Sure they don’t always work, but if the guard’s put their heart into their job, and keep their eyes focused on the 3rd reason they applied for the job, that is keeping students safe, as well as making sure thieves are caught when an attempted robbery occurs.

Answer #14

i think that a lot of bad stuff goes on there so security cameras are a good way to keep an eye on some of the bad stuff and for the teachers and administrators and stuff to stop all of the yuck stuff that goes on

Answer #15

Seriously no one is sitting there monitoring them 24/7. They usually just use them for evidence so they’ll go back and watch certain parts. Given that a kid was killed at the school I worked at, I’m perfectly fine with the cameras being there.

Answer #16

well i actually think its decent because of security these days. it didnt bother any1 in my hs. when i was in high school tho we had like a couple bad incidences. we had ppl who were drunk and had guns come very close to the school, we had a bomb threat, we have many threats of ppl bringing guns in, had threats of stabbings, i can go on haha. but nothing bad rly ever happened.

Answer #17

i shouldve said we had*

Answer #18

There is a reason they are there, other than just to invade your privacy…and make you feel like you are being watched. They are there to catch students breaking rules, (smoking, sneaking in the wrong bathroom, bullying, fighting, having weapons, etc…) If there were no cameras in school, then the kids bullying, bringing weapons to school, fighting, and ra.ping other students in bathrooms, would never be caught. There would be no proof, and they would continue doing those things. Also, kids have been known to lie and make up things to get another student in trouble, like saying they were ra.ped…well with the cameras they can look to see if what they are saying is true and fits their story…In my opinion, cameras are a must have in schools these days.

Answer #19

That’s where the fun goes in. xD WE do random sketches in front of the cameras and see what the teachers make of it xD

Answer #20

Haha hilarious xD

Answer #21

I think in bigger schools there should be some camera’s to help prevent bullying but, since im from a tiny school where if you just kick someone everyone knows. I don’t think our school should have any because we’re so small

Answer #22

we have them.

Answer #23

there are cameras watching you wherever you go. What difference does it make if they watch you at school too?

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