Is being a secret service agent exciting?

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If youre into that type of stuff, i guess so.

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That's how it seems on the tv shows lol.. You get to wear cool clothes and beat people up. :P

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Most time is spent listening to radio intercepts (You normally have to have extreme proficiency in a foreign language) and analysing whether info is relevant. It consists largely of listening to Russian taxi drivers chatting over their radios and other such exciting stuff. Most of the the 'James Bond' stuff is done by special forces. Approaches to possible informants is usually done by diplomats who have immunity and would just get kicked out. I never did this but know a couple of people who did, both out of the job >7 years now so allowed to disclose some information.

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If i tould you i'd have to kill you,Joking.

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2 me it would be

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It depends. First of all it takes a long time before you actually get hired and trained, plan on at least 1 or 1 1/2 years, you go through alot of testing, interviews and back ground checks. After approx. 5 or 6 months of training you will then be assigned to and area, it could be anywhere in the world. When you are in you will be known as Special Agent Cristian Cortez. Yes it is exciting if you are really interested you should check it out, be willing to be investigated if you have a clean record you have nothing to fear...go for it, if your young and still in school start applying . Hope this helped to answer your question.

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